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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Galleries and GooFurther adventures with the spawn of Bindi Hatfield, as narrated by Miri Hatfield.</p> <p>Ill have to start off with the move. Things were getting awfully cozy back at the old gallery; Mom didnt really want to give up her studio to give Wes his own bedroom, and we had a new sibling on the way.</p> <p>This kind of starts the Dark Ages. Not many pictures made it through, and very little of interest actually happened.</p> <p>Excuse me, two of my brothers and two of my birthdays is hardly nothing. Lexi warned me about you.</p> <p>Nothing. Happened. At all. Those boys are worthless, and your birthdays werent on film.</p> <p>My mother delivered twin boys; Toby and Christopher. I like them, even if Phancy-pants Phantom doesnt. Meanwhile, Dena and Wes and I hit the town.</p> <p>The boys are named after Christopher Robin of Winnie-the-Pooh and Toby, the baby in Jim Hensons Labyrinth. Ill ignore that, Miri.</p> <p>Not going to smite me?</p> <p>I never smited anyone in my life. Wellno one important. I like your family too much to watch them suffer.</p> <p>Gee, thanks.Dena^Miri^</p> <p>Dating started. Wes was a bit too involved in helping Mom to go get a girlfriend, but Dena and I both jumped right in.</p> <p>I pride myself on having perfect genetic matches for both of you in stock without a custom insert.</p> <p>Butmy husband and I are made for each other!</p> <p>Keep thinking that. Do continue.</p> <p>Okaay. . Dena (top) hooked up with a local orphaned boy who had done surprisingly well with himself, and owned the local clothing joint. I (bottom) fell in love with the son of a local shopkeeper, who had a bit of a habit of checking me out every time I came in.</p> <p>Touch of backstory on Miris young man; Terry Martigan lived with his parents over Mad Martigans Mayhem Toy Store. His dog, a birthday gift, is the founding father of the fluffy-white-shop-dog bloodline.</p> <p>That sounds so unromantic. Hes a ginger prince from humble origins come to sweep me off my feet and make beautiful children.</p> <p>Ill take it. However, you are to be saying that, not me.</p> <p>I dont care. Youre just jealous because I have beautiful children.</p> <p>My older siblings Wesley and Dena were some of the first to attend Phantasma University. I sort of tagged along occasionally on the weekends, playing Wess guitar and showing off.</p> <p>His girlfriend liked you well enough, at least.</p> <p>Hardly matters; they never got married.</p> <p>Not to each other, no. Stop complaining.</p> <p>Dena got on quite well with her little orphaned businessman, and they quickly got engaged.</p> <p>Technically, hes not really an orphan. I just deleted his creation parent to see how a teen would manage alone.</p> <p>It sort of sounds a little nicer to think hes a tragic, romantically orphan and not a science experiment.</p> <p>Every last being in your world is no more than a science experiment. Get used to it.</p> <p>Even my family?</p> <p>Especially your family.</p> <p>Wes was managing well enough with his girlfriend Emma, but couldnt quite bring himself to commit to proposing. There was never any kind of nasty break-up; they just sort of drifted apart.</p> <p>The irony here will become very apparent in a number of slides. Lets just say that poor Emma couldnt escape the house of Phantasma so easily; not genetically matched to marry a Hatfield as she is.</p> <p>Poor dear. I might have left and found someone else.</p> <p>You realize leaving generally leads to inactivity and eventually deletion, right?</p> <p>Wes spends more time with his music that his girlfriend, really. Music and art; he graduated with an art degree.</p> <p>I love Wes. Really do. He doesnt get nearly enough face time for me liking him so much.</p> <p>Maybe you could give him some more; enough to write a chapter and hire HIM. Bothersome brothers and irritating co-narrators deserve each other.</p> <p>Maybe I will. Right after I finish tormenting you and your descendants.</p> <p>Back at home, Toby and Christopher were growing up well, doing the things that boys do. Art lessons, horseplay, and video games, outside of school.</p> <p>Can you even tell them apart? Besides the outfits, I mean; Ive lost track of those.</p> <p>SureTobys the onenope. Does it actually matter?</p> <p>Nope. Both Family, both married blondes, both have several small children nowadays. No idea which is which, nor do I care.</p> <p>Sometimes I feel sorry for them. They were born as part of the Mystery Cheesecake Plague, and kind of wound up being the same person.</p> <p>Mother, being the intelligent and loving woman that she is, decided to spawn again. Meet Anna, the sixth of the Hatfield children.</p> <p>I dont know what I thought I was doing. I just knew that the boys were stagnant and needed a push, as it were. The whole family might have died out and gone into retirement but for Anna.</p> <p>Except for the popular lines. Like me! My direct bloodline is the one that goes the absolute furthest.</p> <p>Pure fluke, Miri. Absolutely everyone but you in that line is an oldest child.</p> <p>There was another minor move. No need to have that gigantic gallery rattling about with only three children, two of which really register as one. So, one child and a baby. Anna was treated like an absolute little princess; Mother had missed having girls in the house.</p> <p>The boys disappeared soon after. They hit teen years, and were nearly instantly deported to college. I had no use for them, and wanted them out to play with my new pet baby. Another child, one of six, with brown eyes and brown hair, but precious just the same.</p> <p>Its interesting how all the girls look like that except</p> <p>Give it one more slide. Maybe two.</p> <p>I wanted to try a final time. I really wanted just one child with naturally black hair (and was willing to play by the old-fashioned method of no-save-and-leave).</p> <p>Anna grew up well enough. Father was quite happy to keep treating her like a princess, although Mother was rather fond of the unborn little one. This one, she swore, would be the last.</p> <p>I swore. I love Bindi and all, but I went through so much elixir on her its not even funny. The boys have abnormally large age gaps on both sides of them; I thought Bindi would be getting an early retirement with her useless sons.</p> <p>Well, everyone loves Anna. No matter how crazy she ended up.</p> <p>Please note, ladies and gentlemen, to your leftmy first decent toddler portrait. Anna actually has blue eyes. I thought the heap had brownturns out that only Dena, Miri, and one of the twins do.</p> <p>Either way, the family decided to move into the old gallery with the last two girls. They could share the old bedroom, and Mother could keep her business running out of the front room.</p> <p>The move was just in time fordrumroll, pleasebaby Elizabeth to be born. New favorite, everybody! I finally got my black-haired Mini-Bindi.</p> <p>The gallery roared back into success (it had been slacking off a bit) and Anna grew into a beautiful child. Not as beautiful as</p> <p>Miri! Spoilers! Were running a Where-are-they-now at the end. Youre third. Until then, there are only your sisters.</p> <p>Fine. Suffice it to say that Anna was only pretty compared to your average Sim child.</p> <p>Wait until you see Elizabeth. Shes gorgeous.</p> <p>Elizabeth was the most darling child Id ever seen; right up in there with the ones I knew as my top three; Miris daughter, and two of Lexis (remember Lexi?) younger siblings.</p> <p>Can you even really see her face?</p> <p>I finally worked out doing portraits. Give it a minute.</p> <p>Bearded fellow in black in the back of the bottom picture is Wesley, all grown up. Just FYI. Handsome enough, but kind of has a Benjamin Long Nose.</p> <p>She is very good-looking.</p> <p>This is almost exactly what Bindi looked like at the same age, except Bindi has brown eyes. This bloodline of look-alikes continues to the present day, so far with a theme of almost no change besides a new eye color every generation.</p> <p>One more and youll be out. What happens then?</p> <p>Homemade custom eyes. Maxis-style in gold and black and violet.</p> <p>Creepy. Customary hug picture, everyone!</p> <p>Elizabeth spent a happy early childhood with her mother, father, and closest sister, learning to paint and giving hugs.</p> <p>Shes a little ditzy even then, but it could be worse.</p> <p>What do you mean by ditzy?</p> <p>Irresponsible, forgetful, and otherwise not a great parent or caregiver.</p> <p>Installed Bon Voyage. Family Photo Spam from the Far East!</p> <p>Annas birthday came up soon after the return home from vacation.</p> <p>I fear I shall have to stop you on the main storyline after the birthday, Miri. Plot devices being what they are, we wouldnt want to confuse these good people when Im just getting them interested.</p> <p>Then run the current update?</p> <p>Sure thing. Leave out the super-extraneous stuffjust the kids, not how old they are.</p> <p>Maybe just a few teenage years, then. Until Elizabeths birthday, and stop right before it.</p> <p>All right. Anna decided, on the eve of Night Life, to become the neighborhoods first Pleasure Sim. She was also the first teenager to get her own car.</p> <p>Spiffy, yes? I wish there was a VW Beetle for this game. No, I will not download one. I wish it came with one.</p> <p>Whatever. Custom content would just screw with us even more than you already have. Go torment someone elses grandchildren for a change.</p> <p>Anna took mostly to clubbing. Then she found a boyfriend, and started clubbing with him. Check out that super-modern club in the top picture.</p> <p>I love how they think fifties is state-of-the-art. Real-life modern is old-fashioned, old-fashioned is standard, and fifties is modern. Funny stuff.</p> <p>Your time-scale is messed up. Seriously messed up.</p> <p>You live across the street from your own great-granddaughter, who is the same age as you. My time-scale is fine.</p> <p>Last main plot slide! Elizabeths birthday.</p> <p>Little beauty looks just like her mother did at that age. Right down to the outfit.</p> <p>Has anyone else matched an outfit?</p> <p>Teen years, I think some of Generation Four and Five had similar outfits, if nothing else. No, not really.</p> <p>Sowhere did they all wind up?Elizabeth, to you lot, is no more than a teen. Her story comes later, but is written and decided.</p> <p>Anna went to college with her beau (both of them grew their hair out a bit). Shes now raising twinshubby wanted one, I got two by mistake. They may also get a chapter.</p> <p>Both boy twins married blondes.</p> <p>One has two sets of twins </p> <p> The other has one little boy.</p> <p>I married my ginger prince, and we have four children. We definitely get our own chapter very soon, so dont worry your pretty little head over the kids.</p> <p>Dena married her orphaned entrepreneur. They have three kids together, and Dena has a spare thats another story entirely. The oldest twins (top right) I am quite certain are out to get me. That could be a plot twist at some point. Also, check out the kid bottom rightdoes he look like David Tennant to anyone else? (He was named David at random, and is growing up into a rather creepy coincidence).</p> <p>Wesley married a CAS brunette; they have three kids so far. He and the twin with one child are the two of the seven Im not officially finished breeding. They will be getting a chapter at some point when I get romantic matches bred for the spawn and have a reason to play themas much as I love Wes, hes a bit boring.</p> <p>Bindi and Zane, our beloved second-generation couple, are now officially retired from the plot base. They still turn up pretty regularly, being immortal, but theres not much left to do at home besides run a level 10 gallery and play with the dog, and I refuse to breed them again.</p> <p>Join the Phantasmas againsoonin Miris official chapter. Her ginger prince will be narrating, provided I can catch him. Happy Simming!</p>