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Your go-to-guide for everything Gold Coast Weightlifting Club related!





    Dear New Member,

    Congratulations on joining the Club!

    We are excited to have you on board! I wanted to personally welcome you and introduce you to the Members Handbook. We have endeavored in this Handbook to cover all aspects of the Club, your membership, our policies and procedures, which by reading, will help you gain maximum value from your time spent training with us at the Club.

    I would also like to share with you that we work very hard to develop a trusting and open relationship with all our Members from the very beginning. In return, we appreciate your upfront communication about your experience of our Club, whether it be good, bad or ugly.

    Going forward, if you require anything in regards to your training or programming, it is best to speak to your Coach directly during class times where you have your Coachs full attention. If you have anything you need regarding your membership (enquiries, account, payments, events, bookings, etc.) please always email Customer Support, who will gladly assist you.

    I acknowledge the trust you have put into us with your training, your Goals and your athletic future by becoming a Member of our Club. I want you to know that you can count on me to be Unstoppable Contribution to you as an athlete and throughout your Weightlifting journey.

    I look forward to working with you during your time with us at Gold Coast Weightlifting Club, which I hope is for many years to come.

    Kind regards,

    Linzey Beister

    Head Coach

    Gold Coast Weightlifting Club

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    6/15 Taree St, Burleigh Heads, QLD 4220


    Contact Us

    PO Box 255, Burleigh Heads, QLD 4220


    0413 531 525


    This handbook, its references and attachments are general in nature and their brevity could lead to misinterpretation. Seek the consult of Customer Support or Management to obtain specific clarification.

    Circumstances not covered in this Member Handbook will be dealt with on a case by case basis by Customer Support, the General Manager or the Business Manager.

    WEIGHTLIFTING RELATED RESOURCESQueensland Weightlifting Associationwww.qwa.org

    Australian Weightlifting Federationwww.awf.com.au

    International Weightlifting Federationwww.iwf.net

    ASADA Anti-Dopingwww.asada.gov.au

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    Welcome Letter 1

    Contact Details 2

    Weightlifting Resources 2

    Contents 3

    Club Culture 4

    Club Personnel 6

    Club Policies 7

    Membership Policies 10

    Memberships 12

    Timetable 13

    Competitive Lifting Pathway 14

    Weightlifting Competitions 15

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  • CLUB CULTUREGold Coast Weightlifting Club was established in 2013 and is privately run, Queensland Weightlifting Association affiliated Club. Our Club aims to enable and support all junior and adult athletes to participate, train and compete in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting.

    At Gold Coast Weightlifting Club, we pride ourselves on thorough, effective Programming supported by experienced, articulate Coaching. Significance is also placed on the importance of maintaining a nurturing, supportive community, where we have taken the TP (Training Partner) culture to a whole new level. We high five, we PB dance, we have fun with our training and we always have each others backs.

    Training Etiquette

    Checklist I ask OR offer to share a barbell and platform with another athlete who is a

    similar size or has similar lifting weights to me I am on time to training to be sure I am not holding up my TPs session If I am having a bad day outside of the Club, I leave it outside of the Club I help my TP load and unload the barbell between every set I do not speak to an athlete who is about to lift I reduce my noise levels while athletes close by are attempting lifts I do my best to not stand or sit directly in front of a lifter, or stare at them while

    they are lifting in front of me I wait until an athlete has finished their set before taking weights off their

    platform I do not gossip - if I have issues with another athlete I behave like an adult and

    speak to them or instead, I have a word to Management I know my limits - I push hard when I feel good and I give myself a break when

    its not my day I am supportive and I encourage my TP I help my TP tidy up our training space at the end of each session I listen to my Coach

    Training SessionsAll sessions are run similar to an Open Gym format in the sense that there is not set structure the group must follow and the Members are given freedom with their training and Goals. The sessions, however, are still fully Coached and monitored by a qualified Olympic Weightlifting Coach.

    Members are educated on performing a warmup and skill drills specific to their own needs as an athlete and trust is instilled in them to monitor their own bodys ongoing needs in this area. Members are encouraged to express to their Coach if a change occurs with their body so the Coach can support them with transition exercises, or specific warm up drills.

    Members are assigned a program to suit their skill level and training age. Full time Members are given a bespoke Personal Extras form which has been completed by their Coach to enhance their individual training needs. Members should report to their Coach

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  • regularly with how the Personal Extras are assisting their progress, whether they are noticing improvement or if their Personal Extras are ready to be updated.

    Development Clinics Development Clinics are information sessions run as added value to the Club Members. The Club will enlist a professional to come and speak, or the Coaches from the Club will address topics that enhance training experience and overall gains for the Members. These topics could be Nutrition, Goal Setting, Mindset, Body Composition, Competition Preparation or any other topics requested by the Members.

    Development Clinics are scheduled periodically and are run on Wednesday nights at 7pm. Usually, to notify Members of the upcoming Development Clinic a notice will be placed on the Events Board at the Club, a post will be made in the Private Member group and it will also be mentioned in the weekly Club Update video.

    Futures Meeting This is a meeting amongst Members only and is designed for looking into the future of the Members training and the Club. Questions such as the following will be addressed:

    What are your current goals?

    Are you on track?

    What competitions are you committing to?

    What events are coming up at the Club or in the community?

    What would Members like implemented or introduced to the Club?

    Have your say and keep accountable to your Ultimate Outcome!

    Members Only Forum The Private Members group is a Private Group on Facebook where Members can interact amongst one another, share training videos, share motivational blogs and videos. The Club uses the Members Only Forum to post updates about events at the Club, share the weekly Club Update video and post the weekly programs for full time and Remote Members.

    When you sign up to become a Member of the Club, you should be sent a Welcome Email which will have the link to this Private group. You will need to click the link to send a request to join. An admin will have to accept your request before you are added to the group.

    Members may be added and removed at the Clubs discretion. If you put your Membership on Hold for greater than one month, or cancel your Membership you will be removed from the Group.

    Social MediaBy being a Member of the Club you agree that any posts you make on social media sites regarding your participation in activities related to, or at Gold Coast Weightlifting Club can be re-shared on social media by the Club or put on the Clubs website.

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  • Visual RecordingsBy being a Member you agree that any pictures, audio or visual recordings taken of you participating in activities related to, or at Gold Coast Weightlifting Club can be used for publication, promotion, articles, events and advertisement without additional consent or compensation.

    The Club regularly takes photo and video of events and Members lifting at the Club, which are shared on social media and on the website.

    MusicWe acknowledge that the music we play at the Club is not going to suit every Members taste all the time. We have elected to make the playlist radio-style music, which addresses the needs of the majority of Members. To allow each Member to contribute their favourite songs to the playlist, we have created the following system:

    1. Under the Sonos (music player) Members can find a clip board with a form 2. At any time a Member can submit songs to be added to the playlist3. OR if Members are finding a song already on the playlist particularly offensive (eg. too

    poppy, too heavy or explicit), they can apply for it to be removed4. The Head Coach will make the final decision on the submissions and either add or

    remove songs from the playlist