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  • 2How to compost properly

    Composting organic waste is certainly not a myth. It simply me-ans to stratify organic waste in order to obtain decomposition of organic material. This can be achieved thanks to the activities of micro-organisms under the impact of oxygen. The final product of this process is what we call compost.

    Compost is a precious soil improver for your garden. The benefit of first-class compost has been scientifically proven. Unlike the simple mineral fertilization, the compost helps to conserve and improve soil fertility.

    Another positive effect is that you can reduce your domestic wa-ste up to 30%. Thus you can save real cash on domestic waste charges!

    Composting means an active contribution for our environment protection. The Garantia composters support you in your green efforts!

    The right position

    Place your composter directly on the soil. This enables access for the micro-organisms to your composter. To protect it from rodents, use our soil fence or bottom plate.

    You obtain a particularly effective composting if you place the

    composter in a sunny position. The composter needs the solar heat for evaporation of the humidity, however it must not totally dry up. Your composter should be situated in a wind-protected, but not completely windless position air circulation is important!

    Some useful hints for perfect compost results

    When filling the composter for the first time, use bulky organic material such as hackled boughs as bottom layer. Thus air can penetrate easily into the compost and excessive water can be discharged more effectively. The bottom layer should be follo-wed by layers with well-blended organic waste from garden and kitchen.

    The more the waste is stirred, the easier and faster the com-posting can take place. At the beginning you should not fill the composter to the maximum limit, but only with daily organic waste. Kitchen waste has a high water content. Consequent ven-tilation is important, so make sure that there is enough supply of oxygen. Wet materials should be blended with dry materials, and the same applies for larger and smaller materials.

    If you follow this advice, you will be rewarded with perfect com-post results for the well-being of your garden as well as for the protection of our environment!

    What must not be put in your composter:

    Meat and meat products, fish, leftovers, bread, cheese rind, bones, sick plant parts, ashes from coal and barbecue coal, cigarettes, vacuum cleaner bags, street rubbish.

    What to put in your composter:

    Fruit and vegetable matter, coffee and tea grounds, eggshells (crushed), potted plants, cut flowers, used potting soil.

  • 3Products 100% recyclableAvoid waste as a matter of course. Most of the GRAF products are 100% recyclable and manufactured with a high proportion of recycled raw materials. All production waste generated is reused.

    Large proportion of high-quality recycled raw materials used

    Thanks to years of intensive research and development and state-of-the-art production facilities, GRAF has succeeded in using a high proportion of recycled raw materials in the manufacture of its products. And the company is able to do this without sacrificing the quality of its products.

    Material 100% recycled polypropylene (post consumer polypropylene) High quality polypropylene that is extremely rigid and

    impact restistant Composters are able to be completely recycled again

    Durability UV-resistant Resistant to nearly all organic solvents, fats and most acids

    and bases (please notice list of chemical durability) Resistant to environmental influences

    Composting: Your active contribution to environmental protection.

    HandlingThe composters Thermo-King, Eco-King and Eco-Master have a practical flat pack format:

    easy to carry easy to transport easy to handle

  • 4Thermo-Star


    Content [L] Length [cm] Width [cm] Height [cm] green Order no.

    400 80 80 102 600524

    600 110 110 102 600525

    green Order no. [lid]



    Thermolen the quality materialThe Thermo-Star is made of the quality material Thermolen. Thanks to the foamed thermo walls, the Thermo-Star offers ex-cellent insulating characteristics. The resulting heat is contained within the composter and accelerates the composting process.

    Thermolen is a UV and weatherproof material that guarantees and will provide lifetime use.

    Thermolen is a polypropylene. It is made from 100 % recycled polypropylene (postcon-sumer PP). Thermolen is Made in Germany.

    Premium Materi




    and long-lastingThermolen


  • 5Save real money by composting: Saving household waste charge Saves fertilizer, compost is nutritious the best

    humus soil for your garden

    Thermo-Star Thermo walls and ventilation slots provides ideal climate for

    accelerated composting Modular system: Thermo-Star 400 L can be extended to 600 L Installation: without tools, by means of practical hinge system Removal: possible on every side of the composter Filling: through lid integrated in the cover Long service life: UV- and weather-resistant Available in the sizes 400 L and 600 L (106, 158 US-gal) 100% recycled polypropylene (postconsumer PP)

  • 6Thermo-King

    Excellent composting results: the clamp lid enables the discharge of humid air and consequently produces ideal thermo conditions inside the composter. Summer and winter position of the lid is possible.

    Lid adjustment with Wind-Fix

    Easy and convenient withdrawal of compost through two large flaps.

    Easy filling through two large flaps

    Fast composting by louvres in the lateral and bottom part

    Easy-lock-System - Assembly without tools

    Thermo-King Soil Fence

    The soil fence enables access for the micro-organisms to your com-poster and protects from rodents. The soil fence is available for all Thermo-King composters (400, 600 and 900 L).The assembly is very easy: the different fence parts are simply fit into each other ready!

    The Thermo-King is made of the quality material Thermolen.

  • 7Convenient withdrawal

    Thermo-KingIs a premium product that provides by design and material ideal composting characteristics. Its numerous benefits make the Thermo-King composter a high-quality product:

    Easy filling through two large flaps Fast composting thanks to optimised ventilation system and thermo walls made of Thermolen

    Easy-lock system - Assembly without tools Wind-Fix lid adjustment summer and winter function to regulate the air circulation Available in sizes 400 L, 600 L or 900 L (106, 158, 238 US-gal) Soil fence available as option

    Wind fix, lid adjustmentEasy-lock system


    Content [L] Length [cm] Width [cm] Height [cm] green Order no.

    400 74 74 84 626001

    600 80 80 104 626002

    900 100 100 100 626003

    Thermo-King Soil Fence

    Content [L] Length [cm] Width [cm] black Order no.

    400 74 74 626101

    600/400 80 80 626102

    900/600/400 98 98 626100

    Meet the

    highest demands

  • 8Eco-King

    Eco-King Easy filling through two large flaps Fast composting Easy and convenient withdrawal of compost Useable all year round Available in sizes 400 L and 600 L (106, 158 US-gal) Available in green and black

    Wind-Fix lid adjustmentNEW Rapido-Click-System: Assembly without tools

    Eco-King Soil Fence

    The soil fence enables access for the micro-organisms to your com-poster and protects from rodents. The soil fence is available for all Eco-King composters (400 and 600 L). The assembly is very easy: the different fence parts are simply fit into each other ready!


    Content [L] Length [cm] Width [cm] Height [cm] green Order

    Order no.

    400 70 70 83 627003 627004

    600 80 80 95 627001 627002

    Eco-King Soil Fence

    Content [L] Length [cm] Width [cm] black Order no.

    400 74 74 626101

    600/400 80 80 626102

  • 9Content [L] [cm] Height [cm] green Order no.

    280 80 89 600012

    Content [L] [cm] Height [cm] black Order no.

    280 79 84 625001

    Rapid composter,Eco composter

    Rapid composter 280 L capacity (74 US-gal) With two-part lid Easy and comfortable filling through additional hinged lids (one-hand operation) Perforated bottom plate with air channel With sliding door for easy compost withdrawal Lid with summer and winter function to regulate ventilation

    Eco composter 280 L capacity (74 US-gal) With great feed opening and slip cap Smooth interior and exterior surfaces, for easy cleaning With lateral ventilation slots for fast composting With sliding opening for easy compost withdrawal

    Eco composterRapid composter incl. perforated bottom plate

    Easy compostwithdrawal


    Our bestseller

    proved millionfold!

  • 10


    Eco-Master With great one-piece feed opening Lid with wind protection Easy and convenient assembly without tools Ideal ventilation Requires litte space UV and weather-resistant 100% recycled polypropylene (postconsumer PP) Convenient withdrawal of compost thanks to a large flap

    with handle Available in the sizes 300 L and 450 L (79, 119 US-gal) Available in black


    Content [L] Length [cm] Width [cm] Height [cm] black Order no.

    300 60 60 90 628000

    450 70 70 102 628001

  • 11

    Multi-purpose round container ideal for home, yard and garden

    For leaves

    Multi-purpose round container Versatile applications With two ergonomic handles Smooth interior and exterior surfaces

    for easy cleaning Stackable UV-proof and long-lasting Made of strong, thick-walled and

    food safe recyclable polypropylene

    For woodcut For fruits and vegetables





    Multi-purpose round container TONI

    Content [L] US-gal d1 [cm] d2 [cm] d3 [cm] h [cm] green Order no.anthracite Order no.

    white Order no.

    30 8 43 37 31 34 785003 785030 785010

    45 12 49 44 37 38 785001 785031 785011

    70 18 55 49 41 43 785002 785032 785012

  • 12

    For waste separation

    Bio-waste bucket

    Bio-waste bucket Perfectly suited for waste separation With stable plastic carrying handle With adjusted hinged lid Space-saving version Stackable




    t2 b2For compost

    Bio-waste bucket

    Content [L] US-gal t1 [cm] b1 [cm] t2 [cm] b2 [cm] h [cm] green Order no.brown

    Order no.

    8 2,1 20 24 17 15 30 640010 640011

    10 2,6 23 25 20 18 30 640030 640031

    More colours on request

    Comfortably stackable,

    if open or closed

  • 13

    Multi-purpose container

    Multi-purpose container

    Mulit-purpose container 60 and 90 ltr. (16 and 24 US-gal) Versatile Impact resistant and consistent in form Easy to clean, due to smooth surfaces Temperature range between

    -20C and +80C (-68 F and 176 F ) for short periods Accessories: Lid, Lid hinge, trolley and set of stickers With ergonomic handles/2 grip handles Universal use for sorting and storing Conical container (stackable) Colours: blue, yellow, grey, green, red, nature

    Accessories: Trolley: Wheels for hard or soft floors Lid

    Content [L] US-gal b1 [cm] t1 [cm] t2 [cm] b2 [cm] h [cm] blueOrder no.yellow

    Order no.grey



    Order no.nature

    Order no.

    60 16 28 56 45 22 59 778010 778011 778013 778012 778014 778130

    90 24 49 49 36 36 61 778020 778021 778023 778022 778024 778131

    Image shows 60 litre multi-purpose container

    60 L: rectangular 90 L: square





    Connector set for trolleys Order no. 890675

    Hinged lid for multi-purpose containers Order no. 890674

  • 14

    Easy cleaning

    Cargo Tray

    Cargo Tray The ideal boot protection protects the car easily and effectively from dirt, scratches, blotches and leaking liquids Two standard sizes for nearly all car types Versatile applications Value for money Non slippery thanks to convenient hook-and-loop fastener Smooth surface, easy cleaning With shaped handles for ergonomic handling Made of food safe polypropylene Colour: dark blue

    For gardening purposes Any useProtects the boot from dirt

    Cargo Tray

    Size Depth [cm] Width [cm] Height [cm] Order no.

    L 67 89 21 690011

    XL 82 89 21 690010 With handels easy to wear

  • 15

    Rainwater HarvestingYoull find more information in our catalogue GARANTIA Save rainwater save


    Cristall rainwater underground tank

    LiLo rainwater flat tank

    Columbus rainwater underground tank

    SUPRA external filter

    Infiltration Tunnel Herkules rainwater tank (stackable)

    Rainwater harvesting solutions

    Speedydownpipe filter

    Quattrodownpipe filter

  • GARANTIA quality products for your home and garden:

    Recommended by:






    Prices: A price list with our export conditions is available on request.

    Warranty clause: The warranty mentioned in this bro-chure only refers to the tank in question and not to the accessories. Within the warranty period we grant free replacement of the material. Further benefits are excluded. Pre-condition for warranty benefits are proper handling, assembly and installation according to the mounting guidelines.

    N.B. Protect tanks from frost when installed above-ground! In case of groundwater installation, please contact us for further information previous to the purchase!

    For all indications of measurements in this brochure we reserve a tolerance of +/- 3 %. The useful volume of the tanks may be up to 10 % lower than the tank capacity, according to the connecting option.

    Technical modifications and further development of the different products are subject to change. Errors excepted.

    For all our offers and conclusions of contract are onlyvalid our General Terms and Conditions of Business dated 01/03/2010 which we will send to you on request. [email protected]

    GARANTIA is a trademark of Otto Graf GmbH

    Otto Graf GmbHKunststofferzeugnisseCarl-Zeiss-Strae 2-6 D-79331 Teningen Germany

    Phone: +49(0)7641/589-0 Telefax: +49(0)7641/589-50

    Youll find above-ground rainwater tanks in our GARANTIA catalogue, Harvest rainwater in style.




    LERainwater harves

    ting is as easy as childs play




    Catalogue Stylish tanks

    Catalogue Underground tanks


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