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<ol><li> 1. Function and Fashion PLIA Designs Amazing Collection of Designer Bags </li><li> 2. For the longest time I searched high and low for a functional handbag. Functional, but not in the geeky, nerdy sort of work way. Yes, I would carry it to and from work each day and for travel as well. However, I didn't want a handbag that resembled something an insurance guy would carry. You know the sort of bag that's black, made of nylon and completely devoid of any sort of style. Millions of people carry this sort of bag and they all look the same no matter its owner. </li><li> 3. You can hang any sort of bag charms from a generic black work bag, but it still looks the same. We see these sort of sad bag in airports as well. Black nylon in various patterns going around and around on the carousel waiting for their owners to claim them. Sometimes the owners look just as sad as well. There will always be this ubiquitous black nylon for work and travel bags, but surely a designer label can craft them to look a bit coarser and sleeker. </li><li> 4. Many of us need handbags for work and even travel that look fashionable as well. We need luxurious, but sturdy handbags to carry us through a busy life. For instance, if I have to work one morning, but catch a flight in the afternoon, I need one handbag to take me through the day; from the boardroom to the airport. Many of us do not have time to constantly switch our handbags throughout the day. </li><li> 5. Many of us take work home so we can catch up or to even get a head start on it. Usually the only time I carry a small bag is for a more formal event which usually takes place in the evenings. So function is very important to me. Even when Im not working, you can usually find me carrying a large handbag. For shopping outings, I like a bag to have enough room so that it may hold a few packages and also normal daily essentials such as my iPad. </li><li> 6. One of the best handbags Iv found that is both fashionable and functional is from PLIA Designs. In case you didnt know, PLIA Designs are world famous for the designer handbags. Fashionistas from all over the globe can be spotted with one of PLIA Designs handbags on her arm and nearly all of them will tell you how that the bags are all very functional. I recently took one of their satchel handbags on a business trip and it literally fits everything that I needed for a travel bag. </li><li> 7. During my downtime on the trip, I also carried it as a day bag and it was absolutely fabulous. I love when a line pays attention to its customers. This range of luxury handbags is on the right path. For your more details, you can visit </li></ol>