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<ul><li><p>8/12/2019 Further Education (FE) Lecturer Job</p><p> 1/2</p><p>Have you ever thought of a career change and turning to further education lecturing?</p><p>Well now's the time to start. Teaching is such a rewarding career in more ways than</p><p>one. As a teacher you are able to share you knowledge of various subjects with</p><p>students in various environments including Further ducation !olleges" #i$th Form</p><p>!olleges" Adult or !ommunity ducation !entres" %niversities" as well as various</p><p>charitable and voluntary organisations.</p><p>Further ducation &amp;ecturers teach students of all levels starting from beginner</p><p>straight through to advanced levels. Any further education ualification that a student</p><p>achieves can count as a vocational or even academic ualification that would better</p><p>(re(are the student for working life in that field or enhance their knowledge of that</p><p>subject for (ersonal interest.</p><p>Historically" further education lecturers have mainly dealt with (ost )* as well as</p><p>adult learners but they are now becoming more involved with younger students</p><p>within the )+,)- year old curriculum range. This means they are able to (rovide a</p><p>wider service to their students and are also able to im(rove their own methods of</p><p>teaching as they are constantly having to ada(t the way they teach to accommodate</p><p>the s(eed at which different students (ick u( the material being taught as well as</p><p>being able to cover wider variety of subjects by increasing their own subject</p><p>knowledge and e$(anding their field of knowledge.</p><p>Ty(ical job descri(tion</p><p>A further education lecture has various activities and duties that they would</p><p>undertake as (art of their role" some of these are highlighted below</p><p>/ The ability to (lan and (re(are lesson (lans and guides</p><p>/ Teaching a variety of subjects ty(es at different levels during the day" evening and</p><p>at various worksho(s including teaching (eo(le of different backgrounds" abilities</p><p>and ages grou(s.</p><p>/ 0esearching and develo(ing material for new courses , these should be a mi$ of</p><p>online resources including lesson guides and (lans and well as course outlines</p><p>/ 1onitoring as well as being able to mark students work at an e$ce(tionally high</p><p>standard with an un,biased view.</p><p>/ 2ou will also be reuired to conduct one to one tutorials and hel( sessions with</p><p>students and monitoring their (rogress along the way enabling them to develo( and</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 Further Education (FE) Lecturer Job</p><p> 2/2</p><p>(ros(er.</p><p>/ Adhering to all college (olicies and contributing towards the develo(ment of the</p><p>educational institution in team meetings by suggesting new innovations in teaching</p><p>and suggesting ways win which the teaching of e$isting courses can im(rove.</p><p>Additional tasks include conducting administrative duties as well as being able to</p><p>attend various taster sessions" o(en days" (arents' evenings as well as career and</p><p>education conventions and worksho(s.</p></li></ul>


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