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Genres of Literature

FictionFantasyHistorical FictionMysteryRealistic FictionScience FictionAdventureFolktalesMAIN MENUFantasyA story that is imaginative, but could never really happen. The setting may be of another world. Characters might be magical. FictionMAIN MENUHistorical FictionA story that takes place in a historically accurate time and setting. The characters and some events are fictional.FictionMAIN MENUMysteryA story that usually involves suspense and the solving of a crime. Clues are typically given throughout the story to solve the mystery at the end of the book. FictionMAIN MENURealistic FictionA story that seems real or could happen in real life. It is set in present day and includes modern day problems and events. FictionMAIN MENUTextbookA manual of instruction or standard book in any branch of study. Textbooks are usually written according to educational demands. Non-FictionMAIN MENUHow-ToAn instructional form of writing that demonstrates how to do a task, activity, procedure, etc. Non-FictionMAIN MENUMagazineA periodical that contains articles, pictures, advertisements, stories, etc. that is published on a regular schedule. Non-FictionMAIN MENUResearch ReportAn informational, objective piece of writing based on multiple accurate references. Non-FictionMAIN MENUAlmanacAn annual publication that contains tabular information in a particular field(s) according to the calendar. Information such as astronomical data, the rising and setting of the sun and moon, eclipses, hours of the tide, etc. Non-FictionMAIN MENUBrochureA pamphlet or leaflet advertisement. Brochures may advertise locations, events, hotels, products, services, etc. They are usually brief in language and have an eye-catching design. Non-FictionMAIN MENUNewspaperA publication containing news, information, current events, and advertising. There are feature articles on topics such as political events, crime, business, art/entertainment, society, and sports. Many newspapers also include some editorial columns. Other sections include advertising, comics, and coupons. Non-FictionMAIN MENUAtlasA collection of maps of Earth, or parts of Earth. The atlas presents geographic features, political boundaries, and geopolitical, social, religious, and economic statistics. Non-FictionMAIN MENUMemoirA type of an autobiography. It is a writers own account of one or two important events and is told in the first person. It is descriptive and highly personal. Non-FictionMAIN MENUEditorialAn article that is usually in a newspaper or magazine, or on television or the radio. This article expresses the authors personal opinion and view on a particular topic. Non-FictionMAIN MENUAdvertisementA public promotion of a product or service. It is a form of communication used to help sell these products or services. It usually describes how the products or services can benefit the customer. Non-FictionMAIN MENU


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