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Guidnace and support for students studying GCSE Art & Design (Portraiture).


  • Assignment 1: Pencil Portrait

  • Assignment guidance: The subject for this assignment should be either a photo/ observation (using a mirror) of yourself or, a photo/ observation (drawing from life) of a fellow student in your class which captures and uses expression.

    You should have practised your subject for this assignment using a full page in your sketchbook, prior to starting on your final outcome.

    You will receive more marks for using: A full range of tone, appropriately with clear

    knowledge and understanding of light (cause/ effect)

    Good structure and proportion. Attention to detail(s). A considered background.

    This assignment is to be done on A1 (size) drawing

    paper, and your portrait should fill the drawing space/ area. The portrait should include neck, shoulders and a

    considered background, either abstract or realistic. Read the Assessment Objectives carefully to ensure you

    know how your work will be marked by clicking on the AFL button on the assignment page.

  • Use techniques that you have learnt in class to help your work develop using good basic structure.

  • TIPS:

    Visit our online Art Gallery to see more examples. Go to our YouTube page, and watch the demos/

    tutorials. Plan your assignment carefully using your sketchbook

    to write/ explain, and illustrate your intentions and ideas.

    Take time to assess your work as it progresses and make changes where appropriate.

    Use a sharp pencil for details in your portrait. Bring out Light by using a rubber to create effect and

    contrast in your work. Choose your subject carefully, selecting an original

    and personal image/ portrait to work from, will make for a much more enjoyable experience, and stronger outcome, possibly resulting in higher marks.