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  • 1. An Overview of online marketing

2. Why Go Online?Internet as One of Lifes FundamentalResourcesOnline Media is a Powerful tool forBuilding your BrandConnecting to ConsumersAcquiring New Customers24/7/365Update Information QuicklyImprove Communication 3. What Consumers Do OnlineInternet users report performing a wide variety of activities when theyare online. In some cases, these online activities replace the tasks theyused to do offline. This is what your potential customers are doing online. Are you reaching them? 4. Consumers Socialize OnlineSocial networking is one of the most popular activities online. For some consumers, postingupdates to their social media profiles has become part of their daily routines.People are engaging on socialmedia. 5. What is Social Media? Social media is the utilization of online tools to help people share ideas, interestingcontent, thoughts, opinions, photos, videos, reviews, purchases, experiences 6. Traditional v. Social Media MarketingTraditional MarketingNew MarketingExpensive (Money)Relatively Cheap (Free in most cases)Not easily Tracked MeasureableShort Lived CampaignsRelationships are builtCasting a Wide Net More focused on your target marketMore lag time betweenBetter Conversionsconversions 1. Significant expansion of traditional media channels with greatly reduced reach. 2. Increased $$ to reach same % of market with same # of impressions. 3. Decreased # of potential audiences(youth, women, executives) accessible viatraditional media.So you need a Digital Marketing Strategy 7. Social Media CategoriesSocial media is never referred or limited to Facebook only. We can classifysocial media in to at least six different categories: 1. Collaborative Projects. (Wikipedia) 2. Blogs And Micro blogs. (Twitter) 3. Content Communities. (Youtube,Vimeo,Metacafe) 4. Social Networking Sites. (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin) 5. Virtual Game Worlds. (World Of Warcraft) 6. Virtual Social Worlds. (Second Life) 8. Social Media Impacts Your BusinessSocial networks are the #1 activity on the internet.93% of social media users believe a brand should have a presence on networks.85% of social media users believe a brand should not just post information, but should interact with customers.76% of consumers use a combination of search and Social Media as their first step (research) before making a purchase.70% of consumers consult reviews or ratings before purchasing.50% of blog readers say they find blogs useful for purchase information.58% consider a person like me the most trusted source about a company.49% made a purchase decision based on a recommendation from a Social Media site.Social aggregation is becoming the preferred method of learning about productsand companies. 8 9. How Can Social Media Help You? Expand and extend marketing campaigns Improve customer service Protect your brand and image Solicit feedback from network & public Build relationships with employees, influencers, clients & prospects Grow your network and sphere of influence Establish yourself as an expert Generate more sales!9 10. Internet Advertising is increasing in India??The country currently has about 100million Internet users, and the numberwill increase to 300 million by 2014.The online advertising market in India isonly worth $200 million of the $80 billionglobal market.Google Search is used by 65 million ,YouTube by 23 million, Google+ by 3million Indian internet users.