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An Estate in the Manner of Louis XIV. Aerial perspective. Student project at the University of California, Berkeley

Freeform Park, Washington, D.C. Partial site/planting plan. Student project at Harvard University, 1937

A Country Estate on an Island. Competition entry for a Harvard University scholarship, 1936

Garrett EckboBackground


Union Bank Plaza

Integration of built and open spaces

Design as a response to change in environment

Community Homes

Landscape as a means of integration between individual and suburban community

Pools as the point of departure for spatial composition

Fulton pedestrian mall

Abstraction of Natural forms

Balancing human, environmental, and aesthetic interest

Forecast Garden for the Aluminum Company of Americ

Honesty in expression of material

Lszl Moholy-Nagy. AXL II , 1927

Create a Sense of extension of space into beyond

Burden garden. Plan. Westchester County, New York, 1945

Wassily Kandinsky, Composition VIII , 1923.

Use of Multiple focus points