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How to use LinkedIn for business, including how to generate leads, optimising your LinkedIn profile and making an impact in LinkedIn groups. Cheeky plug alert.... Keep the momentum going and book onto a practical course - this one is running in Cornwall in June:


  • 1. Generating Leads through
  • 2. Generating leads through1. Build a strong profile aim for 100%Write a great headline that explains what you doThink keywords
  • 3. Generating leads through2. Post shareable relevant contentLinkedIn Today is a great
  • 4. Generating leads through3. Join relevant groupsUse the search feature, select Groupsfrom the dropdownConsider industry, region, interests, skills
  • 5. Generating leads through4. Post manually to groupsDont sell educate, be useful, ask questionsLeave out words I, me or my
  • 6. Generating leads through5. Grow your connectionsConnect with peers in your industry, thought leaders,clients, people you meet at networking eventsSend a personal message with your invitation
  • 7. Generating leads through6. Whos viewed your profile?Click the Whos viewed your profile linkConsider your photo, headline &recommendations to improve appearances
  • 8. Generating leads through7. Set-up a company pageList products & services, post updates, use imagesInvolve employees
  • 9. Generating leads through8. Search for decision-makersType target company into the search boxView shared connections & requestan introduction
  • 10. Inspired?5 things to do today to boost your1. Change your professional headline2. Create a company page3. Join a group popular with your target audience4. Make a new connection with a decision-maker5. Be active
  • 11.