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  • Fujitsu Value Proposition for Manufacturing Industry

    Enabling Digital with Connected Enterprise

  • Copyright 2016 FUJITSU

    Digital is different things to different people

    Business-model transformation

    Transforming customer & user experience

    Digitalizing business operations

    Product leadership & innovation

    Copyright Fujitsu Services 2016

  • Copyright 2016 FUJITSU

    Customer Business Challenges


    Manufacturing Customers

    After Sales

    Industrie 4.0 & Industrial Internet

    Product Lifecycle

    Management / Resource &


    Reduce Inventory

    Reduce Lead-time

    Improved Sales & Operations


    Differentiation / Shorten Time-to-Market

    Transform / expand Product to Service

    New Sales Channels / B2B and B2C


    Minimized production downtime

    Increased manufacturing automation

    Cost / Sourcing control

    Production / Replenishment

    Increased partner collaboration

    Shorter Time to Market

    Extended revenue stream

    Preventive maintenance

    Control of Installed Base

    Better business planning with Analytics

    Artificial Intelligence (AI)


  • Copyright 2016 FUJITSU

    Industrie 4.0 (more than Industrial Internet)

     Industrie 4.0 is the extension of industrial digitization to the Internet of Things (IoT) in manufacturing.

     Industrir 4.0 constitutes an evolution and an integration into IoT of previously separate IT- application areas in automation (MES, PLC) and administration (ERP, SCM).

     Those verticals that have potentials to benefit most from Industrie 4.0 in manufacturing* – cumulative increases of annual value-add are expected to reach 25% to 35% until 2025.

     Adoption of the “Industrie 4.0” concepts constitutes a rapidly progressing evolution.  De-central control of production processes enabled by cyber-physical-systems (CPS) – for increased

    availability and machine utilization as well as reduction of cost.

     Tight and fine-grain integration of value chains (horizontal and vertical) – for reduction of unit cost. “final- order-controlled” production along the value chain

     “Smart Services“: complementary services to increase value-add in the delivered solution (example: predictive maintenance, shifting risks of product performance form the end-user to the manufacturer – a new superior business model)

    *Chemical, automotive, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering


  • Copyright 2016 FUJITSU

    Smart manufacturing


     New technologies (IoT, simulation, algorithms, 3D printers) are converging physical and digital operations

    Copyright 2016 FUJITSU

  • Copyright 2016 FUJITSU

    Digital Transformation: ”The Connected Enterprise”

     Leverages the convergence of Information Technology and Operational Technology to enable smart, connected operations and significantly improve operations effectiveness and reduce operating cost


  • Copyright 2016 FUJITSU

    IT & OT seamlessly working together

    The seamless integration between Information Technology & Operational Technology is the key for successful Connected Enterprise implementation.

    ④ Data Accumulation

    ① Physical Devices & Controllers

    ② Connectivity

    ③ Edge Computing

    ⑤ Data Abstraction ⑥ Application

    ⑦ Collaboration & Processes

    IoT World Forum Reference Model

    OT  Event Based  Data in Motion  Real Time

    IT  Query Based  Data at Rest  Non-real time


  • Copyright 2016 FUJITSU

    Enabling Digital: The Fujitsu Connected Enterprise in a nut shell

    OT Fujitsu GlobeRanger iMotion

    Connected Asset

    Semantic (ISO 15926 Data Model)

    Industrial Operational Intelligence

    Predictive Maintenance and Service

    Manufacturing Analytics &

    Manufacturing Performance Management

    Asset Tracking & Visibility

    Semantic (ANSI/ISA 95)

    Simplified Work Management

    MFG Execution Quality Inspection

    & Control

    Connected Workers

    Connected Manufacturing

    Other Industrial M2M


    Fujitsu M2M-GW for FENICS

    Fujitsu Ubiquitousware

    3rd party


  • Copyright 2016 FUJITSU

    Connected Asset: Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility

    Up to 80% inventory write- off reduction by end of 2018 30% reduction in 2016

    Average seek time for critical components is down from 2 days to 1 hour

  • Copyright 2016 FUJITSU

    Connected Manufacturing for Work in Process

    Real time visibility into the velocity of the manufacturing process

    Full electronic accountability of raw material life cycle

  • Copyright 2016 FUJITSU

    Proactive Maintenance with Augmented Reality

    Replaced paper and manual processes which were quickly outdated or required extensive training

    Operators can work more quickly and accurately with real-time onsite access to data and central support

  • Copyright 2016 FUJITSU

    Warehouse Operations Optimization

    Finished goods handling from manufacture through cold storage & shipping: improved shipping accuracy

    Truck loading time reduced from 60 minutes to 20 minutes

  • Copyright 2016 FUJITSU

    Our value

     Portfolio of technologies and services, driving digital transformation for Manufacturing Industry









    Integrated Computing

    Human Centric


    Copyright 2016 FUJITSU

    Connected Enterprise

  • Copyright 2016 FUJITSU

    Getting started - on Digital Journey

    “Think big, start small; learn fast and scale quickly”

    • Focussed session – up to 2 hours • Interventions- e.g. trends, art of the possible, threats &

    opportunities • Outcome – common understanding, sponsorship & agreed


    Executive Workshop

    • In-depth session – up to half a day • Interventions – e.g. facilitated discussion, demonstrations,

    concept jam • Outcome – identified opportunities for solutions

    Digital Innovation Session

    • Develop consistent strategy for digital – up to 4 weeks • Interventions – e.g. visioning workshop, road-mapping • Outcome – agreed approach, outcomes, initiatives and


    Digital Vision and Roadmap

    • Real-life application of digital – up to 3 months • Interventions – e.g. day in the life, hackathon, agile

    solutions integration • Outcome – business case for the solution

    Proof of Concept and Value

    Copyright Fujitsu Services 2016

  • Copyright 2016 FUJITSU

    Why Fujitsu?

     Framework and method to help customers drive yield from the Digital Transformation

     Lean tools help our customers rethink current supply chain and reduce costs

     Innovation driven company with availability of smart solutions and patents

     End-to-end service – from business process to applications and infrastructure layer

     Fujitsu being a long term global partner with strong Nordic presence

     Fujitsu is also Manufacturer


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