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Genetically Modified Foods Today. Some processed GM foods. Fritos Corn Chips Bravos Tortilla Chips Kellogg’s Corn Flaked Gen. Mills Total Corn Flakes Cereal Heinz 2 Baby Food Quaker Chewy Granola Bars Ball Park Franks Duncan Hines Cake Mix Ultra Slim Fast Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Genetically Modified Foods Today

1Some processed GM foodsFritos Corn ChipsBravos Tortilla ChipsKelloggs Corn FlakedGen. Mills Total Corn Flakes CerealHeinz 2 Baby FoodQuaker Chewy Granola BarsBall Park FranksDuncan Hines Cake MixUltra Slim FastAunt Jemima Pancake MixGardenburgerMcDonalds McVeggie BurgersGreen Giant Harvest BurgersOvaltine Malt Powdered Beverage MixBetty Crocker Bac-Os Bacon Flavor BitsJiffy Corn Muffin MixOld El Paso Taco ShellsAnd Many More

2Some GM whole foodsCanola OilChicory, red heartedCornCottonPapayaPotatoSoybeanSquashTomatoHoneyRiceSugar CaneSweet CornFlaxTobaccoPeas

3GM Label RegulationsNew rules went into effect as of April 18, 2004Any product such as flour, oils and glucose syrups have to be labeled if they are from a GM sourceCheese, yogurt, and other products that were made by GM enzymes do not have to be labeled suchProducts that come from animals such as meat, milk, and eggs that were fed GM animal feed do not have to be labeled

4GM Label Regulations is better? GM prosProsPest ResistanceBred to resist pestsNo pesticides requiredPeople prefer no chemicalsHerbicide ToleranceBred to resist the weeds around it saving time and moneyPeople prefer no weed killer chemicals on foodDisease resistanceSuch as bacteria, viruses, and fungiCold ToleranceAnti-freeze gene from fish in seedlingsDrought ToleranceDont need as much waterCan withstand higher salt concentrationNutritionAdd more nutrients and minerals to easy to get food such as ricePharmaceuticalsPhytoremediationTrees and plants cleen up sewage my absorbing heavy metal pollutions in the water

6GM ConsConsAllergiesAllergy possibility greater than in normal cropsEx. Peanut gene in tomatoUnknown allergy may surfaceBacteriaBacteria in digestive system pick up antibiotic resistance genesDomination of major food companiesMinor farmer go out of business and loss of jobsTampering with natureMorality issueStress for organismNot able to handle the new genes after a whileNon-mandatory labelingConfusing customersSelect countries getting richerAlready poor countries get poorer as richer countries get richer

Natural ProsPeople know whats in itAll naturalNo surprisesMore ethically friendlyPrivately owned farmsEveryone can do it

Natural ConsConsPesticidesPeople dislikeLabor intensiveCost ineffectiveHerbicidesPeople dislikeCost ineffectiveLabor intensiveDiseasesOnly so much natural protectionColdSeedling in danger if it gets too coldDroughtIf long drought occurs casualtiesMalnutritionCommon food surplus has only some nutrients