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Future Touch v1.0 User Guide.


<ul><li><p>User gUide </p><p>by: Favorite video Studio2015</p><p>First of All Thank You For Choosing my product! We will try all our best to support professional andfast help or customization service if You Need it! Here is Future Touch v1.0 (After Effects CS 5) Project Template which will help you promote Your Technological Product, Service, Company, website etc. Promote Yourself in futuristic, stylish Clean way. Good for internet, tv and outdoor campaigns. Easy Color control Intuitive customization, up to 15 media Placeholders &amp; 20 Text Placeholders. FAST customization &amp; FAST render time! All this nicely prepared and organized just for You! Create Your Own futuristic and Holographic Promotion Video using our project. Be creative and feel free to contact with Us If You have any questions!</p><p> 17 Photo/videos &amp; 11 Text placeholders; 15 Media Placeholder (+ Empty Media Compositions for Your Custom Project) + 20 TextPlaceholders; Fast Render 3 Render size 1080p, 720p, SD Widescreen prepared; NO EXTERNAL PLUGINS NEEDED; After Effects CS5 and Above; Universalized Expression was used for All After Effects Languages; Drag and drop Your content and render! Text, Stripes, media files (Photo or Video) and Background Color Change; SoundFX Included;</p><p>* Audio is NOT INCLUDED, only for the preview.</p><p>Logo Openere - 0:36 sec</p><p>aFter eFFect project containS:</p><p>aFter eFFect project FeatureS:</p><p>FuTuRE Touch V1.0</p><p>AFTEr EFFECTS cS5 TEmPLACE</p><p>introduction</p></li><li><p>www.fvs.lv2 www.fvs.lv</p><p>2 Version of the project prepared: With Plugins and Prerendered Version. If You Have Optical Flares (https://www.videocopilot.net/products/opticalflares/) plugin for After Effects and Particulare Trapcode 2.0 (http://www.redgiant.com/products/trapcode-particular/) You can Easy Open This project Future Touch Logo 2 With Plugins.aep: </p><p>If You dont have this plugins No Worries, we prepare project version without plug-ins. </p><p>All Render Ready precomps are under main project window under folder Future Touch Logo_1080p Render ReadyFuture Touch Logo_720p Render ReadyFuture Touch Logo_SD DV Render Readycolor control Future Touch Logo - Here You can Easy control All Project colorsYou can find editable ready comps under 1Main comp Here You can find main Compositions with the name Future Touch Logo_Main comp [Edit Here] - This is edit ready composition for replace text, media, logo etc.</p><p>To relpace media files go to folder with name the 3Media Source folder. Here you will find source JPG media Examplefiles with name FutureTouchLogo_01-15.jpg Under Folder 4Media Placeholders and inside Main comp folder You can find All media compositions for editing MediaPlaceholder_01-09. Here You can Easy Add Text, or replace media Example File. </p><p>Select Your final video size here. (See Example1) Just Double click on one of this prepared composition with size: 1080p, 720p, SD DV</p><p>To edit main project comps, open folder with name: </p><p>GENERAL</p><p>Future Touch Logo_1080p Render ReadyFuture Touch Logo_720p Render ReadyFuture Touch Logo_SD DV Render Ready</p><p>color customization composition</p><p>Main comp [Edit here]</p></li><li><p>4 Favorite Video Studio</p><p>Favorite Video Studio</p><p>www.fvs.lv</p><p>Under Project window find folder with name 3Media Source. Under this folder You can find all media source files FutureTouchLogo_01 - 15 .jpg You can easy replace this JPG files just press Right Mouse Button Click -&gt; Replace Footage -&gt; File -&gt; Select Media From Your hDD</p><p> You can also add some info or media to the main media placeholder:Find Folder with the name 002 Media Placeholders under project window. Here You can easy find subfolder with the name 001 Media compositions composition with the name Media Source Files 01-07 . Addeverithing You need inside. Also You can find Empty Comps For Your Needs under folder: Empty Media compositions</p><p>Text editing</p><p>Replace Photo/ VIdeo</p><p>Here You can Easy Find And Edit main Text Compositions For the project (See Example:)</p><p>Just Double Click on the text composition and replace text using text tool.</p><p>Fin All Text Placeholders here</p><p>2. Select one of thye text placeholder You need to edit</p><p>3. Double click on layer [and replace text]</p><p>text compositions are ORANGE cOLOR</p><p>editable text Layer Find Here</p><p>Replace this file with Your media file</p><p>Add everything You needinside this comp</p></li><li><p>6 Favorite Video Studio www.fvs.lv 7</p><p>Media Source Files media source file folder. Here You can easy replace any media (Photo, video etc.) </p><p>Right mouse button Click -&gt; replace Footage -&gt; File (select file from Your HDD)</p><p>Easy color customization service in every main composition. 1. You can easy find color customization layer in every main composition. Find layer with name color control Future Touch Logo.2. Select Layer with the name color Setting [Find control in Effect Window] Go to Effect window and select color you need to replace.3. Then select color from color palette. See Example:</p><p>Media picture default size is 1920x1080 by default.</p><p>Replacing Media Source FIles color customization Service</p><p>Go to color pallete and select color You need to replace with</p><p>Select color Rectangle near text, that represent object color control </p><p>Find All Media Precompositions Here</p><p>2</p><p>Replace Example Media is Easy!</p><p>Select color customization composition in the main Project Window1</p><p>3</p></li><li><p>8 Favorite Video Studio www.fvs.lv</p><p>How To Find Sound FXcentral Sphere color control</p><p>To replace Central Sphere Color Just Go to Color Control Future Touch Logo and select First layer with the name central Sphere color control. Now go to the Effect window and with Slider replace color of the central sphere!</p><p>You can Easy fin Sound FX MP3 under the project window inside folder with the name 7Sound FX. Future_Touch_Logo_SoundFX.mp3</p><p>Go to the Effect window and with Slider replace color of the central sphere!</p><p>Select First Layer with the name central Sphere color control</p><p>Find Folder 7Sound FX under project window</p></li><li><p>10 Favorite Video Studio</p><p>Select resolution which you like, double click on it and then ctrl+M to render / composition / MakeMovie Customize the render Queue window with your needs. Pay close attention for the size, formats, name and location of the final render.</p><p>under Main Project Window Find Folder With The Name: 2LogoHere You can Easy Find File [EPS] with the name Replace Main Logo here. Press Right mouse button Click -&gt; replace Footage -&gt; File (select file from Your HDD)</p><p>ww.fvs.lv</p><p>RENDER FINAL PROJEcTReplace Main compositions Logo</p><p>Final render Composition Select Here (3 Size prepared)1080p 720p SD DVcolor customization comp Find </p><p>Find Color Customization Service Composition</p><p>You can Easy Replace Main Project Logo Here</p><p>Here You can Easy find And Replace AllSocial Network Logo. PNG Folder Contains all Social Network Source Examples Files.</p></li><li><p>12 Favorite Video Studio</p><p>USAGEIf you like this font you can download it here:OPEN SANShttp://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/open-sansBebas Neuehttp://www.dafont.com/bebas-neue.font</p><p>The awesome track is made by one of the greatest AudioJungle authors Boomopera. You can buy it Here: Time Lapse</p><p>h t t p : / / a u d i o j u n g l e . n e t / i t e m / t i m e - l a p s e / 9 9 1 6 8 5 0 ? W T . o s s _phrase=Technology&amp;WT.oss_rank=25&amp;WT.z_author=boomopera&amp;WT.ac=search_list</p><p>!!!IMPORTANT!!! Audio Track has been edited. Please contact with us for detailed instruction, We will help You with fast track customization.</p><p>created by: FavoritevideoStudio, LatviaKonstantin b.video@fvs.lv</p><p>NO EXTErNAL PLUGINS NEEDEDOnly the CS5 originals plugins for wersion withou plugins. Use project file with the name Future Touch Logo 2 Without Plugins.aep If You Have Optical Flares (https://www.videocopilot.net/products/opticalflares/) plugin for After Effects and Particulare Trapcode 2.0 (http://www.redgiant.com/products/trapcode-particular/) You can Easy Open This project Future Touch Logo 2 With Plugins.aep</p><p>Fonts</p><p>plug-ins</p><p>audiotrack</p><p>creditS and contact</p></li></ul>