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<p>Christian Gazelle D</p> <p>Christian Gazelle D. Eralino</p> <p>Doha Marriott Hotel</p> <p>Ras Abu Aboud St, PO Box 1911</p> <p>Mobile no: 097470385564</p> <p>Philippine no. : 063939928837</p> <p>Telephone no. 09744298535</p> <p> or</p> <p>Skills and Qualifications</p> <p> Excellent 11 years experience in 5 star Hospitality, Front Desk, Sales &amp; Marketing, Reservations and Events ( EBC) Proficient in MS office applications such as MS Word, Excel, Outlook and Power point. Result and quality oriented and has the ability to multi task with effective time management skills Knowledge in SFA, MARSHA, IMS, HPP, OSCAR, Micros Opera Version 5.0, Fidelio, PMS, CTAC, , sales, marketing, reservations, forecasting &amp; revenue</p> <p> Strong overall sales skills</p> <p> ONE YIELD, GPO,STR Outstanding interpersonal, communications and people management skills</p> <p> Background in front desk, eventsExperienceDoha Marriott HotelReservations Sales SupervisorDoha Qatar </p> <p>PO Box 1911 Doha Marriott Hotel, Front Office </p> <p>February 2016 present Manage the overall reservation department operations. Provide assistance and training to agents ensuring they understand their task and work according to the company standards. Motivate agents to score high in shop calls and maintain the shop call month to date goals. Assign and ensure tasks are completed by the agents on time. Reporting directly to the Director of Sales and manage department presentations and goals. Balancing Marsha &amp; Opera system. Manage rate configurations and rate changes. Prepare monthly &amp; quarterly reports. Conducts interview to applicants. Assist management in training, scheduling, counseling, and motivating and coaching employees. </p> <p> Serve as a role model and first point of contact of the Guarantee of Fair Treatment/Open Door Policy process</p> <p> Oversee accuracy of room blocks, reservations, and group market codes. Communicate company values and/or culture to new employees. Respond to any challenges found for accommodating rooming requests. Set-up proper billing accounts according to Accounting policies. Troubleshoot, resolve, and document guest issues and concerns or escalate/refer to appropriate individual. Follow sales techniques to maximize revenue.Doha Marriott HotelEBC Executive (Events Booking Center Executive)Doha Qatar </p> <p>PO Box 1911 Doha Marriott Hotel, Sales &amp; Marketing </p> <p>February 2015 February 2016 Directly answers all incoming Group/Catering inquiries/opportunities pertaining to Groups and Catering whilst liaising with EBC Manager</p> <p> Builds rapport and effectively qualifies each business opportunity.</p> <p> Determines availability of space according to property sales strategy, sales system. </p> <p> Maximizes revenue by upselling packages and creative food &amp; beverage. </p> <p> Exhausts all avenues to sell hotel through alternative dates and/or rates.</p> <p> Presents the benefits of the hotel to the customer. </p> <p> Inputs and maintains contact, account and opportunity information in sales system.</p> <p> Develops accurate contract/offer and sends to customer. Gains commitment of customer through signed contract/offer. Arabic contract compulsory. </p> <p> Once signed contract/offer is received, completes accurate, detailed turnover documentation for Event Management. </p> <p> Introduces Event Management and ensures that client is comfortable with transition.</p> <p> Maintains relationship with customer through follow ups calls to increase repeat business opportunities.</p> <p> Conducts site inspection when required and show around for the client and sales effort. Strives to meet measurable targets and goals as assigned for individual and team working with the EBC Manager. </p> <p> Ensures business is booked within hotel parameters.</p> <p> Process all Business correspondences within acceptable time limit. Follows standardize Contracts and Offer templates. Maintains filing system as set by EBC Manager. </p> <p> Assist Sales Admin assistant by overseeing telephone coverage in the office and assisting with walk in guest in the event Manager is not available. </p> <p> Ensures all departmental procedures are correctly followed including but not limited to:</p> <p> Space release policy and cut off dates.</p> <p> Pre-payment, billing and accountancy practice.</p> <p> Ensure open communication is maintained at all times with immediate manager and all hotel departments.</p> <p> Establish lasting, favourable relationship with customers and provide them with an intelligent, co-operative professional service. </p> <p>Doha Marriott HotelReservations Sales Agent/ ClerkDoha Qatar </p> <p>PO Box 1911 Doha Marriott Hotel, Front Office </p> <p>February 2012 February 2015 Process all reservation requests by inputting in MARSHA system, changes and cancellations received by phone, fax or email.</p> <p> Answer questions about property facilities/services and room accomodations. Follow sales techniques to maximize revenue.</p> <p> Input and access data reservation system internally and booking globally.</p> <p> Sell a room accommodation to guests without reservations based on availability. </p> <p> Initiates room upselling from Standard to executive room or suites.</p> <p> Downloading and updating room rates and packages on HPP as per company contract. Balancing Room Inventory in MARSHA and OPERA</p> <p> Processing Travel Agent Commissions</p> <p> Always achieves the highest Shop call audit score on a monthly basis. Coordinates with the Sales team for the special room rates and corporate bookingsDoha Marriott HotelFront Desk Receptionist/ ClerkDoha Qatar </p> <p>PO Box 1911 Doha Marriott Hotel, Front Office May 23, 2005 February 2012 Welcome guest on their arrival to the hotel assisting them in the check in process using the Opera system and confirming reservations. Efficiently allocate rooms for VIP arriving guest ensuring all special request are dealt with accordance to the Marriott Brand Standards and direct guest to the lifts or concierge desk. Practice high standard hospitality at all times and direct administrative support. Partly accountable and responsible to carry out financial transactions i.e. Foreign Currency Exchanges, Cash, Cheque payments and Travellers cheque. Assist guest with local information, events, transport arrangements in the absence of Concierge. Ensuring the desk is covered at all times. Process all check-outs efficiently resolving any late, dispute charges, settling account, retrieving room key and requesting comments on guest stay.</p> <p> Resolve guest complaints encode it in Espresso and ensure overall guest satisfaction.</p> <p> Assign at the Business Center processing visa applications for staying guest as well as group reservations, booking and reconfirmation of flight tickets, and internet access.</p> <p> Run daily reports, traces, billing letters and identify special request and ensuring guest has sufficient credit limit for his bills. Coordinates with other department staff, Housekeeping, AYS, Room Service, Reservations to have the work done.Yusuf Alghanim &amp; Sons</p> <p>Sales AssociateSafat, Kuwait</p> <p>Safat Alghanim &amp; SonsSafat Alghanim ( Home Linens Showroom Al Rae)</p> <p>W.I.I. Box 223 13003 Safat, Kuwait</p> <p>June 4, 2004 May 10, 2005 Maximize sales by ensuring that the needs of the customer are met at all times by offering high quality service. Handles cash transactions and invoices by using FAIMS POS System at the Tillpoint - Frontliner. Flexible at work assigned as cashier and sales associate, product inventory, stock requisition, visual display and telemarketing by telephone. Inhibits good customer service and ensure that projected sales are being achieved. Participated in formulating selling strategies and structures to attract more customers. Generates monthly and weekly sales reports.Brent International School</p> <p>Admin Office ClerkLaguna, Phillippines</p> <p>Brentville Subdivision Brgy. MamplasanBinan, Laguna 4024 PhilippinesNovember 2002 May 2004 Assist in student admissions, school tour, updating academic activities and Student school paper. Receives incoming calls and forwards accordingly to concerned persons. As well as take down notes, relay messages and handles telephone inquiries. Responsible for receiving V.I.P. guests, diplomats and foreign student applicants. Familiar with the international education system and admittance of foreign students. Promoted from Receptionist/ Telephone Operator to Admin Office Clerk assisting the School Chaplain.Educational Attainment</p> <p>Bachelor of Science in Commerce Major in Business ManagementADVENTIST UNIVERSITY of the PHILIPPINES,Silang Cavite, Philippines</p> <p>March 2001</p> <p>Trainings Seminars Attended Essential Skills For Supervisor &amp; Managers</p> <p>August 10,2016Doha Marriott Hotel, Doha Qatar</p> <p> TOPPS ( Training for On-Property Programs)</p> <p>May 14-15,2016</p> <p>Doha Marriott Hotel, Doha Qatar MVP International</p> <p>April 25,2016</p> <p>Doha Marriott Hotel, Doha Qatar</p> <p> Marriott Rewards Rewarding Events ( Certification)</p> <p>March 16, 2016</p> <p>Doha Marriott Hotel, Doha Qatar</p> <p> Rewarding Events Policy Acknowledgement and PledgeMarch 15,2016</p> <p>Doha Marriott Hotel, Doha Qatar</p> <p> Supervisors Workshop</p> <p>January 20,2016</p> <p>Doha Marriott Hotel, Doha Qatar</p> <p> Rooms Revenue Forecasting Process</p> <p>July 23,2015</p> <p>Doha Marriott Hotel, Doha Qatar Meetings Imagine Global</p> <p>June 13,2015</p> <p>Doha Marriott Hotel, Doha Qatar SFAWeb/GPO Sales and Event Management</p> <p>March 28, 2015</p> <p>Doha Marriott Hotel, Doha Qatar Meeting Services App Orange, User I,2 &amp; 3</p> <p>March 24-25, 2015</p> <p>Doha Marriott Hotel, Doha Qatar SFAWeb/GPO Opera S&amp;C End to End Process eLearning</p> <p>February 17,2015</p> <p>Doha Marriott Hotel, Doha Qatar SFAWEB and One Source Jam Access</p> <p>February 16, 2015Doha Marriott Hotel, Doha Qatar OPERA SALES &amp; CATERING</p> <p>February 16, 2015</p> <p>Doha Marriott Hotel, Doha Qatar SFA WEB GPO for Sales I</p> <p>February 10, 2015</p> <p>Doha Marriott Hotel, Doha Qatar Information Security and Security and Protection I &amp; II</p> <p>January 31, 2013</p> <p>Doha Marriott Hotel, Doha Qatar HPP training level I,II,II</p> <p>November 2013Doha Marriott Hotel, Doha Qatar Passport to Success Human rights &amp; Protection of ChildrenMay 13,2012</p> <p>Doha Marriott Hotel, Doha Qatar</p> <p> CBT MARSHA training</p> <p>February 2012</p> <p>Doha Marriott Hotel, Doha Qatar Predictive Indicators Training</p> <p>August 2010</p> <p>Doha Marriott Hotel, Doha Qatar Opera PMS Core Modules Training</p> <p>January 2007Doha Marriott Hotel, Doha Qatar Passport to Success Level I, II, II</p> <p>June, July, August 2006Doha Marriott Hotel, Doha Qatar</p> <p> Empowerment Training</p> <p>August 2006Doha Marriott Hotel, Doha Qatar Rephrase Training</p> <p>July 2006 Doha Marriott Hotel, Doha Qatar Hospitality and Service Excellence Course</p> <p> July 2005Doha Marriott Hotel, Doha Qatar Service Excellence and Successful Selling Skills </p> <p>June 2004Crowne Plaza Hotel, Kuwait</p> <p> I can make a Difference- Hotel Training </p> <p>November 2004Hotel Intercontinental ManilaPersonal BackgroundBorn on August 11, 1979 in Cebu City, Philippines. 37 yrs. Old. Single, with 53 in height, 110 lbs, fair complexion. Proficient in English, Filipino, Very analytical and keen on details, flexible, has good interpersonal skills and has a strong sense of guest relation, service and goal oriented. Living in Qatar for 11 years. Improvement seeker, organized and hardworking. Trained with Integrity, dependability and positive demeanor.</p>