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Gender disparity in india. Joelle Darby. Women and Higher Education. India. Population: 1.27 Billion 28 States Capital: New Delhi Patriarchal Society. Traditional Indian Female Roles. Modern Indian Woman. Urban Work Force. 15.4% of urban workforce are women - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Gender disparity in india</p> <p>Joelle Darby Gender disparity in indiaWomen and Higher Education</p> <p>IndiaPopulation: 1.27 Billion28 StatesCapital: New DelhiPatriarchal Society</p> <p>Traditional Indian Female Roles</p> <p>Modern Indian Woman</p> <p>Urban Work Force</p> <p>15.4% of urban workforce are womenFastest growing sector: domestic work1.5 million women added to sector over last decade71% not active in economyGender Preference </p> <p>Dowry SystemDowry: payment to the grooms family at the time of marriageJewels, cash, cars, domestic appliancesUp to $50,000Bride cuts all ties with natal home</p> <p>Declaration of the Rights of the Child</p> <p>Benefits of Education</p> <p>The Realities of Child Marriage</p> <p>Child Brides Child Brides are more prone to:MiscarryBe infected with HIVHave three or more birthsUndergo multiple abortions</p> <p>Education: A Solution</p> <p>Where We Are NowGovernment is beginning to implement changesSmallest portion of budgetStill face social, political and economic barriers </p> <p>Educate Girls </p> <p>www.Educategirls.inGet Involved Center for Womens Studies:provides a point of entry where women students concerns can be handled directly or referred to appropriate units Bouke BuildingAssociation for Indias Asian Student Assoication Asian Student Association</p> <p>Sourcesree-gap-for.html</p> <p></p> <p>;theater </p> <p></p>


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