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<p>Furniture Store in Portland Oregon</p> <p>Bassett Furniture is far and away my absolute favorite Furniture Store in Portland Oregon. I went in the first time a few years ago, and after my experience there I have never gone anywhere else. When my daughter moved out and got her own apartment, I took her to Bassett to buy her furniture, and when she got married last spring and bought a house with her husband, I will let you just bet as to which furniture store in Oregon they went to in search of their first furniture set. I really could not say enough good about Bassett Furniture in the short space they have given me here, so I will just give you a few highlights, and then it is up to you to go into Bassett and see why this is the best furniture store in Oregon. And I do mean all of Oregon. </p> <p>Lets start with the breadth of their inventory, Bassett Furniture has furniture from all the best designers, and more than that, Bassett Furniture will take any existing furniture and reupholster it to suit your taste or even work with you to design a custom made unique piece to suit your exact specifications. No matter what room of your house you are looking to outfit or redecorate you will not find more options in any other Furniture Store in Portland Oregon than you have at your fingertips with the good people at Bassett Furniture. Whether you are looking for an elegant old world design, or a simple clean modern piece, you will be able to find what you are looking for at Bassett Furniture. </p> <p>Not to be discounted at all are the fine floor personnel that Basset Furniture has working for them. Entirely different from the staff that I encountered at other Furniture Store in Portland Oregon, the floor personnel at Bassett furniture exhibit a level of professionalism that used to be the standard in many businesses, but has seemed to fall away in recent years. The level of knowledge and sophistication regarding their product made finding the perfect piece so much easier than I had ever experienced at any other furniture store in Oregon. I felt genuinely respected and valued as a customer, I was more than someone they could make some money off of, I was someone that came to them, when I very easily could have gone elsewhere, they recognized that and truly gave me more than my moneys worth. </p> <p>As far as Furniture Stores in Portland Oregon goes, there truly is none better than Bassett Furniture, and you would be making a huge mistake if you were to go anywhere else first, because you will end up at Bassett furniture eventually, and you will wish you had been there all along. So remember, if you are looking for a furniture store in Oregon, look at Bassett first, youve got absolutely nothing to lose by coming in, and a whole world of options to gain if you do. </p>