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DRdPBK </p> <p>vox.. X. </p> <p>With a GExia^Ai, T.ndkx to Vols. I. X. </p> <p>f. MADISON. Vv'IS.: </p> <p>I I&gt;r:MOCRAT PIUNTiNO (.ClM) ANY, STATE miNTERS. </p> <p>I lS8S. </p> <p>19S3940 </p> <p>This tenth volume of the Wisconsin Historical Sociefy's Coll cat ions com\)\etcF, the first series; of the^woik, end in- cludes a full index of the whole. Little need, be offered by way of apology or explanation. In the infancy and poverty of the State, it was difficult at first to enlist the sympathies and encouragement of our people in the work of saving our historic materials; diflicult to avert the obstacles thrown in the vray by a doubting or querulous Legislature: difficult to secure even the smallest pittance for the most pressing needs of an irifant institution; and difficult to secure the early publication of its garnerings, even in the rudest form. To inspire faith and hope, that what v/as sought to lay the loundations of such an institution was really necessary, or would contribute to the honor, fame and up-building of the youthful State, was a matter of no small effort. But it is gratifying to refiect, that all our early promises of useful- ness, and pledges of economy, with faithfulness and devo- tion to the work in hand, have been fully met, and even niore than realized. </p> <p>During a period of over thirty years, under a single guid- ance, much of our Early Wisconsin story has been brought out, and not a little of it pretty thoroughly discussed and elucidated. Our pioneers have aided materially in this good work Grignon, Brisbois, Shaw, Lockwood, Ellis, Childs, Mteker, Mr. and Mrs. Baird, Martin, tlie Parkinsons, Bracken, Lapham, Strong, Lothrop, Frank, Clark, Fonda, Powell, Vieau, De La Ronde, Beouchard, Mrs. Bristol, P&gt;runson, Ilolton, Merrill, Peet, Rice, Whitford, Butler, and many others. </p> <p>Such an array of contributors have very naturally covered a" wide range of topics, embracing nearly every- thing touching the primitive history of Wisconsin and the </p> <p>4c Wisconsin State Historical Society. </p> <p>Northwest arcli.T'ology, Indian manners, wars, customs, language, Indian nomenclature, and Indian trade; early French exploration, settlement, growth of the country, pro- gress of education, and pioneer biography. </p> <p>Not a little yet remains, in the way of details, to be developed, and wrought into historical narrative. Many doubts and difficulties have been explained in the course of these thirty odd years' discussions, so that it will be easier hereafter to investigate the sources, subjects, and details of our early history. The more modern era of settlement and expansion has yet to be grappled with and elucidated; but the gathering of the Lawe, Porlier, Boyd, Martin, and other papers will much facilitate the labor. The important part Wisconsin played in our civil war is yet to bo told, and considerable material has been gathered for this ])urpose. </p> <p>Commencing this labor for the Society thirty odd years ngo, with no pecunia...</p>