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<ol><li> 1. Genetically Modified Organism or simply GMO, is an organism who genetic structurehas been remodeled in such a way that it is not possible for it to occur naturally. Thegenetic restructuring is done by inserting foreign gene into a local gene. Geneticmodification allows scientists to quickly modify certain characteristics or impart a newcharacteristic into an organism. This can improve the yield or life of the organism. Butthere has severe criticism from various groups for GMO. Currently several geneticallymodified fruits, vegetables and crops are available in the market, approved by theNational Food Authority of those particular regions are countries. Genetically modifiedanimals and bacteria are likely to enter the market for superior quality animal productsand better disease resistance respectively. </li><li> 2. Earliest Evidence of Genetic ModificationThe earliest evidence of genetic modification is believed to be experimented oncassava. Cassava is a native of Brazil and is currently the third largest source ofcarbohydrates. But cassava had high contents of cyanide that can kill a person instantly.It is understood that the first edible form of cassava took 10000 years of domesticationthrough selective breeding. This is the earliest recorded example of geneticmodification.The main advantage of current genetic modification process is that it eliminates theneed to wait for long periods to achieve the result. It involves direct action on the DNAand the effect is immediate.Advantages of GMOThe advantages of genetically modified fruits, vegetables and crops are: The produce can be made tastier and nutritious. Less use of fertilizer and pesticide. Increased yield and disease resistance. Early harvest. Medicinal foods can replace vaccines and help keep diseases at bay.Fears about GMOEven though genetic modification is time saving for producing high yield crops at a lesscost, the dangers of complete change in the genetic make-up of the organismThere is also the possibility of organisms inter-breeding with each other resulting in abreed that may be harmful.Final VerdictWith the population increasing at an alarming rate, the food production is expected toincrease by at least 40% to keep up with the demand. This can difficult with increasedpollution and scarcity of water. Genetically modified crops offer the solution to all theneeds. A GM crop can be modified to thrive in difficult conditions. Further a geneticallymodified crop is not simply introduced into the market. It undergoes stringent testsbefore it is approved for consumption.Overcoming the ill effect of genetically modified fruits and vegetables through anatural method </li><li> 3. Genetically modified fruits and vegetables may cause certain ill-effects on healthand this can be overcome by using the natural method of modifying the plants andcrops in order to provide a better variety of fruits and vegetables. This can be achievedby the use of the biomedical energy transmission and this modifies the crops at themolecular level, naturally without chemicals. These crops produce better varieties offruits and vegetables.About Author:- The author is associated with Trivedi Science and has written manycontents on organic agriculture, poultry research, scientific research etc. </li></ol>