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Great look into a growing problem, with a viable solution.


<ul><li> 1. FUTURE GENERATIONS A LOOK INTO THE FUTURE Copyright 2009 </li></ul> <p> 2. By 2030, 86% of the U.S. will be Overweight DID YOU KNOW: By 2048, ALL of the U.S. adults will be at least mildly Overweight 3. Direct Costs of Obesity are over $127 Billion DID YOU KNOW: 85% of Health Care costs are from Behaviors that can be prevented 4. Only 22% Meet Basic Activity Levels DID YOU KNOW: The Recommended Level of Physical Activity is 150 Minutes/Week 5. Why Are People So Lazy? DID YOU KNOW: People are spend nearly 3Xs less time with family due to Technology 6. Technology = Sedentary Lifestyle DID YOU KNOW: Technology is by Far Considered the Most Sedentary Activity 7. How Do We Address This Problem? DID YOU KNOW: 62% of parents say video games have no effect on their child 8. Is Playing Outside The Solution? DID YOU KNOW: The Disappearance of Kids Playtime is the most pressing issue today 9. Is The Health Club The Solution? DID YOU KNOW: Only 16% of the U.S. Population Belong to a Health Club/Gym 10. Conventional Cant Be The Only OptionEmptyBoring DID YOU KNOW: The Top Reason People Discontinue Working Out Is Boredom 11. So What Do We Do Now? INSANITY: is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results 12. Could The Solution Be Technology? DID YOU KNOW: There are over 1 Billion Personal Computers Worldwide: It is our Life 13. Technology Magnetizes People! DID YOU KNOW: The Average Consumption of Screen Time Is Over 40 Hours/Week 14. What About Using Video Games? DID YOU KNOW: 81% of Adults 18 29 and Over Half of the U.S. Play Video Games 15. The Video Game Industry is $54 Billion DID YOU KNOW: Its Larger then Movies and Has Over 200 Million Monthly Gamers 16. 97% of Teens Play Video Games DID YOU KNOW: Influential Spending Power Is Over $2 Trillion In Sales Worldwide 17. So Lets Use Games To Be Active DID YOU KNOW: Nintendo Wii is the Best Seller ever with over 50 Million Units sold 18. Active Gaming Makes Fitness Fun DID YOU KNOW: 86.2% of Teens state Fun as the most important element in their life 19. ACTIVE GAMING IS A SOLUTION THE FUTURE IS YOUR CHOICE For More Information On Facts &amp; References, Contact Mike@iTechFitness.com or 303.371.5800 Copyright 2009 </p>