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<ul><li><p>Evolved Applications</p><p>www.harfords.com.au</p><p>36 Coulson Way, Canning Vale, WA 6155</p><p>Phone: +61 8 9455 5570 </p><p>Fax : +61 8 9455 3310</p><p>Harfords Surface Technologies Pty Ltd</p><p>Innovators of Australian Surface Engineering...</p></li><li><p>Harfords Surface Technologies (HST) is an </p><p>innovative industry leader.</p><p>The Harfords name has been associated </p><p>with engineering, innovation and cutting </p><p>edge technology in Western Australia since </p><p>1954. </p><p>Hal Harford has continued the family </p><p>tradition of excellence and innovation and </p><p>has built on that by introducing HVOF, </p><p>HVAF and HVAF-Arc thermal spraying </p><p>technologies, among other processes to </p><p>the WA market. </p><p>His ability to develop new technologies </p><p>and deliver them to clients in a </p><p>professional way has kept Harfords ahead </p><p>of its competitors.</p><p>In making the technologies available </p><p>locally, we are seeking to blend the best of </p><p>local service and knowledge with </p><p>international knowledge by continuing to </p><p>bring the latest technologies to Australia. </p><p>While we will continue to provide the full </p><p>range of thermal spray, precision </p><p>machining, precision grinding and white </p><p>metal bearing repair we, will be adding </p><p>some significant new capacity with the </p><p>addition of the Rokide Spray System for </p><p>spraying ceramics. </p><p>HST have literally grown up with the </p><p>thermal spray industry and have been very </p><p>involved with all heavy industry, particularly </p><p>oil and gas, power generation and mining </p><p>equipment. </p><p>HST is the company you can rely on to </p><p>keep up with worldwide trends in the </p><p>thermal spray industry.</p><p>HST will endeavour to continue to acquire </p><p>the best technologies and services </p><p>available for your special needs. </p><p>Superior Products, Superior Service</p><p>We know we have to earn your business, </p><p>that is why we tirelessly seek out the best </p><p>possible processes and the qualified staff </p><p>to provide them. From our well equipped </p><p>facilities in Canning Vale, we provide highly </p><p>skilled surface engineering services in a </p><p>safe, timely and efficient manner. </p><p>This ethic has set us apart from our </p><p>beginnings, right through to present day. </p><p>HST is focused on the delivery of expertise </p><p>and service - its what sets us apart.</p><p>Index</p><p>1) Company Introduction / Index </p><p>2) Thermal Spray Coating Process</p><p>3) White Metal Bearing Repair Machine</p><p> and Grind</p><p>4) Thermal Spray</p><p>5) Rokide Spray System</p><p>6) Machine &amp; Grind</p><p>7) QA/QC Inspection Metallographic </p><p> Testing</p><p>8) Commonly Used Thermal Spray </p><p> Materials</p><p>9) Equipment List</p><p>Company Introduction</p><p>Give us your worst and we </p><p>will give you our best....</p><p>36 Coulson Way, Canning Vale, </p><p>Western Australia 6155</p><p>Phone: +61 8 9455 5570 </p><p>Fax : +61 8 9455 3310</p><p>HarfordsDedication</p><p>&amp;</p><p>Innovation(For over 60 years)</p><p>HARFORDS | PAGE 1 HARFORDS | PAGE 10www.harfords.com.au www.harfords.com.au</p></li><li><p>Processes and Services</p><p>Thermal Spraying</p><p>A process in which metallic and nonmetallic </p><p>materials are deposited in a molten or semi-</p><p>molten form on a prepared substrate, </p><p>imparting properties that the substrate would </p><p>not otherwise possess. Using a thermal </p><p>spray gun, the feedstock material (in powder, </p><p>rod or wire form) is melted by electric arc or </p><p>combustible gas and accelerated on to a </p><p>substrate. </p><p>As the particles strike the surface, they </p><p>flatten, adhere and conform to the </p><p>irregularities of the surface. Upon impact </p><p>with the substrate, these flattened particles </p><p>cool and build-up to form a coating.</p><p>Qualities include:</p><p> Improved part performance Reduce cost Low heat input Reclamation of worn parts Repeatable coatings Part life extension </p><p>Machining and Grinding</p><p>Both a stand alone service and an </p><p>supplementary service to coating or </p><p>cladding. Our equipment list is on page 10, </p><p>or call us to discuss your job.</p><p>Whitemetal Cladding</p><p>An area of particular expertise at Harfords, </p><p>and our craftsman are ready to discuss your </p><p>whitemetal bearing repair requirements. For </p><p>details see page 3. </p><p>Rokide</p><p>Harfords have special patented nano </p><p>materials that are utilised within the Rokide </p><p>process to produce higher particle to particle </p><p>cohesive bonding. </p><p>FeedstockGas or Electric Heating MeltingMolten Particle AccelerationParticle Substrate ImpactCoating</p><p>Thermal Spray Coating ProcessInformation HST Equipment List</p><p>Machining and Grinding CAPACITY CNC 1,150 x 510mm CNC Milling 560 x 2000 mm CNC Lathe Manual and NC 42" Vertical Borer 5" Spindle Horizontal Borer 32" x 12' Lathe 42" x 16' Lathe 20" x 7' Lathe 20" x 7' Lathe 15" x 5' Lathe 15" x 5' Lathe 60" x 20' Lathe H/D Mill Large Mill small 1.5m Crankshaft Grinder 2.2 m Crankshaft Grinder 250mm x 700mm Horizontal Grinder Surface Grinder Super Finisher Repco Manual Honing Tool Post Grinder 10 ton overhead crane Spray Equipment Tafa 8830 Eco-ArcJet 400A Miller BP 400 Metallization Pure Coat Unique Coat HVAF-ARC ID Arc Spray Gun Unique Coat AC-HVAF Fanuc 6 Axis Robot 4 Thermal Spray Stations Sprayweld torch Sprayweld torch Flame Spray Puffer system Flame Spray Puffer system Extender Kit I.D.</p><p>Rokide Ceramic Gun</p><p> TYPE </p><p> HartfordFat Tur </p><p> Webster and BennetIkegaiShenyangShenyangKwangchowVDF BoenhringerHercusLuan Machine ToolSMTPacificBridgeportBercoAMCCincinnatiKentUTPRepcoDynabrade </p><p> TafaEco Arc JetMillerMetallizationUnique CoatMillerUnique CoatFanucIntegral to BuildingEutecticEutecticEutecticEutecticEutecticNorton</p><p>ISO 9001</p><p>HARFORDS | PAGE 9 HARFORDS | PAGE 2www.harfords.com.au www.harfords.com.au</p></li><li><p>The Harfords Advantage:</p><p> Extensive knowledge in the art of white metal re-lining/recasting</p><p> Expertly trained, experienced and competent staff</p><p> Certificate of Conformity of materials for every job</p><p> Ultrasonic Bond Test Certificate to A.S. 2824 1985/Level E1, L1</p><p>Our experts always ensure:</p><p> Precision machine and fit-up of bearings Correct bearing shell or housing crush Bearing recasting is suited to how a </p><p>bearing operates in service</p><p>Through the application of these processes </p><p>and information, we ensure peace of mind </p><p>and minimum downtime.</p><p>White metal is not just a sacrificial surface to </p><p>minimise damage of the adjacent surface </p><p>during failure mode, It has other physical </p><p>properties such as embed ability and </p><p>conformability along with soft and hard </p><p>phase in the micro-structure to impart an oil </p><p>retaining film on the surface due to the </p><p>existence of micro gullies. </p><p>Antimony and Copper, hard phases in the </p><p>micro structure, are designed to achieve a </p><p>maximum wear life.</p><p>White Metal Recasting</p><p>Harfords.</p><p>Superior Service from </p><p>over 60 years experience...</p><p>There are more than 1,000 other materials to suit your particular requirements.</p><p>Materials Information</p><p>PROCESSUSED</p><p>NOMENCLATURE COMPOSITION HARDNESSMAX </p><p>THICKNESS( mm )</p><p>TEMPERATURELIMITATION</p><p>( C )</p><p>FINISH GROUND(m Ra)</p><p>BOND STRENGTH</p><p>(psi)</p><p>HVAF Tribaloy T-800 17.5% Cr, 28.5% Mo, 3% Ni &amp; Fe, 3.4% Si, Co- 55 HRC 0.635 982 0.4-0.8 10000+</p><p>HVAFTungsten Carbide / Chrome / </p><p>Nickel 73% WC, 20% Cr, 7% Ni 68-70 HRC 0.508 538 0.025-0.05 Lap 12000+</p><p>HVAFTungsten Carbide / Cobalt / </p><p>Chrome 85% WC, 11% Co, 4% Cr 68-70 HRC 0.508 538</p><p>0.4, 0.025-0.05 Lap </p><p>12000+</p><p>HVAF Nickel / Chrome / Boron4% B, 5% C, 16.5% Cr, 3.5% Fe, 6.22% Mo, </p><p>3.5% Si, 2% Cu, Ni-balance 58-62 HRC 1.524 816 0.4</p><p>40000+ Fused Metallurgical</p><p>HVAF Chrome Carbide 9.6% C, 17.5% Ni, Cr-balance 64-68 HRC 1.016 982 0.05-0.1 Lap 12000+</p><p>HVAFNickel Chrome Boron </p><p>(Bi and Tri-Metallic Hard Phases)</p><p>15% Cr, 0.8% C, 4% Si, 3.5% Fe, 13.5% Ni, 3% B, 17.3% W, Ni-balance </p><p>58-62 HRC 1.524 982 0.25-0.440000+ </p><p>Metallurgical</p><p>HVAF Alloy 625 21% Cr, 3% Fe, 8% Mo, 3.5% Nb, 64% Ni, 35-40 HRC 2.54 816 0.4-0.8 10000+</p><p>HVAF Alloy 718 53% Ni, 19% Cr, 19% Fe, 5% Nb, 3% Mo 350-450 2.54 871 0.4-0.8 10000+</p><p>HVAF Tungsten Carbide / Cobalt 88% WC / 12% Co 66 HRC 0.762 5380.25, 0.025-0.05 </p><p>Lap 10000</p><p>HVAFTungsten Carbide / Chrome </p><p>Nickel 73% WC, 20% Cr, 7% Ni 68-70 HRC 1.016 538 0.025-0.05 Lap 12000+</p><p>HVAF Hastelloy C-276 15% Cr, 5% Fe, 16% Mo, 3% W, Ni-balance 35-40 HRC 2.54 816 0.4-0.8 10000+</p><p>HVAFTungsten Carbide / Cobalt </p><p>Chrome 11% Co, 4% Cr, 5% C, W-balance 68-70 HRC 1.016 538 0.025-0.05 Lap 12000+</p><p>HVAF Tungsten Carbide / Cobalt 83% WC, 17% Co 68-71 HRC 2.54 538 0.025-0.05 Lap10000+ </p><p>(Epoxy Break)</p><p>HVAF Tungsten Carbide / Nickel 90% WC, 10% NiMacro -64 HRC/ </p><p>Micro 1200 HV0.3 1.27 538 0.4 12000+</p><p>HVAF Chrome Carbide 9.6% C, 17.5% Ni, Cr-balance (75Cr3C2-25NiCr) 66-70 HRC 1.016 982 0.05-0.1 Lap 12000+</p><p>Rokide Rokide "C" Rods / Cord / TX-</p><p>60390.33% Cr2O3, 3.67% Al2O3, 5.62% SiO2, </p><p>0.27% Fe2O3, 0.11% Mg0 65 HRC 0.762 538 0.4 3500</p><p>Spray &amp; FuseMetco 12C, Colmonoy 4,</p><p>Deloro 40 77-87% Ni, 10-17% Cr, 3% B, 3% Si 35-40 HRC 1.524 816 0.4 </p><p>40000+ Metallurgical</p><p>Spray &amp; FuseMetco 14E, Colmonoy 5,</p><p>Deloro 5013.8% Cr, 2.1% B, 3.3% Si, 4.9% Fe, Nibalance</p><p>48-52 HRC Nibalance</p><p>1.524 816 0.4 40000+ Fused Metallurgical</p><p>Spray &amp; Fuse Colmonoy #6 Spray &amp; Fuse1% C, 15% Cr, 3.5% B, 3.75% Si, 4.25% Fe, </p><p>Ni-balance56-61 HRC 1.524 816 0.25-0.4</p><p>40000+ Fused Metallurgical</p><p>Spray &amp; Fuse Colmonoy #69 16.5% Cr, 5% Mo, 4.5% Si, 3.8% B, 3% Fe, </p><p>2.1% Cu, 0.55% C, Ni-balance 58-63 HRC 1.524 816 0.4</p><p>40000+ Fused Metallurgical</p><p>Spray &amp; Fuse Cobolt S/F Wallex 50 19% Cr, 18% Ni, 10% W, 3.5% B, 2.75% Si, 1% </p><p>Fe, 0.8% C, Co-balance 56-61 HRC 1.524 982 0.4-0.8</p><p>40000+ Fused Metallurgical</p><p>Spray &amp; Fuse Cobolt S/F Stellite 619% Cr, 0.7% C, 2.3% Si, 3% Fe, 13.5% Ni, 1.7% </p><p>B, 7.5% W, 1% Mn, Co-balance 41 HRC 1.524 982 0.25-0.4</p><p>40000+ Fused Metallurgical</p><p>Spray &amp; FuseNiCrB / Tungsten Carbide, </p><p>Bimetallic Carbide Material17% W, 15% Cr, 4% Si, 3.5% Fe, 3% B, </p><p>0.8%C, Ni-balance 58-63 HRC 2.032 982 0.4</p><p>40000+ Metallurgical</p><p>Twin Wire Arc Aluminum Bronze 90% Cu, 9% Al, 1% Fe 65-68 HRB 6.35 232 0.4 7000</p><p>Twin Wire Arc 420 Stainless Steel 0.3% C, 1% Ni, 1% Mn, 12-14% Cr, 0.08% Si 40-43 HRC 3.175 538 0.4-0.8 5000</p><p>Twin Wire Arc Nickel Aluminide 95% Ni, 5% Al 55-80 HRB 2.54 816 0.4-0.8 9100</p><p>Twin Wire Arc Liquidmetal Armacor M High Chrome Steel Alloy 1180 HV0.3 1.524 927 0.25 5775</p><p>HARFORDS | PAGE 3 HARFORDS | PAGE 8www.harfords.com.au www.harfords.com.au</p></li><li><p>High Velocity Air Fuel (HVAF) </p><p>HVAF systems were developed in order to </p><p>produce coatings with superior bond </p><p>strength, higher density and higher </p><p>hardness than other spray processes. </p><p>Using HVAF, an air-fuel mixture is </p><p>continuously fed under pressure into a </p><p>combustion chamber where gases are </p><p>ignited and channeled into a nozzle. </p><p>Material is introduced axially or radially into </p><p>the combustion stream and accelerated </p><p>onto the substrate at velocities up to 2300 </p><p>feet per second.</p><p>HVAF Arc Process</p><p>Using solid and cored wire as the feedstock </p><p>rather than powders, this system produces </p><p>coatings with qualities better than HVOF </p><p>applications. The specially designed nozzle </p><p>reduces the oxygen level in the arc jet and </p><p>results in low oxide levels in the finished </p><p>coating. </p><p>Because of the lower cost of operation this </p><p>system is a good candidate for larger </p><p>applications of cored hard facing wires, pure </p><p>metals, alloys and super alloys. </p><p>Twin Wire Arc</p><p>In the twin wire arc system, two wires (with </p><p>opposite polarity) are electrically charged </p><p>and fed into the gun until contact is made </p><p>at the nozzle. </p><p>At this point, an atomizing gas propels the </p><p>molten particles onto the substrate. This </p><p>system allows thick coatings to be applied, </p><p>which is useful in reclamation and </p><p>atmospheric corrosion protection </p><p>applications.</p><p>Flame Spray</p><p>Uses Oxy/Acetylene as the heat source to </p><p>partially or fully melt the feedstock before the </p><p>expanding gases carry the material to the </p><p>substrate, where it builds up forming a </p><p>coating.</p><p>Spray and Fuse</p><p>The flame sprayed material is subsequently </p><p>fused to the substrate by torch and/or </p><p>vacuum furnace, which produces a </p><p>metallurgical bond. Spray and fuse process </p><p>results in an absence of interconnected </p><p>pores in the coating and very high bond </p><p>strengths. </p><p>Thermal Spray</p><p>High Velocity Air Fuel (HVAF)</p><p>QA/QC Inspection</p><p>Metallographic Testing </p><p>In House and Third Party Independent </p><p>Testing.</p><p>To ensure that the coatings and cladding </p><p>we provide meet the highest standards, we </p><p>can arrange comprehensive third party </p><p>testing to produce ASTM compliant reports </p><p>and custom reports to client requirements.</p><p>Here are some of the features of the </p><p>available services: </p><p>Sample/coupon preparation</p><p>ASTM E1920 Metallographic sample prep </p><p>for thermal spray coatings.</p><p>Bond line contamination</p><p>Microscopy evaluation</p><p>Surface visual comparators for cleanliness </p><p>and/or contamination</p><p>Image analysis</p><p>ASTM E2190-01 Determine porosity visual </p><p>and image analysis.</p><p>Surface profile readings</p><p>ASTM D7127-05 Surface roughness with </p><p>profilometers.</p><p>Adhesion tests for bond and tensile </p><p>strength</p><p>ASTM C633-01(2008) Bond strength of </p><p>thermal spray coatings.</p><p>ASTM D4541 - 09e1 Standard test method </p><p>for pull-off strength of coatings using </p><p>portable adhesion testers.</p><p>Light optical</p><p>Hardness evaluation micro, macro and </p><p>portable.</p><p>ASTM E0018-05E01 Rockwell hardness and </p><p>superficial hardness.</p><p>ASTM E384-09 Micro hardness. </p><p>HARFORDS | PAGE 7 HARFORDS | PAGE 4www.harfords.com.au www.harfords.com.au</p></li><li><p>Refined Technologies Rokide</p><p>The Rokide system advantages:</p><p>Extreme corrosion and wear resistance.</p><p>Can be used in very close quarters.</p><p>Hand held system that can be taken to the job.</p><p>High target efficiencies.</p><p>Proven effectiveness for piston wear resistance.</p><p>Rokide Ceramic Thermal Spray System </p><p>Harfords have access to materials and </p><p>process methods that make the Rokide </p><p>thermal spray coating system one of the </p><p>most advanced ceramic spray systems </p><p>available today. </p><p>In the Rokide thermal spray coating system, </p><p>coating material in the form of a ceramic </p><p>wire/rod (ie: chromium, zirconium and </p><p>aluminum oxides), is fed into an oxygen-fuel </p><p>flame and melted. Compressed air atomises </p><p>and accelerates the molten particles onto </p><p>the substrate. </p><p>Quality Process</p><p>Rokide coatings typically have higher particle </p><p>to particle cohesive bonding than other </p><p>conventional thermal spray processes.</p><p>The deposit efficiency of the Rokide system </p><p>is not dependent on the thickness of the </p><p>coating. Therefore, thicker coatings - greater </p><p>than .030 inch (.8 mm) - if required, can be </p><p>applied without a reduction in deposit </p><p>efficiency or quality. </p><p>Rokide coated surfaces can be ground to </p><p>excellent surface finishes and this can be </p><p>ground to as low as 2 to 4 RA. </p><p>A range of sealants can be used for special </p><p>applications where enhanced electrical or </p><p>corrosion resistant properties are required. </p><p>These sealants fill the 1-2 micron pores of </p><p>some Rokide coatings. Epoxy, phenolic, </p><p>polyester and silicone resin sealants have </p><p>been used successfully. </p><p>Materials include: Aluminum Oxide, </p><p>Chromium Oxide and Zirconium Oxide.</p><p>Machine and Grind</p><p>Precision Machining</p><p>Machining and grinding are offered as a </p><p>supplementary service to thermal spraying </p><p>in order to minimise downtime and eliminate </p><p>duplication of efforts. HST can restore </p><p>original dimension to OEM parts after </p><p>coating. </p><p>Harfords also offer stand alone machining </p><p>services to meet your critical specifications.</p><p>Harfords only employ qualified 1st class </p><p>machinist with the highest skill level and can </p><p>supply Inspection Test Plans (ITP), </p><p>Manufacturers Data Reports ( MDR) to meet </p><p>your QA needs.</p><p>l Precision Turning...</p></li></ul>