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Handbook for the Microsoft flight (FSX) simulator Drifter Microlight addon


<ul><li><p>Drifter A-582 Pilot's Handbook Version 1.0</p><p>"When all else fails read the manual"</p><p>IntroductionThank you for purchasing this addon aircraft for Microsoft's Flight Simulator X. </p><p>The Drifter 582 ultralight is a two seat, wire braced, tail dragger aircraft. The Austflight Drifter is an extensively modified version of the original Maxair Drifter and since the early 1980s approximately 500 have been built.</p><p>The aircraft has a high Dacron covered wing and the pilot sits in front of the passenger ahead of the wing thus providing an excellent field of view.</p><p>A Brolga 4 blade prop is powered by a Rotax 582 engine which is mounted behind the pilot and passenger.</p><p>This particular aircraft has been modelled based on 25-455. </p><p>System Requirements- Microsoft's Flight Simulator X SP2, Acceleration or Gold.</p><p>- 296 MB free hard drive space</p><p>- Microsoft .NET 4.0.30319 or later</p><p>This aircraft was developed with the FSX SP2 SDK. You therefore need either Microsoft's Flight Simulator X SP2, Acceleration or FSX Gold. The minimum PC specs are more difficult to be exact about as even similarly specced PC's can give such varying performance. For reference I created this aircraft on an Intel E8500 core 2 due 3.16Ghz CPU with 4GB ram and an NVidia 9600GT 1GB video card running Windows XP.</p><p>Drifter Setup program requirements:The Drifter Setup program is a standalone program that allows the user to set some preferences for the Drifter. Note that you can still fly the Drifter without using the Drifter Setup program. To run the Drifter Setup program Microsoft .NET 4.0.30319 or later needs to be installed.</p><p>Ant's Airplanes 1</p></li><li><p>Drifter A-582 Pilot's Handbook Version 1.0</p><p>SupportIf you are having problems with the operation of the aircraft please email me at support@antsairplanes.com. Problems with downloading the package should be directed to the retailer as they are responsible for delivery of the download.</p><p>Quick StartFor those people who like to dive right in do the following:</p><p>Start FSX.</p><p>Select "Austflight Drifter" from the aircraft selection page.</p><p>Start the flight.</p><p>There is a quick start guide in the FSX kneeboard reference page.</p><p>InstallationThis aircraft is designed for Microsoft's Flight Simulator X. Installation is handled by an installer program which places the files into the correct location. Simply click on the installer to start the process. The installer will read FSX's location from the registry. Ensure that this is correct and that the installer is pointing to your Flight Simulator X folder. </p><p>If you have installed the demo Drifter it is recommended that you uninstall the demo first.</p><p>Once installation is complete links to the Pilot's Handbook (this document), the Quick Start Guide and the Drifter Setup Program will be placed on your desktop. Feel free to move these to a more convenient location.</p><p>Features- Smooth 3D gauges</p><p>- Custom made radio and GPS units</p><p>- Incredibly detailed model</p><p>- Wheeled version plus Float plane version</p><p>- Bump and specular mapped textures</p><p>- 13 paint variations in total </p><p>- Paint variations included with user settable registration numbers</p><p>- Genuine engine sounds</p><p>- Stall buffet effect</p><p>- Animations for tiedowns, pitot covers and wheel chocks</p><p>- Animated pilot and passenger models which can be displayed or hidden</p><p>- In game Animation manager to control animations</p><p>- Separate Setup Program to manage preferences and load settings</p><p>Ant's Airplanes 2</p></li><li><p>Drifter A-582 Pilot's Handbook Version 1.0</p><p>Things to knowBefore we get too far into this manual I will list some of the items unique to this aircraft that may cause some confusion.</p><p>There are no mixture or prop controls on a Drifter. The engine features constant depression carburetors that automatically adjust for density altitude and the 4 blade prop has a fixed pitch.</p><p>The Battery and Starter switch is referred to as the Master switch in this manual. Right clicking on the Master switch operates the starter.</p><p>The Magneto switches may be referred to as the Ignition switches in this manual.</p><p>Stop the engine by turning off both ignition switches. Most Drifters have a fuel cutoff switch however, this particular aircraft does not. In any case the correct method to stop the engine is to turn off the ignition switches.</p><p>There is no generator switch. The generator is running when the engine is running.</p><p>There is no differential braking. The brakes are operated by a lever on the joystick although there is no mouse click zone (you can still use toe brake pedals to apply the brakes in FSX if you have pedals).</p><p>This engine has a 2.62 to 1 gear reduction gearbox. The RPM gauge displays the engine RPM which has a maximum rpm of 6800.</p><p>The Demo VersionThe Demo version of this aircraft is available from www.antsairplanes.com. The demo should provide a good representation of the performance and framerates you would get from the full version. The documentation for the Demo and Full versions is the same (which is why the tutorial flight uses the floats version) so there may be some sections of this manual which do not apply to the Demo version.</p><p>The following limitations apply to the Demo version:</p><p>- Float plane model only</p><p>- Uses default Trike soundset</p><p>- Uses default GPS 295</p><p>- Only two paint variations</p><p>What you get when you buy the full version:</p><p>- Both wheeled and float versions</p><p>- Custom soundset</p><p>- Avmap EKP IV GPS</p><p>- Total of 13 paint variations</p><p>Ant's Airplanes 3</p></li><li><p>Drifter A-582 Pilot's Handbook Version 1.0</p><p>Selecting the DrifterOnce the aircraft has been installed start FSX and click on Free Flight. Click on Change... under Current Aircraft. Ensure Show all variations is ticked. The Drifter will appear as "Austflight Drifter". If you are using the filters at the top of the Select Aircraft screen the Aircraft manufacturer is Austflight, the Publisher is Ant's Airplanes and the Aircraft Type is Single Engine Prop.</p><p>The difference between fixed and variable registration numbersThere are two types of paint variation available with any FSX aircraft. The first type has the tail number fixed as part of the textures and they cannot be changed. The second type allows you to change the tail number using the FSX Aircraft Details screen (the default aircraft use this second type). With the Drifter there both type of repaint are used. 25-455, 25-451 and 25-413 have fixed registration numbers while the White, Blue, Yellow, Multicolour and Red and White repaints have registration numbers that can be changed using the FSX Aircraft Details screen.</p><p>The following pages show the available repaints:</p><p>Ant's Airplanes 4</p></li><li><p>Drifter A-582 Pilot's Handbook Version 1.0</p><p>Austflight Drifter 25-455 and Austflight Drifter White25-455 is the source aircraft for this FSX version of the Drifter. It can be seen in the picture above at it's home in Roadvale, QLD, Australia. The Austflight Drifter White version has the same colour scheme but you can alter the registration number in the FSX Aircraft Details screen.</p><p>Austflight Drifter 25-451 old and Austflight Drifter Blue25-451 is one of the training aircraft at Walters Flying School in Lynfield QLD, Australia. The colour scheme is an old colour scheme and the aircraft is currently painted all blue. The Austflight Drifter Blue version has the same colour scheme but you can alter the registration number in the FSX Aircraft Details screen.</p><p>Ant's Airplanes 5</p></li><li><p>Drifter A-582 Pilot's Handbook Version 1.0</p><p>Austflight Drifter 25-451 new25-451 is one of the training aircraft at Walters Flying School in Lynfield QLD, Australia. This is the new all blue colour scheme for this aircraft.</p><p>Austflight Drifter 25-413 and Austflight Drifter YellowAnother Australian registered Drifter. The Austflight Drifter Yellow version has the same colour scheme as 25-413 but you can alter the registration number in the FSX Aircraft Details screen.</p><p>Ant's Airplanes 6</p></li><li><p>Drifter A-582 Pilot's Handbook Version 1.0</p><p>Austflight Drifter MulticolourCalled multicolour because there are so many colours on the wings. You can alter the registration number for this aircraft in the FSX Aircraft Details screen.</p><p>Austflight Drifter Red and WhiteThis repaint is based on Drifter 404, owned by Kiwi and based at the Flying Tigers hangar, Boonah, although that aircraft has a different engine type. You can alter the registration number for this aircraft in the FSX Aircraft Details screen.</p><p>Ant's Airplanes 7</p></li><li><p>Drifter A-582 Pilot's Handbook Version 1.0</p><p>Floats VersionIt is possible to convert the Drifter to a floats model by simply removing the wheel struts (disconnect the brake cables first) and replacing them with the floats. The rear wheel is removed and replaced with a rudder. The maximum take-off/ landing weight is increased to 476 kg with the maximum crosswing component for water take-off/landing reduced to 10 knots.</p><p>Austflight Drifter Floats 25-455 and Austflight Drifter Floats White25-455 in the floats configuration. The White version has the same colour scheme but you can alter the tail number in the FSX Aircraft Details screen. </p><p>Note: These are the only two paint variations in the demo version.</p><p>Austflight Drifter Floats Red and WhiteYou can alter the tail number of this repaint in the FSX Aircraft Details screen.</p><p>Ant's Airplanes 8</p></li><li><p>Drifter A-582 Pilot's Handbook Version 1.0</p><p>Austflight Drifter Floats BlueYou can alter the tail number of this repaint in the FSX Aircraft Details screen.</p><p>Ant's Airplanes 9</p></li><li><p>Drifter A-582 Pilot's Handbook Version 1.0</p><p>Fuel and PayloadUnlike many aircraft where the pilot sits close to the centre of gravity (CoG) in the Drifter the pilot sits well forward and his or her weight therefore has a significant effect on the CoG and the handling of the aircraft. It is therefore sometimes necessary to add ballast to the aircraft to bring it into balance. </p><p>The pilot weight should be between 69 and 92kg. If the pilot weighs less than 69kg then add front ballast to bring the total weight up to 69kg. If the pilot weighs more than 92kg it may be necessary to add rear ballast to prevent the CoG from being too far forward.</p><p>As this model is based on 25-455 you can see that lead ballast is attached to the tailwheel leg.</p><p>The fuel system consists of two fuel tanks with the top tank draining into the belly tank effectively making both tanks one big fuel tank. A fuel pump extracts fuel from the belly tank and feeds it up to the engine. Due to the limitations of FSX fuel will not drain from the top tank into the lower tank. You should therefore ensure that when you fuel the aircraft you first fill the belly tank (referred to as "Centre" by FSX) and then only start to fill the top tank (referred to as "Centre2" by FSX) when the level in the belly tank is 100%. FSX will use fuel from the top tank first and then when that is empty it will use the belly tank which is effectively how the real aircraft operates.</p><p>As there is no fuel gauge in the cockpit you may be asking how do you check the fuel level while in flight? On the left wheel spat there is a small mirror which allows the pilot to glance down to check the fuel levels. Pressing Shift+4 will display a 2D popup of the mirror which you may find easier to see. It is important to note that the fuel will move about depending on the aircrafts pitch and bank angles. For accurate fuel readings ensure the aircraft is level.</p><p>A red warning light comes on in the cockpit (far left of centre console) when either the fuel pump is on or if there is less than 10% of total fuel remaining.</p><p>Ant's Airplanes 10</p></li><li><p>Drifter A-582 Pilot's Handbook Version 1.0</p><p>The Virtual CockpitThe Drifter features a fully 3D virtual cockpit with smooth 3D gauges. As these gauges are an integral part of the 3D model there is no 2D panel available for this aircraft.</p><p>Interaction with the various gauges, knobs and buttons is done via mouse. Switches are simply activated by left clicking on the switch. Knobs have increment or decrement mouse click zones or you can use the mouse scroll wheel.</p><p>Magnetos/ Ignition switchesUse these to turn off the engine. This particular aircraft does not have a fuel cutoff switch like most Drifters do. In any case a fuel cutoff switch is only used in emergency situations with the normal method of stopping the engine being to turn off the magnetos.</p><p>In this manual these switches are usually referred to as the ignition switches. </p><p>12V Power SwitchA 12V power source for auxiliary equipment. You can turn it on or off but it has no effect in the flight simulator.</p><p>Water TempShows the coolant temperature. Normal operating range is 65C (150F) to 80 (175F).</p><p>AirspeedHow fast you are going in knots.</p><p>Ant's Airplanes 11</p></li><li><p>Drifter A-582 Pilot's Handbook Version 1.0</p><p>Yaw StringYou may not have seen a yaw string before. This is one of the simplest (and cheapest) pieces of aviation instrumentation available consisting of a piece of red string tied to the front of the windscreen. The yaw string shows the amount of side slip and performs much the same function as the turn ball coordinator (except cheaper and without any lag).</p><p>If the yaw string is to the right it indicates that you should apply some left rudder. If the yaw string is to the left it indicates you should apply some right rudder. When the yaw string is straight up it indicates that you are flying without any side slip. </p><p>The easiest way to use a yaw string is to think that it is pointing to the pedal you should use. So, if the yaw string is to the right then it will be pointing down to your left pedal so push the left pedal down and you should straighten up the yaw string. </p><p>Note that in the picture the yaw string is not visible as the aircraft is not moving so the yaw string is hanging down the front of the aircraft.</p><p>AltimeterHow high you are. The Kohlsman knob allows you to adjust the pressure settings. As this knob is partially obscured by the compass there are click spots near the knob which allow you to adjust the knob. You can use the Animation Manager (Shift+3) to change between the Kohlsman display showing in millibars or inHg.</p><p>Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT)Needles show the EGT with the left needle (which displays on the right side of the gauge) showing the temperature of the front cylinder (there are two cylinders in the engine). Normal operating range is 930F to 1150F.</p><p>CompassWhiskey compass shows your current heading.</p><p>Nav/Com RadioPlease refer to the section below for detailed instructions on how to operate the radio.</p><p>Engine RPMDisplays the engine RPM. Note that there is a 2.62:1 gear reduction box between the engine and the prop.IDLE speed is 2200RPMCRUISE speed is 4800-5800RPMMAX RPM is 6800RPMAt idle speed (2200RPM) the engine can be a bit rough (you will notice the needle shake at engine speeds less than 2400RPM) so many Drifter pilots prefer to idle at 2500RPM.</p><p>Fuel PumpA red indicator light comes on when the fuel pump is on. The indicator will also show when there is less than 10% fuel remaining.</p><p>PrimerFor cold starts you will need to press the primer before starting the engine. Click on the button and </p><p>Ant's Airplanes 12</p></li><li><p>Drifter A-582 Pilot's Handbook Version 1.0</p><p>the amber li...</p></li></ul>