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    Georgia Womens Legislative Caucus

    Powerful Womens Panel

    November 14, 2015

    Presented by: Suzanne E. Burks

    President, The Burks Companies, Inc.

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    Panel Discussion Topics

    What are the most important skills or attributes needed in todays business world?

    Do women need skills different from men? If so, what?

    What do you feel government officials are missing?

    What does government need to do better or differently?

    What do we need to do to help our youth be better citizens, better employees, to be better prepared to be the leaders we need for the next generation?

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    Most Important Skills

    The skill of self-awareness Striving to understand oneself, so you can

    become all you can be

    Investing in oneself and continuously seek knowledge

    The skill of business acumenand then some Acquiring a comprehensive understanding the

    business and competitive landscape

    Ability to navigate through the organizational politics

    The skill of relationship buildingrelations rule! Building professional relationships on mutual

    trust and respect

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    Most Important SkillsContd

    The ability to create an inspired culture Creating a culture of inspiration and motivation

    influences others to perform at their best Championing ideas or plans of action that they

    believe in Creating a system of shared passion and

    commitment fostering an environment that breeds, talent, growth, development and creativity

    The skill of agility and adaptability Adapting to change and demonstrating a

    willingness to manage change, handle unexpected demands and be ready to pivot at any moment

    Maneuvering through changes while adhering to ethical responsibilities that come with leadership

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    Most Important Attributes/Traits

    Assertiveness Straight-forward/Persuasive Communication Style

    Abstract Reasoning Strength in recognizing patterns in data and solving


    Results/Action-Oriented Operates with a sense of urgency/intentionality

    Healthy and Energetic Models healthly habits and brings energy to the


    Competitiveness and Risk-Taking Does not rely on favors; they earn respect and believe

    serving others influences their advancement

    Smart women take risks!

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    Opportunity in everything and


    Give ideas life Inspire others Natural leaders

    Opportunity to cultivate purposeful, genuine and meaning relationships

    Facilitate people,

    resources and relationships

    Identify areas to consolidate, organize and

    strengthen business outcomes

    Opportunity to navigate and test


    Sow seeds in most fertile ground

    Inherently discover missed opportunities Gracious and generous opening doors for one


    Opportunity to give to others, community

    Live lives through causes

    that advance and accelerate societal needs Cultivate innovation and

    initiative Wired to survive and

    thrive in changing times


    Natural Givers

    Relationship Specialist

    Networking Professional

    Womens Sustainable Advantage Over Men Opportunity Management

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    Government Needs to Understand How Business Analyzes Environmental Factors*

    *Source: PEST analysis, introduced nearly 50 years ago by Harvard Business School professor Francis Aguilar (with the acronym ESTP), has served as a strong, practical taxonomy for analyzing the macro-environmental factors affecting business.1

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    Preparing 21st Century Youth to Engage in a Global Society

    The Four Cs Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

    All students, not just gifted students Communication

    Expressing thoughts clearly, crisply articulating coherent instructions, motivating others through powerful speech

    Collaboration It is essential and inherent in the

    nature of how work is accomplished in our civic and workforce lives

    Creativity and Innovation This is no longer secondary in our

    national curriculum. Today, creativity and innovation are key drivers in the global economy.

    Promote Global Competence Through Public Policy Redefining standards and high school

    graduation requirements to include global competence

    Increase the capacity of educators to teach about the world

    Making world languages a core part of the curriculum

    Provide greater opportunity for students to connect worldwide

    Globally competent youth are able to do the following:

    Investigate the world beyond their immediate environment

    Recognize perspectives, others and their own

    Communicate ideas effectively with diverse audiences

    Take action to improve conditions

    Source: National Education Association and Council of Chief State School Officers

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    Women Leaders Hold the Pieces to Change the World

    You can and should set your own limits and clearly articulate them. This takes courage, but it is also liberating and empowering, and often earns you new respect. Rosalind Brewer, President and CEO of Sams Club, a division of Wal-Mart Stores Inc

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