Funding my kids first birthday party

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<ol><li> 1. Theme The theme is in this case was Chhota Bheem Got a 5 kg cake with Chhota Bheem and his friends Had a forest set up out there at the party hall where multiple games were played </li><li> 2. Venue A friends clubhouse in Yelahanka Spread across 2 acres A party hall where kids were around most of the time A hangout for the adults for drinks </li><li> 3. Games Played Musical Chairs Treasure hunt Three legged race Passing the parcle Hide and seek Tatoo drawing Magic Show </li><li> 4. What the Winners got Trendy watches from Chhota Bheem Cushion covers with Chhota Bheem characters Return gifts of Mugs for all the kids </li><li> 5. Expenses Cost worked out to around 3 lakhs Took a personal loan in Chennai from HDFC Got a great offer and the loan was disbursed in quick time </li><li> 6. Bottom Line One Memorable Evening that will be remembered by all </li></ol>