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FUNDRAISING AND AMERICORPS FUNDRAISING AND GRANT WRITING Slide 2 FUNDRAISING GUIDELINES Members are generally not allowed to participate BUT; Member may raise funds for projects and activities that are directly connected to the goals of his/her service. Receive Fundraising Approval Form from Program Director Only account for 10% of your total hours Slide 3 EXAMPLES OF PERMISSIBLE ACTIVITIES Seeking donations of clothing and household goods for newly housed clients Writing a grant proposal to a foundation to secure resources to support the training of volunteers Securing supplies and equipment from the community to enable volunteers to help build houses for low-income individuals; Seeking a donation from alumni of the program for specific service projects being performed by current by current members. Slide 4 EXAMPLES OF PROHIBITED ACTIVITIES Cannot raise funds for his/her living allowance Cannot raise funds for an organization's operating expenses or endowment Cannot write grant applications for AmeriCorps funding or for any other funding provided by the Corporation for National and Community Service Cannot write grant applications for funding provided by any other federal agencies Slide 5 GRANT WRITING Grants must specifically go towards your project Most require a 1-3 page application process Examples of grants compliant with AmeriCorps requirements: Michigan Community Service Commission grantsMichigan Community Service Commission Awesome Foundation grants (Grand Rapids and Detroit Chapters)Awesome Foundation VolunteerMICHIGAN funding alertsalerts Kohls Cares Associates in Action program program Slide 6 GRANT WRITING CYCLE Identify Funding Needs Research possible funders Alignment with Funding Priorities Building Relationship Write proposal Follow-Up, Tracking, Reporting Grant writing cycle from NonprofitNetwork of Jackson NonprofitNetwork Slide 7 SOME TIPS ABOUT GRANT WRITING Apply well before the deadline! PROOFREAD, PROOFREAD, PROOFREAD Have multiple people look it over Follow guidelines Read all requirements about the grant When will you receive the money? Any additional reporting? Age restrictions? If not accepted, ask for feedback. Slide 8 OTHER METHODS TO FUNDRAISE Asking for sponsorships from local businesses Organizing drives through schools, local agencies or other non-profits to collect in-kind donations for service project South Oakland Shelter Other ideas? Slide 9 IN-KIND DONATIONS VS. MONETARY DONATIONS In-Kind Donations: Donations other than monetary value such as goods, time or professional services Examples: Clothing, Hygiene products, Non-perishable food items, volunteering, providing pro-bono work for graphic design Monetary donations: Donations of monetary value given towards funding of an organization Examples: Membership drives, donations given through website, checks written to organization, cash donations given to the organization ect. Slide 10 SCENARIO #1 Your agency comes to you with a request for donations and wants you to help. Is this ok? Slide 11 ANSWER #1 The answer to this certain scenario is What type of donations and what will they be used for? If they are cash donations for a general fund, that is ineligible. If the agency is seeking out in-kind donations (e.g. clothes, non-perishable foods, toiletry items, ect.) to be given to your clients, that is eligible. Slide 12 SCENARIO #2 Global Youth Service Day is coming up soon and you plan on a service project at your agency renovating the common area where clients may congregate during the day. You would like to purchase paint and other supplies. You plan on engaging 25 volunteers and need $200. Is this activity allowable? Slide 13 ANSWER #2 Yes, MCSC grants are eligible for fundraising. Even though it says that AmeriCorps members may not write grants for CNCS, MCSC grants are eligible because they raise funds in direct support of activities that meet local, environmental, educational, public safety, disaster preparedness or other human needs and align with the scope of work in the programs approved application. You can also apply for grants mentioned previously such as and AwesomeFoundation grants. You may also seek Community Foundation grants, as long as they towards the purchase of the items needed for the event. Slide 14 SCENARIO #3 Your agency has tried numerous ways to raise funds for clients at your shelter. They decide to plan a 5K which will raise funds to buy medical supplies for the clients. You are asked to help in the planning of the 5K. Can you do this? Slide 15 ANSWER #3 Ones first response is Yes because the proceeds go directly to something specific, but this activity is actually ineligible. The reason is that members cannot recruit volunteers or fundraise in activities that the member cannot participate. But you may participate in activities on your own time. Slide 16 SCENARIO #4 Your agency wants to host a community breakfast to engage about homelessness. The money raised from the event will go to the overall organizational costs. Can you plan this?? Slide 17 ANSWER #4 No, you cannot participate in organizing this event. You Cannot raise funds for an organization's operating expenses or endowment. Though there are some caveats Recruit volunteers for event You could fundraise if you were seeking in-kind donations for Community breakfast (e.g. food) Monetary donations were NOT going towards organizational fund Slide 18 QUESTIONS? Contact Information: Michelle Adams 517-853-3887 Reminders: Conference Call Tues Dec 17 th from 10am-11am Volunteer Training Webinar Thurs Dec 19 th from 10am-11am


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