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  • 1. LEDs light the future

2. The Light of the futureLEDs are the light of the future and the most innovative frontier of lighting, used in modern context worldwide, therefore their use in growing in outdoor as well as indoor applications due to: Increasing prices of electricity and other energy sources and general expectation they will keep on raising Need of energy efficiency sources, that allow to cut costs and that can be managed Environmental consciousness that is leading costumers and companies to chooseenvironmental friendly solutions (portraying an image of green consciousness is becomingmore and more important )2 3. LEDs reasons -why LEDs allow to cut costs and energy wastes up to 80%-90% LEDs emit superior quality light LEDs integrate and exploit different technologies up to ICT and can be remote controlled LEDs allow to get impressive lights effects, both static and dynamic LEDs use reduces energy waste, costs and CO2 emissions 3 4. The future beginsLEDs (Light Emitting Diode) are not just warning lights, they are the future lighting source LEDs are electronic devices able to emit light Light (photon emission) is generated by electric current flowing between the poles of a semiconductor Light colour depends on the combination of phosphorus layers overlapping the silicon junction which determines light wavelength/frequency SemiconductorPHOTOVOLTAICSILICON As the light flows,silicon produces electrons (current)OK SemiconductorLEDSILICONAs the current flows,silicon emits photons (light)SI4 5. Rise of LEDsLEDs have been around for almost five decades now, but it was only over the last 10-15 years that they have made considerable progress in the field of lighting LEDs technology evolution (1800-2000)5 6. Think positive, think LED LEDs are a technology which is innovating lighting systems and generating benefits foreverybody:ENVIRONMENTCORPORATE Eco-friendly light source which Conceptual change: fromrespects our environment, consumption costs to waste cutdifferently from traditional sources: Huge energy conservationit is GREEN Project operating sustainability Cuts energetic waste Improves corporate image Reduces CO2 emission Maximizes security Minimizes light pollution High quality standards Its free from toxic materials Secure, quality and long lastingchoice 6 7. LEDs benefitsECONOMICHuge energy waste cut up to 80%-90%SECURITYIMAGE Reduced maintenance costsLife-spam Future-oriented Zero additional costs andStrength Innovation waste disposal costs Insensible to heat/cold Respect for the environment Immediate facility Reduced CO2 emissions Social responsibility Quick R.O.I. Zero toxic materials and wastesG2L LEDAESTHETIC QUALITY High impact SOLUTIONS Higher quality light Static and dynamic effects Natural light Spot/hidden light CONTROL Low heat emission Remote-control digital Highly efficient Wide range of coloursmanagement Insensible to frequent Perfect mix-up Performance and statusswitch on/offmonitoring Immediate light-up Maintenance planning Integration with voice/video/data7 8. Light Under Control Green2Light advanced digital management solutions allow to get full control of the lightingsystem, to run it efficiently and in security: Monitoring energy savings (LENI), key Dynamic management of light depending indicators and pay-back periodon environmental conditions estimation Users interaction Real-time information on system status and performancesVisual comfort optimization Accurate colour control, up to the single Full control of light (power, intensity,LED temperature, colour) Spectacular chromatic effects both static Program and schedule maintenanceand dynamic Integration with other lighting and Automatic switch on/off automatic systems (audio, video, data) 8 9. Now its LED To switch from traditional to LED light is simple and the investment is paid-back quickly,within 3 - 4 years - Quick R.O.I. : Energy savings (80% - 90%) Minimized maintenance costs thanks to remote-control and scheduling Zero additional costs Immediate switch: Flexible Modular Easy installation Compatible with data, audio and videosystems Integration with remote control digitalsystems 9 10. G2L LED Lighting solutionsTOWNS & CITIESSTREETSPUBLIC SERVICESDECORATIONS SPORTING AREAInternal/external Streets, avenues, Internal/external Internal/external Stadia, arenaBuildings,places, parking Schools, colleges, Buildings,Sports grounds skyscrapers,areas universities monuments, (tennis, football, facades Bridges, galleries, Churches, places museums, basket, volleyball,Building sitestunnels of worship churches, places ofhandball, golf)Stations, airports, Ports, wharves Museumsworship, theatres Swimming pools ports Pedestrian areas, Theatres Statues, cultural Fitness centersParking areas cycling areas LibrariesplacesSports hallsUrban furniture Street furniture, Public offices Touristic SPA signals (street- Hospitals, clinics attractions lamps, detectors) Gardens andCOMMERCIALfountains AREA TOURISTIC AREAS BUSINESS AREAS INDUSTRIAL AREASRESIDENTIAL AREASInternal/externalShops Internal/externalFitting rooms, Resorts, hotels shop windows, Internal/external Restaurants, clubs, shelves, frozen Internal/external Offices, workshops Internal/externalbars, pubs, sections Warehouses Public areas Shared areas EntertainmentWarehouses/ Storage areas (receptions,(halls, stairs,halls storage areas Logistic hubs waiting and corridors, lifts) TouristicBoards, signs Parking areas meeting rooms)Box/parking areasattractions 10 11. In the light of pro and con LED lighting market drivers and restraints IMPACTDrivers3-4 yrs.5-7 yrs.1 Supportive legislation High Medium2 LED technlogy developmentHigh High3 Operating and replacement costs Low MediumIMPACTRestraints3-4 yrs.5-7 yrs. 1Initial investmentHighMedium 2Dominance of traditionalLow Lowtechnology 3Low awareness MediumLow 11 12. LED: The positive energy G2L LED: lEnergia Positiva12 13. LEDs features Luminous efficacy Low energy consumptionNatural light Versatility Low CO2 emission Long durationNo toxic materials Strenght Optimized remote-control LEDFlexibility Immediate light-up DirectionalLow heat emission Dimming No UV/IR rayslight Colour spectrum13 14. 10 times more efficient One LED emits the same light of 11 traditional bulbs put together, since its luminousefficacy (in lumen: light flow unit of measurement) is more than 10 times the one ofincandescent lamps Luminous efficacy(lumen: light flow unit of measurement)INCANDESCENTHALOGEN FLUORESCENTLAMPLAMP LAMP14 15. More light, less energy LEDs use allows to cut energy waste and costs thanks to their luminous efficacy and since theyrequire low energy consumption LEDs luminous efficacy can reach 80% while incandescent lamps reach just 20% since,producing energy through a burning filament, 80% of their energy is wasted into heat% energy expenses converted into light vs. heatHEAT A traditional 100WLIGHT incandescent lamp lighted for a year at a cost of 10 cent. per kilowatt-hour would cost ca. 88 EuroBUT 80% of this amount would be spent to heat the room rather than light it!INCANDESCENT LAMP Source: Energy Dep. Politecnico of Milan15 16. A light as light as fresh air Reducing energetic consumption means to limit CO2 pollution. Thanks to LEDs use we get: Environmental and social benefits both in the short and long term Corporate image improvement in terms of positive associations that represent a competitive advantage i.e. GREEN positioning, social responsibility, forward- looking management CO2 emission generated by lighting systems1300 lm for 2 hrs./dayCO2/year INCANDESCENTHALOGEN FLUORESCENT LAMPLAMP LAMP 16 17. Long life span LEDs can be lit 24 hours for more than 5 years: they last 50 times incandescent and 12times halogen lamps. LEDs superior resistance is due to the fact that they are free fromfragile materials (i.e. filament or glass wrapping)Lighting systems durationDuration (hours)INCANDESCENTHALOGENFLUORESCENTLAMPLAMPLAMP 17 18. More security, less maintenance LEDs use cuts systems maintenance costs and guarantees absolute security thanks to: Superior life span compared to traditional lamps Strength due to the lack of glass parts and filaments that wear out with heat Resistance against impacts, shocks and vibrations Full security operation since they work with very low tension Tolerance to heat range (-40C up to + 80C) Focused maintenance thanks to remote control (industrial/logistic applications) 18 19. Immediate light LEDs do not need additional circuits to turn on, therefore do not imply additionalcosts as traditional lighting systems LEDs light has a colour equal to the face value immediately after being turned on 19 20. The best of technology LED technology integrates both Lighting and Building Automation know-how in order tooffer optimized light remote-control systems REMOTE CONTROL-SYSTEMSBuildingLightingLEDAutomation 20 21. The best of control Green2Light LED solutions can be integrated with digital management and remote-controlsystems that produce economic advantages and increase security: Functional performances check-up in real time Maintenance planning and scheduling Light dynamic and immediate management (switch on/off, power, colour, intensity) Interaction with environment and users Economic performances monitoring and optimization Pay-back period estimation Integration with data, video and audio systems 21 22. Lighting Systems ComparisonFeaturesIncandescent lampsFluorescent lamps LEDsLife span1.200 hours8.000 hours 50.000 hoursWattage required for lumens of60 watt15-20 watt 5-7 wattan average 60 W bulbHeat emission85 BTU/h30 BTU/h3,4 BTU/hLight output of 1,600 lumens 100 watt40-45 watt14-15 wattrequiresTemperature sensitivityHigh MediumLowColour Needs filtersNeeds filtersAvailable in many huesToxic materials/mercury NoYesNoDimming over time -no abrupt Abrupt failure and fragile Sensitive to fr