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  • Gender Stereotypes in AdvertisementsMs. StewartEnglish 12

  • TaskOn your loose-leaf make a chart similar to the one shown below; for each ad choose adjectives, descriptors or emotions/feelings that portray each gender represented.

  • Satire of Media Gender Stereotypes

  • Satire of Media Gender StereotypesFCUK Commercial The Woman IFCUK Commercial The Woman II

    FCUK Commercial The Man IFCUK Commercial The Man II

  • AssignmentUsing your completed chart and the satirical examples shown, answer the questions below:Imagine you are explaining men and women to an alien visiting our planet. Describe men and women, using only the information you have written in your chart.From the descriptions you have created to describe males and females to the alien, is this accurate in everyday society? Why or why not?FCUK has decided to take a satirical spin on gender stereotypes in the media. Do you believe their print/commercial advertising campaign to be effective? Why or why not? HAND IN COMPLETED CHART AND QUESTIONS AT THE END OF CLASS