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  1. 1. Special EventsSpecial Events Make them truly Special!Make them truly Special! Ayda Sanver, MBA, CFRE Ayda Sanver Consulting, LLC Author, Tag, Youre IT- Now Raise Some Money on 2015 Masters Series
  2. 2. Agenda Objectives Goals Feasibility Capacity Action Items @2015 Ayda Sanver Consulting, LLC 2
  3. 3. @2015 Ayda Sanver Consulting, LLC 3 Objectives- 1. Share ideas with each other! 2. Have FUN! Be Interactive!! 3. Walk away with real ideas you can implement today!
  4. 4. To raise funds that Big Gala idea. To educate prospects and cultivate them to become donors. Include your clients, have them tell their story of success. To gain visibility collect names and other information. To report back to current donors- small gatherings can do big things! Doing some vs. all of these depends on several factors: Capacity and Feasibility. @2015 Ayda Sanver Consulting, LLC 4 Possible Goals
  5. 5. @2015 Ayda Sanver Consulting, LLC 5 Feasibility and Capacity Feasibility factors: 1) Your donor persona do they enjoy events? If so, what kinds of events? Dinners? Walks? Runs? 2) The size of your list expect 3% to 8% to attend a large scale event 3) Your budget Capacity factors: 1) Capabilities of staff 2) Your volunteer base 3) Your Board of Directors
  6. 6. @2015 Ayda Sanver Consulting, LLC 6 Feasibility Factors 1. Create donor persona(s): a) Average age b) Interests or hobbies c) Income bracket/spending capacity d) New or recurring e) What else can you add to this
  7. 7. @2015 Ayda Sanver Consulting, LLC 7 Feasibility Factors 2. List size DOES matter! a) Number of emails in your list b) Number of mailing addresses c) Number of Website visitors d) Social media followers
  8. 8. @2015 Ayda Sanver Consulting, LLC 8 Feasibility Factors 3. Your Budget- a) How much can you spend up front? b) Can you find early title sponsors? c) Are you willing to lose $ on 1st event? d) DONT rely on ticket sales alone.
  9. 9. @2015 Ayda Sanver Consulting, LLC 9 Feasibility Factors 3. More about your budget - The devil is in the details. a) Venue rental- find free space? b) Donated food/beverage? c) Printing expenses? In-house or vendor? Barter name on event? d) Outside help? Budget for a planner? e) What else???
  10. 10. @2015 Ayda Sanver Consulting, LLC 10 Capacity Factors 1. Capabilities of Staff- a) Event planning skills b) Time this is labor intensive c) Budgeting and negotiation skills d) Ability to reach out to major donors
  11. 11. @2015 Ayda Sanver Consulting, LLC 11 Capacity Factors 2. Your Volunteer Base- a) To help obtain sponsors or auction items- part of a Host Committee b) To relieve staff of smaller tasks so they can focus on bigger tasks c) Your small army eager to help d) Need many hands day of event e) Meet periodically to celebrate wins and praise them, keep them motivated to help!
  12. 12. @2015 Ayda Sanver Consulting, LLC 12 Capacity Factors 3. Your Board of Directors- a) Board President must be on board with event concept and motivate members b) Members must be involved- give them specific tasks they are comfortable with, like making calls or sending emails c) Mandatory event attendance d) Ability to reach out to friends for donations and sponsorships
  13. 13. @2015 Ayda Sanver Consulting, LLC 13 Action Items 1. Determine the why 2. Create a timeline start early! 3. List needed resources 4. Assemble a team 5. Assign duties and put on timeline with deadlines for each person/action 6. Build-up with Save the Date hype 7. Repeat announcements across many channels, with increased frequency as date approaches.
  14. 14. @2015 Ayda Sanver Consulting, LLC 14 THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME!!! Feel free to contact me with follow-up questions, anytime! Ayda Sanver, MBA, CFRE Ayda Sanver Consulting, LLC Read My Blog- Follow me on Facebook- Follow Me on Twitter - @AydaSC Author Tag, Youre IT Now Raise Some Money on