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Funtstic Flying!!!Kite flying + Making!!! (Matariki Kite flying)

Intro for FuntasticFlying!!!Funtastic Flying includes: Quizzes, a quick retell, fun facts & MORE!!! I hope you enjoy this unusual presentation of mine! So, sit back, relax and get ready to FLYYYYYY!!! Oh, and, remember this is NOT a boring presentation!!!!! |

A VERY quick retell of kite flying with me & my friend!!

I got into kite flying when I was at the Hamilton gardens with my friend and there was kite flying on. So we walked up to the main gazebo where they were giving out free kites. We got one and ran, up and down, up and down the hill. It was really tiring but also really, REALLY fun. The reason they were doing the kite flying was because it was how some cultures celebrated matariki!! By, as you know, flying kites!! We also made our own kites!! It wasnt that hard actually! It was pretty easy!! So, that is some of the flying done!!! ;D

Kite making!!Now I am going to show you how to make a useable kite!!!

Steps1) Get some A4 paper and fold it in half2) Fold the top right corner down like youre making a paper plane3) Tape along the gap where you folded and fold the other bit down4) Get a chopstick or skewer and tape it from top corner to bottom corner5) Get some 2 - 3 metre long string and wind it round some wound up and taped card.6) If you have some ribbon that you want to use you can tape it down or tie it down to your amazing kite!!!

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDD

Fun flying facts!!!!!Here are some fun facts about kites!!Some kites you can even fly without wind if youre lucky. Always have your eye on the weather because you might just be out in a storm!! The lighter the kite the better the flight! Never, EVER fly your kite near power poles or power lines!!!

QuizKite flying is sometimes used for celebrating Matariki?????Yes? OR No?2) Fly near power lines????Yes? OR No?3) You need an A4 sheet of paper to make a kite???Yes? OR No?

Answers!!!!!!!!!!!! ;DYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2) NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3) YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think i got them all right.

Anyway I hope YOU got them right!!! ;)

Pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :::DDDKites!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for flying with me!!!!!!!!!!I hope you enjoyed my Funtastic flying presentation!!!!!! Now, hopefully, youll be able to make your very own kite!!!


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