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  • GCSDLeadership Academy MissionThe Greece Leadership Academy seeks to provide a robust leadership development program customized to meet the needs of the district. This rigorous, experiential school leadership refinement program is designed to engage Greece leaders to be the change agents and transformative school leaders who measurably impact student achievement. One Vision One Team One Greece

  • GO LEAD!GreeceOne Vision, One Team, One Greece

    Leadership forEducational AchievementDaily! One Vision One Team One Greece

  • Purpose Day 6Understand the role of Teacher Leaders and the contextualization of that role in the school settingTo understand the Teacher Leader Standards and how they connect to the workTo build the relationship between school community members One Vision One Team One Greece

  • Teacher Leader VisionSuperintendent Barbara Deane-WilliamsBrian CaseyShaun NelmsDoug Pacelli

    One VisionOne TeamOne Greece

  • Commonalities & Uniquities

    Team BuilderOne VisionOne TeamOne Greece

  • Directions

    Commonalities: Compile a list of 3-5 things they all have in common. In order for it to make the list, it must apply to everyone in the subgroup. Avoid things that are obvious and easy (e.g. were all in education, everyone has arms, or we are all wearing clothes). Dig deeper!

    One Vision One Team One Greece

  • Uniquities: Compile a list of at least 1 uniquity for each person. Each uniquity applies to only one person in the group. (Again, go beyond the superficial; avoid things people can readily see or know).

  • Week 1 ReflectionsSchool TeamsOne VisionOne TeamOne Greece

  • One Vision One Team One GreecePurposeReview the previous weeks work and share with school teamTask:School teams should review the work from the week using the graphic created on Friday during the Recap and Moving Forward activity.DO should consider & share: How will you support the work?Use any other work around the room to support this overview.

    A teacher leader from each table will be asked to share their thoughts, ideas, or connects.

  • Exploring the Path to Leadership:Journey LinesOne VisionOne TeamOne Greece

  • One Vision One Team One GreeceJourney LineHINTS:Examine your life for significant events related to leadership and/or your career.Include positive and negative events. Describe the specific and concrete impacts they have had on you. On your journey line, nothing should be included unless you can explain how it moved you forward.

  • One Vision One Team One GreeceToyias Career Journey LinePSAT1988Science Teacher1995RIT or AP2000NWCP2006GCSD2013Mr. Wolfe

  • Crosswalk: Coaching roles & Teacher Leader Job DescriptionsEssential Question: What do Teacher Leaders and Administrators need to know to understand the intersection between the Teacher Leader job descriptions and Coaching Roles, and how might these roles look in your buildings?

  • DirectionsUse crosswalk handout to identify where aspects of Coaching Roles intersect with Teacher Leader job descriptions.

    In building teams, collaboratively identify what each role might look like in your building.

  • Note:One additional coaching role has been identified: APPR Supporter

    Description: To work collaboratively with colleagues to support the effective implementation of the APPR processExample: Assist colleagues with selection & uploading of artifacts; review & give feedback on an observation lesson plan

  • Unpacking the Teacher Leader Model StandardsOne VisionOne TeamOne Greece

  • We look to standards when considering:

    Curriculum Design

    Assessment of program and participants

    Delivery of instruction

  • In our work, we often strive to operationalize the standards.

    If proficiency is being met, what would you see? What would you hear? If proficiency is not being met, what would you see? What would you hear? In other words - What does meeting or not meeting this standard look like?

  • Standards are the baseline for our work together!

  • DirectionsLook at TLMS Domain #1

    What are the knowledge, skills and dispositions attached to this standard?

    Table groups craft a description or list of these for the domain & chart these as they are developed. Groups develop charts for the remaining domains as assigned.

  • School Community ActivityOne VisionOne TeamOne Greece

  • Reflections - Day 6

    How will you work to bring all the roles of a leadership team together to support your school community?

    One Vision One Team One Greece

    Select someone other than the principal

    10 min. individual reflectionWho should facilitate?20 min. share 2 strategies with school team


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