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Fun Activities To Experience in MaldivesExperience A Life-time Memory

About MaldivesUnrivalled luxury, stunning white-sand beaches and an amazing underwater world make the Maldives an obvious choice for a true holiday of a lifetime.

Activities in MaldivesWater sportsDolphin WatchingReligion and CultureSubmarine Ride

Water sportsFor the tour lovers, the Maldives can provide you a huge variety of activities near and on the ocean. There are a huge number of sports to select from, including jet skiing, sailing, water-skiing, surfing, scuba-diving and many more popular options. Travelers will doubt beyond delight in swimming in the warm shinny waters of the lagoons, with the included chance of getting up close indulged in the marine life.

Dolphin WatchingAcrobatic enthusiast Dolphins love the richness of Maldives and are known to be visit Maldives again and again. Most of the time, they can be found around sunset time. As the sun goes down into the ocean, take a romantic outing to watch the charming dolphins dance among the waves.There will be a variety of outing activities to select from depending upon where you stay.

Religion and CultureLocated in the capital of Maldives - Male, the Islamic Centre is a big home as the main mosque in the region of the Maldives. This brilliant mosque can host nearly up to5000 worshippers at a single time and is a true sight. This building consists of a grandiose golden dome, which is wonderful in appearance.

Submarine RideThis can be a lifetime memorable experience if you havent taken a ride in an underwater submarine before. The trip provides you with a chance to spot whales in their natural habitat. Brace yourself for a magnificent trip into the eye catching and glamorous Indian Ocean. Lucky ones can encounter with the abundant coral reefs, tropical fishes and exciting glimpses of whales.

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