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Future Of Money Alternative Currenies Covering Free Resources. Open Source , P2P Software Project for Worldwide Distributed Work And Resource Exchange Network. Original Idea Of Money. Useful Work. Money/ Jobs. Actual Status Of Money. Useful Work to be done for people. Money/ - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>Future Of MoneyAlternative Currenies Covering Free Resources</p><p>Open Source, P2P Software Project for Worldwide Distributed Work And Resource Exchange Network </p></li><li><p>Original Idea Of MoneyUseful WorkMoney/Jobs</p></li><li><p>Actual Status Of MoneyUseful Work to be done for peopleMoney/Jobs</p></li><li><p>Useful Work Money OutsideMoney/JobsMoney OrientedJobs</p></li><li><p>Free People Useful Work- No Action??UnemployedFree timeVolunteersActivistPensionistsMothers at homeFree landFree carsFree toolsFree resourcesNo Money!!</p></li><li><p>Open Work Free People- EKO CurrencyUnemployedFree timeVolunteersActivistPensionistsMothers at homeFree landFree carsFree toolsFree resourcesEKO CurrencyEKO Projects EKO Jobs</p></li><li><p>EKO Bank Mission Create free, worldwide electronic currency, which will be issued for exchange of spare work or resources, that are not evaluated by usual money.</p></li><li><p>World Of Money IT NetworksUSAVenezuelaEEARussiaEurozoneMicrosoftArgentinaSlovakiaViennaMeBANKS DEBTSRATINGTRANSFERSAuthorizationTrustRating</p></li><li><p>Money Are Just InformationHow much resources I am contracted to provideIf group of people has own information system of resources, contracts, and debts, they have their money!!</p></li><li><p>P2P Bank WorldEKO Micro-Banking ServersCountyIT CompanyMy City BankCity DistrictEko -communityUniversityMEFamilyFamily BusinessFriendAuthorization</p><p>BANKS </p></li><li><p>Future Money And EconomicIndependentNetwork of Information Systems</p></li><li><p>Integration Of Existing ConceptsLETS SystemsRenewable, Non-inflationCurrency TheoryBitCoinResource Based EconomyP2P Open SourceDistributed SystemMMORPG Games</p></li><li><p>Key Features Of EKO Bank Client SoftwareFree to downloadOpen source code with continuous public developmentDistributed architecture no central servers Global compatibility &amp; P2P connectivityAttractive and easy like online game</p></li><li><p>EKO Bank Client Covers:Emisson and exspiration of money unitsCurrency covered by work and resourcesElectronic signage and rating of emissionsResource catalogue with market pricingTransactions and their verificationResources integration to useful products and projectsDistributed logging and authentification</p></li><li><p>Distributed Emission In EKO BankMunicipality, Company, Family, City, County,- are enabled to issue their own:Municipal moneyCorporate moneyCommunity moneyCity moneyCounty money- But all of them as compatible, universal EKO Currency</p></li><li><p>Universal EKO-Currency Unit1 hour work of non-qualified adult man1 EKO =Limited emission, Limited accumulationSame value worldwide, now and in 100 yearsEvery useful product or service contains some amount of work, which was invested for its productionDifficulty of different works can be evaluated as multiple of basic 1 EKO work</p></li><li><p>EKO Currency CoveringEvery issuer covers his EKO emission by REAL work and resources contracted in advance.EKO can be issued in exchange for any unused or abundant work or resources, which somebody else consider as useful.EKO can evaluate all those useful mothers, children, invalids, pensionist and other unemployable people in classsic economy.</p></li><li><p>Existing EKO issuedEKO 100% Covered by UsefulnessContractedWork And Resources100% Coverage</p></li><li><p>EKO Emission Covered by WorkParticipant 1DrivingParticipant 2AccountingParticipant 3English teacher1000h/1 year!500h/1 year!100h/1 month!1000 EKO500 EKO100 EKOEKO Bank My City Database of Work/ResourcesEnglish teaching 100hmonthAccounting 500hyearDriving100hyear</p></li><li><p>Account Balance In EKO-Economy25h x 4EKO+100 EKOEKO AssetsEKO Liabilities John, I will work for you!! EKO Currency-100 EKOEKO Debt0,00 EKO50h x 2EKO0,00 EKO John Peter, work for me! +100 EKO Peter-+0+100 EKO-100 EKO-100 EKO0</p></li><li><p>= contracted to provide this service by end of lifeEKO Exspiration based on contracted periodParticipant 1DrivingParticipant 2AccountingParticipant 3English teaching100 EKO5000 EKO1000 EKO= contracted to provide the teaching during 1 month= contracted to provide driving during 1 year</p></li><li><p>Download EKO-Bank software - freeInstall and customize:Your identity, credentials of your micro-bankYour resources, your internal feesRefine your work categoriesCreate your catalogue of work and resourcesEKO emission limits and verificationInvite friends (client SW) and issue EKO for themPublish your mikro bank and emissions to world P2P</p><p>P2P mikro-banksWorldEKO Bank CreationMy EKO BankTrustRating</p></li><li><p>Micro Bank Trust Concept Micro Bank = Trustworthy Community Demanding mutual reliablity, Mutual trustKnowing each otherCommon responsibilityPersonal relationsSolidarity for non productive membersMy EKO BankMeChildrenPartnersNeighborsNon-productive members EKO for free!!Friends</p></li><li><p>P2P Banks WorldMicro Bank Relation To WorldVital data:Rating (external)Trust (internal)EKO Emission SummaryBy exspiry groupsParticipants overviewBalance sheetsMy EKO BankMeChildrenPartnersNeighboursNon-productive members EKO for free!!FriendsAuthorizationTrust</p></li><li><p>EKO Currency Anti-inflation and Anti-cummulation EffectTime of validityEKO AmountLongest ContractsShortest Contracts1 Year Contract5 Years ContractEnd Of Life</p></li><li><p>For The 1st Timethe offered price needs to be verified by EKO market, starting with 1,0Realised Demand100% Requested Emission Price100% SoldNobody wants itBasic Price = 1,0First Business 10% of contractSecond Business 30% of contractFull PriceTotal 1000 EKO issued+200 EKO issued+100 EKO issuedI offer 100 hours of my coding for 10 EKO/hour!My Coding Initial Emission I. 100 EKO issued</p></li><li><p>Price Could Be Increased, if anybody buys it Realised Demand100% Requested price per emission100% SoldNew demand expectedVerified Price = 10First Business 50% of contractNew Full Price 15E/h+250 EKO+250 EKOI offer MORE 100 hours of my Coding for 15 EKO/hour!My Coding - Emission II. 1000 EKO issued</p></li><li><p>Price Should Decrease, if nobody wants the service and EKO were issuedNo Realised DemandNobody wants itVerified Price = 15No Business 100% of contract not fulfilledPrice decrease 50% - 7,50E/hI offer MORE 100 hours of my coding for 15 EKO/hour!No Business Price Decrease1500 EKO issuedNobody wants it-1500 EKO Debt</p></li><li><p>Price Can Be Decresed to 1,0 or less??Realised Demand50%Provided OnlyBasic Price = 1550% of contract provided15 EKO/hI offer MORE 100 hours of my singing for 15 EKO/hour!Partial Service Delivery1500 EKO issuedPrice decrease 75% - 10E/h750 EKO DebtNew demand expected</p></li><li><p>Different Work PricesCardio-surgeon1h = 10 EKONon qualified manually working - default1h = 1 EKOMentally or phsysically disabled, children1h = 0,5 EKOMother with child 16 h/day1h = 1,5 EKO?</p></li><li><p>Market Defines Final Price</p></li><li><p>Resources Pricing Based On Work InvestedCarAccounting Software10 Ha of land1000 mandays!1000 mandays!1000 mandyas!1000 EKO!5000 EKO!1000 EKOMy EKO Bank Resource DatabseCar 1000hmonthAccounting 1000hyearLand 1000hyear</p></li><li><p>Additional Costs In Standard CurrencyDriver With Car100h/month+0,25 EUR/kmNeeds to pay gasoline with EURO</p></li><li><p>EKO Tax Version 1 Currency FeeCar DriverEnglish Teacher1000h/year!100h/month!900 EKO90 EKOMy Micro Bank Resources DatabaseEnglish 1000hmonthAccounting 500hyearCar Driver 100hyear</p><p>Resources for: Projects Non productive mebersLoans100 EKO10 EKO</p></li><li><p>EKO Tax Version 2 Resource FeeCar DriverEnglish Teacher1000h/year!100h/month!1000 EKO100 EKOMy Micro Bank Resources DatabaseEnglish 1000hmonthAccounting 500hyearCar drivingm 100hyear</p><p>Resources for: Projects Non productive mebersLoans100 hours10 hours</p></li><li><p>EKO Tax Version 1 + 2 Resource And Currency FeesCar DriverEnglish Teacher1000h/year!100h/month!My Micro Bank Resources DatabaseEnglish 1000hmonthAccounting 500hyearCar drivingm 100hyear</p><p>Resources for: Projects Non productive mebersLoans100 hours10 hours900 EKO90 EKO100 EKO10 EKO</p></li><li><p>Donated And Charged EKO Resources For EKO ProjectsGreen Gardens In CitiesFree Eco-housingWorld Humanitarian ActivitiesAlternative Energies Solutions all those useful activites you can imagine you want to participate!</p></li><li><p>P2P Bank WorldEKO Loans UsageIT CompanyMy City BankCity DistrictEcologicalcommunityUniversityFamilyFamily BusinessFriendFree ResourcesEKO Project</p></li><li><p>Small Enterprises Micro Projects:Electrician + Mechanical Engeneer + Energy SpecialistEKO Wind generators All for EKO Currency!Printer specialist + Graphic Designer + SociologistEKO AdvertisementFarmer + Hunter + CookEKO Restaurant</p></li><li><p>EKO Projects - Syndicated Resources Active SearchIndependent Off The Grid HousingWorld Piece ActivitiesWorkMaterialPoliticsNuclear Weapons DisarmmentTasks/ WorkersResources/ ModulesTasks/WorkersResources/Modules</p></li><li><p>Combined EKO Work And Resources Active SearchProduct 1:Free Housing10 xProduct 2:World PeaceWorkMaterial89,4%75,2%Looking For Activist Active demand, new, creative synthetic jobsOfferings in DB</p></li><li><p>Social And Psychological Benefits For SocietyRenewed experience of mutual beneficiency of human in economySeriosuly increased self-esteam and usefulness perceptions Participation on public good and valuesIncreasing responsibility for future development</p></li><li><p>P2P Bank WorldEKO PortalCountyIT CompanyMy City BankCity DistrictEko -communityUniversityMEFamilyFamily BusinessFriendAuthorizationEKO-PortalTracker Indexer Support</p></li><li><p>EKO/BitCoin Comparision Exponencial - based on newcomers resourcesCoverageLimits based on actual real coverageSlow generation, independent from usersCPU Time Spent no human-useful outputLimited to 21 Mil.BitCoinEko Bank100% Coverage by real work and resourcesCurrency GenerationTotal Amount LimitationTrust from Inside Rating from OutsideAnonymous,Hard Coded RulesSocial ReliabilityEmission SignageAll Coins Are Unidentified UnitsEach emission signed, trusted/ revokedSocial networks invitationsIT-freaks, just as raritySpreading</p></li><li><p>My School BankSWMy City BankExponencial Grow+100 EKO I have free timeI will code 100h+100 EKOEKO-PortalTracker Indexer Support+100 EKO John, do you have free time or resources for trade? Peter, do you have free time or resources for trade? Hey guys, I will pay you for your free time! Friends, wanna earn for your free resources? Join our EKO bank! Yes, cool! Yes, cool! I will run my college EKO bank!</p></li><li><p>Next Steps in EKO Bank Project1. Project Charter- define vital definitions and ideas2. Definition concept analysis, prototyping, design - releases - web3. Implementation open a Open Source Project </p></li><li><p>PoznmkyWeb+ WIKIDano mission/ciele, viziaZdroje = linkyPrincipy Robo: Mission Vytvorit informacny system na podporu slobodnej ekonomikyNaborDano - release planningPrototyp P2P? Web applikacia</p></li><li><p>Web Server HostingServer Eko BankyKlient /Web</p><p>Hra na alternativnu ekonomiku</p></li><li><p>LinksRiver HOURSFrancis AyleyFourth Corner ExchangeHUB CultureWe merge online and physical places.http://www.hubculture.com/Bitcoin open source implementation of P2P currency http://www.bitcoin.org</p><p>http://www.blisty.cz/art/53127.html</p><p>*</p></li></ul>