Full text of Library of the world's best literature : ancient and text of Library of the world's best literature : ancient and modern See other formats

Download Full text of Library of the world's best literature : ancient and   text of Library of the world's best literature : ancient and modern See other formats

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GEORCVK H. WARNER </p> <p>ASSOCIATE EDITORS </p> <p>THIRTY VOLUMES VOL. XI </p> <p>NEW YORK </p> <p>R. S. PEALE AND J. A. HILL PUBLISH] </p> <p>COPYRIGHT 1897 BY R. S. PEALE AND J. A. HILL </p> <p>All rights reserved </p> <p>H/ </p> <p>THE ADVISORY COUNCIL </p> <p>CRAWFORD H. TOY, A. M., LL. D., </p> <p>Professor of Hebrew, HARVARD UNIVERSITY, Cambridge, Mass. </p> <p>THOMAS R. LOUNSBURY, LL. D., L. H. D., </p> <p>Professor of English in the Sheffield Scientific School of </p> <p>YALE UNIVERSITY, New Haven, Conn. </p> <p>WILLIAM M. SLOANE, PH. D., L. H. D., </p> <p>Professor of History and Political Science, </p> <p>PRINCETON UNIVERSITY, Princeton, N. J. </p> <p>BRANDER MATTHEWS, A. M., LL. B., </p> <p>Professor of Literature, COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, New York City. </p> <p>JAMES B. ANGELL, LL. D.. </p> <p>President of the UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, Ann Arbor, Mich. </p> <p>WILLARD FISKE, A. M., PH. D., </p> <p>Late Professor of the Germanic and Scandinavian Languages and Literatures, CORNELL UNIVERSITY, Ithaca, N. N". </p> <p>EDWARD S. HOLDEN, A. M., LL. D., </p> <p>Director of the Lick Observatory, and Astronomer, </p> <p>UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, Berkeley, Cal. </p> <p>ALCEE FORTIER, LIT. D., </p> <p>Professor of the Romance Languages, </p> <p>TULANE UNIVERSITY. New Orleans, La. </p> <p>WILLIAM P. TRENT, M. A., </p> <p>Dean of the Department of Arts and Sciences, and Professor of English and History, </p> <p>UNIVM UN 01 i ME SOUTH, Sewanee, Tenn. </p> <p>PAUL SHORE Y, PH. D., </p> <p>Professor of Greek and Latin Literature. </p> <p>UNiMksin ..i Cmc \ Professor of Literature in the </p> <p>CATHOLIC V- AMJ-KI. \. Wellington, I </p> <p>TABLE OF CONTENTS </p> <p>VOL. XI </p> <p>3 ANTHONY FROUDK 1818-1894 6059 </p> <p>BY CHARLES FREDERICK JOHNSON </p> <p>The Growth of England's Navy ( ( English Seamen in the </p> <p>Sixteenth Century &gt;) </p> <p>The Death of Colonel Goring () </p> <p>HENRY B. FULI.KR l &amp;59~ 6101 </p> <p>At the Head of the March &lt; ( With the Procession &gt; i </p> <p>SARAH MARUAKKT FIIIIK (Marchionr^ </p> <p>1X10-1850 6119 </p> <p>George Sand (&lt; Memoirs ' </p> <p>Anu-rirans Abroad in Euroju- ) </p> <p>ELIZABETH STEVENSON GASKELL 1810-1865 6205 </p> <p>Our Society ('Cranford*) Visiting (same) </p> <p>THOPHILE GAUTIKK 1811-1872 6221 </p> <p>BY ROBERT SANDERSON </p> <p>The Entry of Pharaoh into Thebes ( ( The Romance of a </p> <p>Mummy*) </p> <p>From ( The Marsh &gt; From The Doves The Pot of Flowers Prayer </p> <p>The Poet and the Crowd The First Smile of Spring The Veterans (&lt; The Old Guard*) </p> <p>VII </p> <p>LIVED PAGE </p> <p>JOHN GAY 1685-1732 6237 </p> <p>The Hare and Many Friends ('Fables') </p> <p>The Sick Man and the Angel (same) </p> <p>The Juggler (same) </p> <p>S \veet William's Farewell to Black-Eyed Susan </p> <p>From ; Origin and Plan of the Book; The Vestal Virgins; The Secrets of the Senate; Plutarch and his Slave; Discussion on One of Solon's La, The Nature of Sight; Earliest Libraries; Realistic Acting; The Athlete's End </p> <p>\ RnMANOkf.M 626l </p> <p>Theodosius the Emperoure </p> <p>Moralite </p> <p>Ancelmus the Empennir </p> <p>Moralite </p> <p>How an Anchoress \vas Tempted by the Devil </p> <p>Ki&gt;\Y\ki&gt; GIBBON '7.&gt;7-794 </p> <p>r,y \Y. i: n. i.i-x'KV </p> <p>Zenobia </p> <p>Foundation of Constantinople Character of Constant im- Death of Julian I all of Rome Silk </p> <p>Mahomet's Death and Chara Tlu- . \K-xandrian Library /; Ruin </p> <p>All from the Decline and Fall &gt;f tli </p> <p>Vlll </p> <p>LIVED WILLIAM Sl'HWKNVK (HI. IU...</p>