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Parachute Recovery for the sUAS Industry:A Tutorial Why you need it Safety, Regulatory, Insurance, Loss Mitigation

Its all about the Parachute Comparing types and why it matters

Deployment Methodology Get the laundry out!

Who is Fruity Chutes?Started for hobby rocketry recovery in 2007. Rocketry recovery is very demanding in terms of harsh recovery situations high speeds, altitudes, stuff goes wrong a lot! Strength is very important.Began to sell to emerging sUAS users around 2009.sUAS is now outpacing other industry segments in need for Parachute Recovery Systems (PRS).Sold well over 1000 UAS systems to large range of customers. Many companies are integrating now.Earned a place as a topic expert!Some Marque Customers

Why do I need a Parachute?Some Fixed Wing systems need PRS they are primary or backup recovery.Examples, no landing gear, PRS is primary recoveryLimited space to land, i.e. in the mountains or rugged terrain.Other drivers toward the need for Parachute Recovery Systems (PRS)Safety Protect people and propertyRegulatory Not lost on government agencies is backup safety systems make sense for public safety. Insurance Insurance companies drive need via lower premium rates or even mandate to get insurance.Cost of Failure Mitigation Parachute safety is a fraction of UAS cost in case there is a failure.

UAS Systems not fool proof, they fail. And any system, even with redundancy, can also fail.Can be mechanical, electrical, software, environmental think wind, rain, etc.Failure result usually similar, impact into the ground!People can be hurt, and property can be damaged.

Safety Helps protect people and propertyRegulatory Government Mandating Backup SafetyGovernment agencies primary driver is need to protect the public.They recognize even the best systems can fail.Safety systems like parachutes greatly lessen risk of injury or property damage. But PRS are not perfect either. Still, UAS with PRS have statistically much better outcome than not!Many EU countries now mandate. Australia, and some South America countries do as well.ASTM F38.02 subcommittee WK37164 is working on safety standards for commercial use over populated areas. Parachute safety is part of the standard.Insurance Providers want to lower their risk and underwriting costInsurance industry driven by risk assessment vs cost of claims settlement. PRS in their eyes is a quick win statistically lowers risk of personal injury, and reduces property damage.Some companies are requiring PRS in order to get business operational liability coverage. Also will lower premium fees.Cost of Failure Mitigation PRS stops total system lossWhy most people contact us about a PRS. A $50K system can be protected for