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Balkan Stage 1


<ul><li> 1. [Place Identity &amp; Citizens Participation Clusters] www.placeidentity.gr</li></ul> <p> 2. [Network]The City is what it is Because its citizens are who they are Plato 3. [How we operate]Openness| Connectivity| Participation| Locality| Cooperation | 4. [Viral Project Local Teams] 2010 2013 Chalkis Aghios Dimitrios Volos Herakleion Rethymno Messolonghi Pyrgos Korinth Kozani2014 - 2016 Ierapetra Patras Thessaloniki Rhodes Andros Tinos Veroia Trikala Kozani Ioannina Athens 5. [Urban Regeneration Studies] 6. [Presentations, Q&amp;A sessions, Open Discussions] 7. [Parallel Urban Events] 8. [Open Source Material] 9. [synOIKIA Pittaki Light Installation] 10. [synAthina Citizens Lab] 11. 2.0 12. our mission We are creating a global Research and Innovation Center for Democracy and Political Science in Athens. We are establishing Greece as an exemplar democratic state. 13. City.Citizen.Culture.Politics.Politeia. 14. [Projects Map]Politeia 2.0 Social PlatformIDEA|TOPOS Conference &amp; WorkshopsCitizenship &amp; Philosophy festivalImagine the CityConstitutional forumExhibitions &amp; Events KozaniSyn-oikia Urban InterventionVolosDEA|TOPOS 2012 VolosGlobal NationChalkida SynOikiaPittakiMessolonghi Pyrgos SynAthina SpartaCity Neighborhood Athens Ag. DimitriosIDEA|TOPOS LocalRegionsIDEA|TOPOS 2.0 2013 AthensKorinthos RethymnonHeraklion IerapetraSocial Campaign CITIZENS 2.0Place Identity &amp; Citizens Participation ClustersPast Scheduled 15. Alexandros Noussias | alexandros.nousias@gmail.com| info@placeidentity.gr </p>