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Gabriel Cappozzo Teacher Portfolio. University of Phoenix SPE/589 Special Education Student Teaching: Cross Categorical December 1 st , 2011. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Gabriel Cappozzo Teacher Portfolio</p> <p>Gabriel CappozzoTeacher PortfolioUniversity of PhoenixSPE/589Special Education Student Teaching: Cross CategoricalDecember 1st, 2011</p> <p>IntroductionThe following presentation has been developed to introduce the reader to Gabriel Cappozzo, and provide the user with information in the following areas:</p> <p>Cover LetterResumeCopies of TranscriptsLetters of RecommendationEducational PhilosophyClassroom Management PhilosophyLesson PlansMath and TimeMath and Money Mr. Cappozzos Official Classroom WebsiteState Specific Testing Requirements96 IL Basic Skills22 Special Education Cross Categorical155 Learning Behavior Specialist 1104 APT: K 12163 Special Education General CurriculumStudent Teaching ArtifactsBehavior Plan OutlineInformal AssessmentsEvery category listed here can be accessed on www.cappozzoportfolio.weebly.comHome PageThe Home Page of this website provides the user with the ability to navigate throughout the website and access each area listed in the introduction. It also provides the user with an opportunity to click on the Mr. Cappozzos classroom picture and open up this Power Point presentation to provide a summary of the sites purpose.Cover Letter</p> <p>The cover letter is an introduction to Gabriel Cappozzo and discusses his concise philosophy on education. His belief in the importance of education is evident based on his history as a student, teacher, and father.Through his experience as a committee member for PBIS and RTI, hes been able to exercise its implementation and values its importance.His passion to influence student s , both through actions and words, drives him to succeed inside and outside of the school.</p> <p>ResumeThe following categories are outlined in the resume:Education: Masters in Special Education 2011Masters in Business Administration 2007Undergraduate in Accounting &amp; Business Administration 2005Previous EmploymentTeacher Beach Park Consolidated School District2009 - PresentSubstitute Teacher Beach Park Consolidated School District2005 2008Manager Providence Mortgage 2005 2007Manager Jared The Galleria of Jewelry 2001 - 2005</p> <p>Copy of TranscriptsCopies of transcripts from the following colleges will be found on this page:University of Phoenix Masters in Special EducationLakeland College Masters in Business AdministrationLakeland College Bachelors in Accounting and Business AdministrationLetters of RecommendationThe letters of recommendation for Gabriel Cappozzo have been submitted by two previous Principals that he has worked for.Rene Santiago Principal of Beach Park Middle SchoolJohn Fredrickson Principal of Oak Crest ElementaryEducational PhilosophyGabriel Cappozzos educational philosophy focuses on the following areas:The evolution of special education in the public school system.Alternative Assessment Tools.Technology and Media Resources for Inclusion.Parent Communication Plan</p> <p>Classroom Management PlanGabriel Cappozzos Classroom Management Plan focuses on the importance of the following aspects:The establishment of an environment that meets the requirements of special needs students within the general education environment.Focuses on building social and academic outcomes for children.Revolves around the initiative of Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports as well as Response to Intervention.Implements the necessary modification and accommodations for all students to achieve academic and social success.</p> <p>Lesson Plan 1Lesson Plan 1 has been developed to teach a unit on Math and Time.</p> <p> Telling time using an analog clock.Grade Level: 4thObjectives: Students will use manipulatives to create analogue clockStudents will identify time through the use of an analogue clockStudents will work in teams to demonstrate time identification speed and accuracy</p> <p>Lesson Plan 2Lesson Plan 2 has been developed to teach a unit on Math and Money. Topic: Using money to purchase school suppliesGrade: 4thObjective: the learner will be able to identify monetary denominations, count money, and use money to purchase school supplies with 100% accuracy through computing and estimating using mental mathematics, paper-and-pencil methods, and calculators.</p> <p>State Specific Testing RequirementsThe following test results have been provided for the:96 Illinois Basic Skills22 Special Education Cross Categorical155 Learning Behavior Specialist 1104 APT: K 12163 Special Education General Curriculum</p> <p>Student Teaching ArtifactsThe following artifacts from Mr. Cappozzos student teaching experience can be found here:Pictures of his studentsTeacher Work Sample 1 7Monthly Newsletters</p> <p>Behavior Plan OutlineThe following information has been provided to add insight into the behavior plan and data tracking system created by Gabriel CappozzoBehavior Data SheetBehavior Data TableBehavior Data ChartBehavior Progress Chart</p> <p>This behavior plan is currently being used in the Beach Park Consolidated School District, IL.Informal AssessmentThe following information is provided for the user to gain insight into Gabriels perspective on the assessment process and focuses on the following:ObservationPortfolioWriting SamplesInformal inventories and quizzesFormal AssessmentsMr. Cappozzos Official Classroom WebsiteThis page contains a link to bring you to Mr. Cappozzos official classroom website. Here you will gain further insight into Mr. Cappozzos philosophy on teaching, see pictures of current events, access school resources, and stay updated on current events.</p> <p>Be sure to visit:</p> <p>Gabriel Cappozzos WebsiteAll of the information provided in this presentation can be accessed on a website created specifically for the user at</p> <p>This website has been established as a convenience for hiring teams to share and access information from Gabriel Cappozzos time as a student and a teacher.</p> <p>I hope that you have found this information user friendly and look forward to future engagements with you!</p> <p>Thank you for your time and consideration.</p> <p>Gabriel A. Cappozzo</p>