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  • 1. Game Maker Audio Editing This is the game I will be using for my audio editing; it is a game maker demo that is fully functional. It is an easy to play game and has simple game mechanics and goals; the aim of the game is to destroy all the blocks by bouncing the ball off the players platform. By double clicking on a sound, you open this menu; it allows you to edit the sound effects that are assigned to actions. You can also swap the audio in the game for your own. I swapped the game breaking sound for a metallic sound that I had recorded and edited. After you opened the menu for the sound editing, you browse through your files to find the sound you wish to use for a certain action, click on it and assign it. When you leave the audio menu and go back onto the game, the old sound should be replaced with the new one. These are the files that come with the game, all you have to do is double click and browse through your own sounds and replace the current sound with your own once the menu is open. I repeated this process for the rest of the sounds.


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