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2. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Projections & TrendsWith the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics now in full swing, worldclass athletes are taking centre stage not only at Sochi, but also online. Sochi 2014 is living up to our digital and mobile expectations ... and surpassing them. 71% claim that they are using another device when watching the Olympics on TV. Athletes are not only being identified through their sport, but also through social networking, such as one of the Games' breakout social stars. Broadcasting providers (BBC, NBC, etc.) are breaking boundaries in their coverage and streaming capabilities of live events.According to Facebook, more than24million people Trending hashtags more than 1.7 million mentions of #Sochi2014 worldwide between February 6th and 10th, 2014. And, guides on how best to follow the Winter Olympics including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. As a result, we will enjoy the 2014 Winter Games for its sporting competitions, as well as glimpsing how athletes are actually experiencing the Olympics through pictures, videos, posts, etc.have discussed the Olympics on their site during the first week of the Games.WE HOPE YOU ENJOY READING IT. homeEXECUTIVE SUMMARYClick for more infoSOCHI 2014WHO WILL BE WATCHING THE GAMESGENERAL INTERESTSOCHI 2014 SPONSORSSTORIES OF INTEREST 3. Whats happening in RussiaBefore the Olympics started, Russia was torn between positive and negative emotions towards the Winter Olympics. On the one hand, negative emotions were inspired by topics such as the unclear and high cost of the Games, several scandals and the fear of terrorist attacks. While, on the other hand, the hope that Sochi would be a global success with Olympic standard construction and Russians winning medals on national soil arousing positive emotions.Julya Lipnitskaya the pride of the Russian Team The youngest Olympic champion is the breakthrough star of Sochi 2014 and a new hero for Russian fans.Evgeni Plushenko retires following a warm-up injury The 31-year-old skater was forced to pull out of the individual men's event before the finals due to back issues. But he did manage to win his second gold earlier last week as part of the team competition before retiring.Disallowed goal in Russia USA hockey match Fans have taken to the social media to show their disapproval for the referees call disallowing a Russian goal during the USA-Russia match. Russia went on to lose the game in a penalty shootout.Unexpected medals for team RussiaThe opening ceremony was universally well-received by Russians, and by foreigners alike. A large scale, spectacular and imaginative event, a boost to Russian pride. The opening ceremony included Tchaikovsky, ballet, a performance from taTu and 3,500 fireworks. The ceremony did not go entirely seamlessly, with one very visible event when one of the Olympic rings did not open. The four rings have gone viral you can even get a memorabilia T-shirt of the event.It is the first time in Russian history that a gold medal has been won by their two-men bobsleigh team and a silver medal achieved in the snowboard cross.Weather conditions cause events to be postponed.Russians feel that the Sochi Olympics are going fairly smoothly with great performances from all Olympic athletes. Of course, there are high hopes that the Russian Team will continue to win medals, climbing up the medal chart. Moreover, the Russians hope that the Games will continue in a positive vein and that the weather conditions remain good as the Games head into the final week of the Winter Olympic Games.Many Olympic fans, who came to Sochi for only one or two days, were disappointed when events had to be postponed due to weather conditions.Maria Komissarova rushed to surgery The ski cross racer sustained a fractured vertebra with a dislocation during practice and was rushed off to undergo an emergency sixand-a-half hour operation.homeEXECUTIVE SUMMARYSOCHI 2014WHO WILL BE WATCHING THE GAMESGENERAL INTERESTSOCHI 2014 SPONSORSSTORIES OF INTEREST 4. Who is watching the Games outside of Russia? KEY MOTIVATIONS FOR FOLLOWING THE GAMESINTEREST IN THE SOCHI 2014 WINTER GAMES`53%Pre-gamesSupport my national team32% 32%16-24 years oldDuring-Games 17%7%16%24-34 years oldWhere people are using their mobile devices (laptops, tablets, and mobiles) to follow Sochi 201435-44 years old 17% 18%ARE INTERESTED IN THE FOLLOWING WINTER SPORTS Responses based on 7+ from a 1-10 scale.55+ years oldPre-games PRE19%50%49%48%Ski JumpingBobsledFigure SkatingSpeed SkatingMens ice HockeyOn Mobile45%42% On Laptop51%49%48%49%54%52%37%53%EXECUTIVE SUMMARY20%Watch with a few friendsWatch with a few friends40% Watch alone36% Watch alone69%Watch with family61%Watch with familyAlpine SkiingFigure skating sees the most drastic decline in pre interest at -10%, where womens ice hockey sees the only positive increase in interest at 2%.homeDURING32% WHO THEY ARE WATCHING THE OLYMPICS WITH75%50% 57%PREDURING19%45-54 years old54% PREARE ATTENDING AN EVENT IN RUSSIA15% 16%43% DURING4%37%3%28%4%OtherOn MobileWill watch, but not by choice38%14% 29%37% 4%PREFor the love of winter sportsWomen continue to be more interested in following the Winter Olympics with an increase of 2% once the Games started. The main reason to follow Sochi 2014 is to experience an international event. People may have slightly over-claimed their use of mobile devices, although mobile devices are being used.47%DURING46%25%Keep up to date with a major eventMALE42% 45%77% 55%89%14%70% 58%47%Experience an international event5%61%13%77%75%65%8%6%Support a specific athletePre-Games56%53%Pre49%Pre51%FEMALESupport another national teamPre-gamesSource: PHD Snapshots Fieldwork: January 23 31, 2014 (N = 833 across 4 countries, approximately 200 for Germany, Australia, USA, and Canada) Fieldwork: February 7 16, 2014 (N = 855 across 4 countries, approximately 200 for Germany, Australia, USA, and Canada)SOCHI 2014WHO WILL BE WATCHING THE GAMESGENERAL INTERESTSOCHI 2014 SPONSORSSTORIES OF INTEREST 5. How do they watch the Games outside Russia? HOW THEY ARE FOLLOWING SOCHI 2014WOMEN ARE GENERALLY MORE LIKELY TO USE ANOTHER DEVICE WHEN WATCHING THE OLYMPICS ON TV WHILE MEN ARE MORE LIKELY TO USE A NUMBER OF DEVICES (64% for males and 35% for females).Pre-gamesTV at home91% 59%55%News websites46% 40%18%Mobile24%16%Twitter18%24-3435-4425%45-5455+PEOPLE ARE USING THE FOLLOWING DEVICES WHILE WATCHING THE OLYMPICS ON TV:14%12% 6%19%28%25%Pub/bar/resturant19%54%32%30%MEDIA-MESHER IS GENERALLY 16-44 YEARS OLD.53%36%FacebookInstagram46%16-24PressRadio93%8%HOW LIKELY ARE THEY TO TALK ABOUT OLYMPIC SPONSORSHIP ACTIVITY?32%20%30%46%40%50%are using their tablets60%41%70%are using their laptops80%90%19%are using their desktops100%e-readersAND THEY ARE CARRYING OUT THE FOLLOWING ACTIVITIES:have spoken to others about recalled sponsorship activityE-Reader3%3%4%6%4%2%3%Chat with friends8%Play games Desktop83%13%12%8%15%11%24%19%8%9%6%13%6%6%4%Search for products to buy Tablet Mobile21%10% 14%15% 10%17%15%10%9%6%Read news Look up information about the Olympics Share their opinions about the eventLaptopResponses based on 7+ on a 110 scale.home10%are using their mobiles10%have talked very positively about recalled activity41%0%15% 0%10%16% 20%20% 30%26% 40%50%22% 60%70%11% 80%9% 90%5% 100%Interact with online Olympic content OtherSource: PHD Snapshots Fieldwork: January 23 31, 2014 (N = 833 across 4 countries, approximately 200 for Germany, Australia, USA, and Canada) Fieldwork: February 7 16, 2014 (N = 855 across 4 countries, approximately 200 for Germany, Australia, USA, and Canada)EXECUTIVE SUMMARYSOCHI 2014WHO WILL BE WATCHING THE GAMESGENERAL INTERESTSOCHI 2014 SPONSORSSTORIES OF INTEREST 6. Whats happening? Martinez ended up19th but still made the world take note Coining the phrase triple Axel jump, the sole Philippines competitor inspired the entire nation to rally behind him and made the world take note of his performance at Sochi 2014.The world athletes have taken the Olympic stage CLICK ON INFO SIGNS for more information about winter sports athletes on Twitter 150+ athletes100+ athletes50+ athletes15+ athletes5+ athletes1+ athletesNo athletesDutch twins both take medals in 500m speed skating The Mulder twins won Gold and Bronze. They also took home the title of being the first set of twins to win medals in the same event since 1984.US Figure Skaters set two new world-records Meryl Davis and Charlie White both set a new world-record in short dance (78.89 score) and in the free programme (116.63 score).NEXT SECTIONCanadian Dufour-Lapointe sisters win Gold and Silver in Womens moguls Justine and Chloe join Marieele and Christine Goitschel, French skiers, and Doris and Angelika Neuner, Austrian lugers, as sisters winning Olympic gold and silver in the same event.Sharing gold at the Winter Olympics Dominique Gisin, from Switzerland, and Tina Maze, from Slovenia, made history in the women's downhill skiing by recording exact ly the same time and becoming the first athletes ever to share a Winter Olympics gold medal.First Ever Female Ski Jumping Champion German, Carolina Vogt is the first woman to win a championship in women's ski jumping, a sport solely for men for 90 years.Source: PHD Insights across 81 MarketshomeEXECUTIVE SUMMARYSOCHI 2014WHO WILL BE WATCHING THE GAMESGENERAL INTERESTSOCHI 2014 SPONSORSSTORIES OF INTEREST 7. PRESochi 2014 SponsorsPrompted recall Change in perceptionto see the progression of these brands Olympic Sponsorships from 2010 to 201453% 43%1% 1%1% 0%7% 11%39% 36%41% 49%3%7%2%11%61% 75%4% 6%39% 43%47% 38%Fit with Olympics9% 11%CLICK ON THESE LOGOSDURINGSpontaneous recall67% 59%52% 40%4% 3%27% 23%63% 61%2% 2%15% 18%51% 48%70% 57%49% 39% 15% 14%2% 1%0%2%62% 51%41% 36%19%19% 13%43%NEXT SECTIONSource: PHD Snapshots Fieldwork: January 23 31, 2014 (N = 1234 across 5 countries, approximately 200 for Germa

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