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Gamification is a great way to engage and give your classes a fun twist. Here is our proposal. We hope you and your class enjoys it!


<p>Diapositiva 1</p> <p>Print the slide on cardboard, one for each student. On the bottom right corner theres an empty badge. Ask them to stick their picture or to draw themselves.They can write their name there too.</p> <p>Tell them they can complete the collection by earning badges. Set clear rules for the game and define what they are expected to do in order to earn each badge. TIP: Decide on the rules with them.</p> <p>This is not a competition between peers. </p> <p>This is about engagement and self-improvement </p> <p>Print this slide on sticker paper. Cut the badges and keep them separated. You can use a little box for each badge.Children can design and create the different boxes where the badges are kept.</p> <p>@pearsonELTweets#ESL#ELT#CLIL ADD US TO YOUR PLE</p> <p>Marta Cervera</p> <p>ANY DOUBTS? CONTACT ME! </p>