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<p>FULL DETRL FRDIC FULL DETRL FRDIC FULL DETRL FRDIC FULL DETRL FRDIC CDDE DRHE DV DRV CDDE DRHE DV DRV CDDE DRHE DV DRV CDDE DRHE DV DRV /vno /vno /vno /vno: vov ^nov]i : vov ^nov]i : vov ^nov]i : vov ^nov]i /i. /i. /i. /i.: ^niivov]i : ^niivov]i : ^niivov]i : ^niivov]i Ivn.[vo: Ivn.[vo: Ivn.[vo: Ivn.[vo: ^nvv:cn ( ^nvv:cn ( ^nvv:cn ( ^nvv:cn (n://.nvv:cn.[i.c]ovnv[..on n://.nvv:cn.[i.c]ovnv[..on n://.nvv:cn.[i.c]ovnv[..on n://.nvv:cn.[i.c]ovnv[..on) )) ) Ii.ivo c Ovvni.c Ii.ivo c Ovvni.c Ii.ivo c Ovvni.c Ii.ivo c Ovvni.c: oi0^ ( : oi0^ ( : oi0^ ( : oi0^ (n://oi0^.[ov.o..on n://oi0^.[ov.o..on n://oi0^.[ov.o..on n://oi0^.[ov.o..on) )) ) Prologue: From the small window in the ceiling, the morning sun shines. An old car in the corner of the repair shop, the girl is facing 3 notebook PC. With various extensive numerical values appearing in the bulky screen. Reading them at the same time, busily scrolling would require three screens. getting irritated by switching the screens. If she would make an easy going manner, she would not know how many more days it would take to start the work. Inside the repair shop, a miserable unit--- the body frame of an Arm Slave, is being tuned hanging isolated. No arms or legs. Not even an armor. With the miniscule excuse of a head, if there were no sensors the machine gun would not be loaded, being drilled in the dark hole. Originally it was installed with a low temperature nuclear battery called Palladium Reactor, now it is hollow. The screen continues to spit out information. the girl greedily absorbs the information, tapping on the keyboard at the same time. Using a progamming language called BAda, pounding in the necessary instructions. Nimbly, precisely. If you would understand the user, compared to the traditional language this is a highly efficient high level language. In this case, 100 lines of commands only needs several lines. Pounding on the keys, She was talking to some guy. Good Afternoon. You seem to be dead already. You've already felt complete defeat. Everything ends, the lights off, thinking that you have been released from the battle. No, not thinking. Right now you are the same as the dirt. As dirt you don't think of anything. As dirt you don't feel sadness. However, that moment of darkness will end. Everyone thinks that you are in ruins. But I don't think so. The interface that you were called was destroyed, but right now, I am reconstructing that. You heart still remains. As you run on the infinite circuit of the quantum beat, with those reassuring vestige, I can feel it somewhere--- The angle of the sunlight in the ceiling windows have changed. There is not enough oxygen going to the brain. She takes a deep breath, unfastening her curdled shoulder. the brain does not have enough sugar. She bites the chocolate on the desk, drinking up the cold milk coffee. And then pounds on the keys. One line, and another line getting close to "Him" the morning sun changes to the setting sun, she understands that her work is nearing completion. An woman pending on a reading material in the corner of the repair shop, shortly informs her. "Electricity please" the woman closes the book, a unit installed in the side of the incomplete Arm slave---is connected to an electronic machine the size of a refrigerator, hangs a large lever hanging in the corner of the wall. the lights in the factory flickers, supplying electricity to that unit. "Are you finished already?" The slim woman with black hair said. "Right now it's in the middle of testing. It will take a little more time" "Is that so. If there is something you want just say it" "Sure" the test would take half a day. the girl adjusts the program, measuring the units response, and then makes more adjustments. Getting tired, her silent companions bite into a club sandwich, after taking a nap resumes work. the morning sun in the ceiling windows changes again into the setting sun, she said. "It's done" the last push--- hitting the enter key. there was a flickering in the screen when the unit connects, alphabets started to appear in the window. (e....e....) The girl did not touch the keyboard. It was the output from the unit from this Notebook PC. ----escape. Immediately. Repeat...recommend to abandon unit and escape immediately. (Thanks sergeant. Good luck. Only the engine and cooling system reveberates in this repair shop, enumerating the unrelated danger. Most probably just before this unit lost its functions, it tried to display this information. The girl waited a moment. "He" already recognizes accidents, it starts to sort itself in its current status. What a strange question. ----where do we come from, what are we...where are we going. Is this intricate information depending on something? Or was he dreaming? the Connection of the Notebook PC starts to transmit the protocol. the connection is already complete, before he was awake all test were performed. there was a display in another window, a pseudo "Mental state" was displayed in a colorful 3 dimensional graph. the red region in the graph turned yellow, the violent undulation of mountains and valley, becoming the flat shape of a basin. coming from the mental state of a battle, it moved to a warning state of looking for the enemy. Even more, a tough warning. It was not because that he thinks he is in the hands of the enemy. She joined the fingers of both her hands, lightly, typed a salutation. weakness---in other words me is still alive. and this type of organization's weakness, is that it is clearly a biological and engineering." "What do you mean? "I see, a virus" Mao said prudently. Tessa expressed a smile. "We don't know if this will completely exterminate the organization. but, we can make them powerless similar to being dead. to the point where they could not recover. This is what I thought about "Prospect of victory"" "But captain---" Clouseau said. "The opponent is neither living thing or a computer. They are a group of people that have communications in any way. It's exact nature can't be understood. No matter how we prepare the virus, what would that tangible thing be able to do, I myself cannot imagine it." "that's right. Me too." "But, how..." "As far as I know, the idea of the virus, a genius capable of preparing it, and also capable of implementing it infiltrating the organization who can understand the information, there is only one man. ....do you understand now?" "You mean your brother?" Kruz said. "That is correct. I fully know his character and abilities. Of course he would have created it, in preparation for everything. the other managers did not notice it. That is why, we have to search thoroughly and attack , Leonard confirming what's inside and started to dismantle it, that was what Kaname saw from the window. Why was he here? Did he betray them? Or will he be double crossing them? This situation is shaking inside of Kaname's heart, there were several days to have a direct conversation with the Russian, but not even once did they do so. Thinking what should be said if they were to meet, Kalinin was most of the time outside giving directions to his subordinates. He reviews the defense and security of the premises. Observing a fragmentation in the subordinates work, this is what kaname had reasoned out. There is some disaster drawing near. She has this vague feeling. Those premonition becoming reality, would be the night storm, a few days after Kalinin appeared. The winds blows in the outside, large grain of rain hitting of the windows. The sound of waves closing on the coast roars, with a thundering and omnius sounds echoing in the bedroom. Kaname lying in the bed settled into reading, Leonard Testarossa visited her room. "What do you want?" Kaname said bluntly. If it were the usual, such attitude from her would draw a smile from him and casually shrugs his shoulders, this night it was different. Leonard was not smiling, and only stands in the doorway without stirring. "I want you to get dressed. Today or tomorrow.... we will be leaving this place." "Why?" "A lot of things. The situation has changed." "If you feel like it, can you explain that situation to me?" Leonard was silent. He never did not reveal any of his real motives. This time is also the same. But only stood there, without excluding anyone from inside his chest, he was slowly in examining something. "Is that so." Kaname said with her legs crossed on top of the bed. "If you're not in the mood to speak then it's fine. Just like you, treating me like a doll in a small island. Well, if that's the case then I guess that kind of attitude can be expected. "That's not it. To say unnecessary things to you, I think that it will bring about much trouble here and there. "Then that's a doll treatment." Lightly stretching. There is a irritating like feeling growing, her voice became natural and sharp. "I'm not an insensible as Tessa okay? No matter how much superior or handsome or rich you are, with only that you devote yourself to something and become shrewd." "My sister is the same." "Right. What I was saying was that girl of the past. Right now that girl would go against you up front. That is why for me to say something like this, you do understand right?" He did not deny nor confirm. "You can't answer huh. I've only recently thought of this this, but could it be that you are a terrible coward?" After leaving some time, he muttered to himself. "That's right. Like what you said." Not yet. It's the face that has decided to raise the white flag. But she did not have any mercy. "Do you think by saying "I understand" that you would look cool? If the opponent would be that person over there, well that's also good. I also have that mood. Well, Are you alright with that?" "...if I say anything, you're attitude won't change right." "You don't seem to understand." She said with a sneer. It was unpleasant as possible, hateful. "Are you going to make me suffer? Shutting up, taking away something, and look on smiling? And just surrender someday? Well, I'm not really a super human, either way it might be possible. In this case----if that were to happen----will you be satisfied?" "............" "You know in the next class, there was a disgusting guy. He weights about 100 kilogram, always swearing, and constantly smirking at me and other girls. You might say that he looks like a stalker, and have those indecent books about confinement and lolicon and talks about them. I don't know up to what point is true though. In any case, that type. It's a guy which you completely don't know what he's thinking. ........then the question. With that disgusting guy and you. Which one do you think I would prefer to go out with, who do you think I would choose?" He could not answer afterall. Just expressionless, he just stood there upright. "Are you listening. Which do you think?" "Don't ask questions in bad taste." "Answer me." "Stop with the indecency, won't you continue another topic." "You can't." She clearly said. "Listen and be surprised. I am serious and thought about this question everyday---- You really don't understand. In short, the difference between you and that disgusting guy, either good looking or clumsy, it's just only that. well? Saying the unvarnished truth, what you are doing, it's bad countenance. .....When Sousuke appeared in front of me, he was a fairly disgusting guy. But different from you. He didn't laugh much. No matter what happens, he fights with it up front. You right now, with an attitude that can see through everything, can't look straight at me. That's right----he was always serious." "Can we have enough of this." Slowly walking he approached. In a refined manner as usual, but his voice was short and cold. "I'm always serious." "You don't look like it. You said that you love me right? Is that really true?" "Yeah." "Why? What do you love about me? Can you answer that is easy to understand?" "I told you before already." "On the rooftop of the love hotel? Not that kind of explanation. In the end, you really don't understand how a person would love right? It's because of that manner as to why Tessa looked the other way." Leonards fist which was hidden in the pocket confines its strength. but without noticing the change, Kaname continued. "With only your sarcasm and manner, you don't open your heart to anyone. You only look at a girl as an object. Does that thing still even exists? Didn't you get enough love from your parents?" Suddenly Leonard gripped her shoulders. The slender and delicate body being well matched with a surprising grip. With resistance was not possible, he pushed Kaname to the bed. "Then let me tell you. Look into my eyes." "What are you----" "Look." His face was pushed into her field of vision. The graceful features was crushed into a violent emotion. Kaname's instinct told her to "don't look". But, she looked. Inside the gray pupils, where no light can be perceived, it flowed into her heart. The torrents of thought. It's that "Resonance". ".............!" Like the strike of lightning, Kaname arched her back. This is unlike the vast experiences that she had, much more violent, wild, and a gloomy image. Kaname was in the middle of a fire. In a burning corridor. Smoke swirling, irritating odor reaching the nose. The color of the flames are gray. A small girl was crying. Intermittent gunshots reverberate, the sound of someone screaming echoes in their ears. This house is being attacked. (Take those two to the basement.) The man called out. (it's no use. They will find us immediately.) The woman distracted, crying. (Jerry will be coming to save us soon. If we can hold out for 10 more minutes..... Go, Maria. I will defend the south side from the enemy.) (Wait, Carl. Stay with me.) (I can't. Go.) (Please.) But the man went away. The woman was embracing her two children, mostly muttering words without hate. (it's always like this. That's why I----) With the other men. There was suddenly a scene of being nauseated. Entangled on top of the bed, with charming persons. Like shutting off the ears, that ugly voice. That man goes far overseas to accomplishes his mission, the woman always drowning. In the eyes of the public she was a faithful wife, but she has a cheating face. This young man knows of this. His eyes always sees this. The gunshots nearing. The woman becomes frightened, choking on the smoke, talking the children and runs for the basement. Going down the stairs, towards inside the mountains of lumber and gardening supplies. There are gunshots on the upper floor. The some of someone falling. Unknown people were coming down the stairs. The ugly footsteps drawing near. (Hide.) The woman----Mother told her children. She pushed the crying girl inside the mountain of wooden box, on top of that she covered it with a...</p>