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<p> 1. Generating Passive Income through Online TradingGenerating passive income through online trading has emerged as one of the mostsure shot methods of earning a living these days. Individuals and professionals areinvesting a huge chunk of their income in sharemarket to earn a passive income withoutindulging in much of business related affairs.All that is needed in this field is a littletechnical how of finance and stock relatedaffairs. If you don't have much knowledge youcan take assistance of Equity Market Expertswho are expert in online trading and shares.Here are few ways through which people can earn passive income through onlinetrading and business:Investing on Stocks that pay Cash Dividend Every Year:There are many companies who are willing to share a chunk of their profit withthose people who are willing to invest on their shares and stocks. These companiespay investors and share holders a considerable percentage of the profit annuallywhich is called as Cash Dividend. The figure comes somewhere between 1.5% and3%. The scheme is pretty fruitful for those investors who are willing to invest agood chunk of their money possibly in millions.Copyright Trustline. All rights reserved. </p>