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Gamifying Agile Adoption - An [email protected] [email protected]

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At IDeaS we were in the process of transitioning from Waterfall to Agile and we had a great opportunity to work with Naresh on enhancing our engineering practices and embracing Agile. During one of our informal chats Naresh suggested me to go through a TED talk by Jane McGonigal.Gaming can make a better world byJane McGonigal

Gamification is ...Image Source -

The use of game elements and game design techniques in non-game contexts - Prof. Kevin Werbach

Gamification is everywhere..

Can you spot the game elements/design techniques in these applications.Idea - Gamifying Agile AdoptionSource: quarter, we give employees the chance to work on anything that relates to our products, and deliver it during ShipIt Day, our 24-hour hackathon. Been wanting to build that plugin, redesign that interface, or completely rethink that feature thats been bugging you? Youve got 24 hours...go!

Lot of research suggests that behavior of people is driven by the measurement criteria used. So we started thinking whether we can use the gamification technique to drive the desired behavior by using appropriate measurement?ChallengesImage Source - & Accountability: Greater accountability eliminates the time and energy spent in unproductive behavior that produces wasted effort, but what we see in practice is that when the team is collectively accountable, only few actually carry the burden of being responsible and accountable.


In sports every metric is visible and accessible to all. In software development though, there is no public visibility around the quality of craftsmanship. We are using Rally for tracking our stories and Jenkins for CI.IDeaS Rock Star Original Leader Board

ContextProblemForcesSolution Example (implementation) Side EffectsCounter Solution to Side effectsOutcomesIDeaS Rock Star Original Levels

ContextProblemForcesSolution Example (implementation) Side EffectsCounter Solution to Side effectsOutcomesIDeaS Rock Star Badges

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ContextProblemForcesSolution Example (implementation) Side EffectsCounter Solution to Side effectsOutcomes

IDeaS Rock Star Displayed in our Development areaContextProblemForcesSolution Example (implementation) Side EffectsCounter Solution to Side effectsOutcomesChallengesImage Source: SD & QA should work together for it creates a strong sense of shared purpose but what we see in reality is that developers think their job is done once they commit the code and testers think their job is done after filing a bug.


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ChallengesFor every change to the production code, appropriate tests should be added for they being fast, reliable, comprehensive and repeatable, giving you faster feedback but what we see in reality is that sporadic tests are added and focus is on manual tests.

ActualExpectedVS.IDeaS Rock Star User Profile - Test Champ

ChallengesImage Source: unknown Code should be checked-in frequently for better collaboration but developers tend to checkin code towards the end of the sprint.

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ChallengesImage Source - Broken builds should be fixed quickly else it leads to Broken Window Syndrome and in reality the broken builds are left for someone else to fix it and teams start feeling that it is ok to have broken builds, leading to more broken builds and waste of time.

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ChallengesImage Source - Stories should be small and vertically sliced for them to provide focus, a short horizon and gives team the flexibility to reconfigure and adapt to new discoveries or changes but what we see in reality is that stories are not sliced well and teams make late discoveries.

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ChallengesImage Source: unknown Team should ensure that iteration commitments are met for that gives an element of reliability if they can fulfil the commitments consistently. Helps better planning but what we see in reality is that individuals only focus on their own stories, lot of efforts are put, but nothing is complete and usable.

ChallengesImage Source: Rally should be updated daily for better tracking and visibility, based on which necessary mid-sprint adjustments can be made but what we see in practice is that the data is not updated correctly leading to bad decisions.

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Iteration Burndown

There are bunch of things here. One is the closing of the stories early, the other is consistency of burn down rate. Would each pattern lead to each element?But it in the first one and for the rest we can just mention it. (BTW thisalso helps with improving the velocity)

--Naresh Jain (@nashjain)http://nareshjain.comThis is the challenge that I am facing.. the two slides can go as part of outcome of multiple patterns... updating data regularly, story slicing, sd/qa should work together... where do you want me to put it?This and next slide talks about measurable outcomes. IMHO they should be part of the respective pattern.Velocity

7.2 Iteration 8 is when the IDeaS Star Program started crediting/deducting stars. So far this has been the best iterationin terms of recording the terms of within iteration story acceptance.Do we have an updated velocity chart? This one only shows the iteration in which it was introduced. What happened after that?IDeaS Rock Star My Board

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Next StepsWork on plugins e.g. SonarCube, Gerrit, Git, Travis CI.

Continuously work on making the game more engaging.

Host Rock Star online so that players can create their lifetime stats.

Ability to share player stats on social media.

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