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Boeing 747-400Microsoft Flight Simulator XAircraft : Panel : Default Boeing 747-400 Default Boeing 747-400

Foto: John E. Jauchler

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Werner Schott Switzerland w.schott@abbts.ch

Foto: John Padgett

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Pre-Start ChecklistParking Brake Throttle Fuel Flow BATT Master Switch Panel Lights Gear Lever Flaps Spoiler Fuel Quantity Engine Instruments Anti-Ice / Aircraft Lighting Flight controls Elevator Trim Avionics Fasten Seat Belts No Smoking Sign Check Weather Anti-Ice Request Clearance Transponder Beacon SET IDLE CUTOFF ON (Shift-M) as required CHECK DOWN UP RETRACTED CHECK CHECK OFF FREE AND CORRECT TAKEOFF SETTING ON ON ON (Atis, Flight Services) TEST/CHERCK STANDBY ON

Startup ChecklistThrust Levers Engine Area MFD Engine Starting Sequence : Eng 1 Start Switch At N2 > 20% Fuel Flow Eng 1 Fuel Flow N1 increasing as N2 incr. Repeat for Eng. 4 - 3 - 2 Anti-Ice MFDPage 2


Landing ChecklistAutoland Landing Gear Autopilot Autothrottle Landing Speed After touchdown Spoilers Brakes Autobrake Available ? CHECK DOWN OFF and all deactivated OFF and SPD deactivated 160 KIAS Apply Reverse Thrust, at 60 kts: Cancel Reverse Thrust VERIFY EXTENDED AS REQUIRED OFF

Before Taxi ChecklistNav Lights Taxi Lights Heading Indicator Altimeters Standby Instruments Radios and Avionics Autopilot Autothrottle / Speed F/D Yaw Damper Autobrake Elevator Trim Request Taxi Clearance ON ON SET SET SET SET FOR DEPARTURE SET, dont activate SET, dont activate ON ON AS REQUIRED RTO SET for takeoff

Taxi To RampStrobe Lights Flaps Spoilers Taxi Lights Landing Lights Speed Transponder Elevator Trim Lights OFF UP RETRACTED ON OFF Max. 20 knots 1200 TAKEOFF SETTING AS DESIRED

Taxi ChecklistParking Brake Brakes/Gyro/Turn Coordinator Taxi to assigned runway RELEASED CHECK during taxi and turns SPEED Max. 20 knots

Before Take-off ChecklistBrakes Throttle Flaps Spoilers Flight Instruments Engine Instruments Takeoff Data (V1, VR, V2) Nav Equipment Landing Lights Taxi Lights Strobe Light Anti-Ice Transponder Request Takeoff Clearance SET IDLE 10 deg RETRACTED CHECKED CHECK CHECK CHECK ON OFF ON AS REQUIRED ON

Shutdown ChecklistBrake Throttle Passenger Signs Anti-Ice Taxi Lights Nav Lights F/D Avionics Fuel Flow Beacon BATT Master Switch SET IDLE OFF OFF OFF OFF OFF OFF CUTOFF OFF OFF (Shift-M)

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Take-off ChecklistSmoothly increase thrust to Takeoff Thrust Brakes V1 = Vr = Pitch V2 = At Positive Climb Rate Landing Gear At 200 KIAS At 220 KIAS 40% N1 let spool up FULL or TO/GA RELEASE 165 KIAS (descision) 175 KIAS (rotate) 10 deg. nose up 185 KIAS (safety speed) Touch Brakes RETRACT RETRACT Flaps to 1 deg RETRACT flaps up

Descent ChecklistAtis/Airport Information Altimeter Radios Anti-Ice Descent SpeedAt Transition Altitude (FL180) reset Altimeter to local

CHECK CHECK SET AS REQUIRED to FL240 to FL180 0.75 mach 0.65 mach

to FL120 300 KIAS below 10'000ft 240 KIAS Fuel Quantities and Balance Flaps / Landing Gear Check Weather CHECK CHECK UP (ATIS, Flight Services)

Climb-out ChecklistThrottle Trim for Autothrottle Autopilot Autobrake Below 10000' max. speed ATC Fasten Seat Belts No Smoking Sign Landing Lights Above 10000' speed AS REQUIRED 250 KIAS ARM and SET ON and SET OFF 250 KIAS AS REQUIRED OFF OFF OFF 300 KIAS

Approach ChecklistLocalizer Level Flight : Fasten Seat Belts No Smoking Sign Avionics + Radios Speed: Establish MFD Landing Lights Auto Spoilers Autobrake Flaps Speed: Establish Flaps Speed: Establish Landing Gear Turning toward runway: set flaps Final Glideslope Descent : Speed Establish Park Brakes Anti-Ice ON ON SET 220 KIAS EICAS 1 ON ARM SET 5-10 degrees 200 KIAS 20 degrees 180 KIAS DOWN 25 degrees or FULL 170 KIAS VERIFY OFF AS REQUIRED

Cruise Checklist (above FL 180)At Transition Altitude (FL180) set Altimeter to 29,92" (1013mb)

Accelerate to cruise speed

Engine+Instruments Fuel Quantity Radios LightsPage 4

FL180 0.67 mach FL240 0.76 mach FL280 0.82 mach FL330 0.85 mach CHECK CHECK TUNED and SET AS REQUIRED

(330 KIAS) (335 KIAS) (335 KIAS) (315 KIAS)

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