Funding my kids first birthday party

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Post on 23-Jan-2018



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  1. 1. Theme The theme is in this case was Chhota Bheem Got a 5 kg cake with Chhota Bheem and his friends Had a forest set up out there at the party hall where multiple games were played
  2. 2. Venue A friends clubhouse in Yelahanka Spread across 2 acres A party hall where kids were around most of the time A hangout for the adults for drinks
  3. 3. Games Played Musical Chairs Treasure hunt Three legged race Passing the parcle Hide and seek Tatoo drawing Magic Show
  4. 4. What the Winners got Trendy watches from Chhota Bheem Cushion covers with Chhota Bheem characters Return gifts of Mugs for all the kids
  5. 5. Expenses Cost worked out to around 3 lakhs Took a personal loan in Chennai from HDFC Got a great offer and the loan was disbursed in quick time
  6. 6. Bottom Line One Memorable Evening that will be remembered by all