from paper to tablet overnight: a quickbase business transformation story

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  • From Paper to Tablet OvernightA Business Transformation Story

    Kevin Simpson / Scott Burday & Charles Guilbert

    CEO, SEVATI Therapeutics / Trinity

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    Kevin Simpson

    CEO & Co-Founder

    Scott Burday &

    Charles Guilbert

    Speaker Intro

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    Healthcare therapy

    for homebound patients

    About SEVATI

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    Provide the absolute best in home healthcare therapy

    For our Customers:


    Home Healthcare Agencies (HHAs)


    Our Goals

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    and provide a fantastic working environment:


    SEVATI Ops

    Our Goals

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    The most important aspect of the entire project;

    What were the areas that SEVATI wanted to change

    the business processes:

    Increase Productivity

    Improve Service

    Best In Quality

    Business Process Improvement

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    Looked at every aspect of the business to optimize it:

    Patient acquisition and care

    Therapist recruitment and credentials management, assignment to patients

    Patient visit frequency and scheduling

    Visit notes; recording of data and patient statuses

    Types of reports and optimizing each one for ease of input

    Alerts and notifications

    Billing and payments

    Expected report outputs

    to name just a few

    Business Process Improvement

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    CHEETAHs Hard Results

    Increased Therapist utilization by 30%+

    Freed up 1 FTE that was QCing 100% of the incoming work and chasing paper

    Now near 0 compliance issues on Patient visits

    Customer invoices now go out the week after a visit, previously it was 6 8 weeks

    Patient visit reports are now available to HHAs immediately vs. up to 3-4 weeks after a visit

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    CHEETAHs Soft Results

    Enabled SEVATI team to focus on the business, not

    the busy work

    Therapist are overjoyed with the application

    Automated quality control processes

    Real time visibility into all aspects of the business

    Reporting metrics that were previously not


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    Therapist Home Healthcare

    Agency (HHA)


    (60 days)

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    1st Challenge Finding the right Therapist for the Patient

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    Video: Find a Therapist

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    The AnswerAutomated Find a Therapist

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    2nd ChallengePatient visit scheduling, aka Frequency

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    Video: Frequency Scheduling

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    The AnswerFrequency scheduling tool

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    3rd ChallengeEfficient Patient and Therapist scheduling

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    Video: Calendar

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    The AnswerFully Integrated Calendar + Scheduling

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    4th ChallengePatient visit reports / notes / proof of visit

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    The AnswerFull Patient visit reporting and digital signature capture

    Extensive Reporting


    Digital Signatures +

    Electronic Route Sheets

    Automated output to

    BOX of all Patient

    reports for HHAs

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    5th ChallengeCustomer billing and Therapist payments

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    The AnswerIntegrated customer billing and Therapist payment tools

    Customer billing

    Therapist payments

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    The ResultComplete business transformation

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    The ResultSpeed of execution


    Therapist Home Healthcare

    Agency (HHA)

    From weeks

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    The ResultSpeed of execution


    Therapist Home Healthcare

    Agency (HHA)

    To hours

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    Looking beyond the daily grind and able to see where the business

    needs to go for future growth and profitability


    Top down commitment to enact business change


    No stone unturned, making sure all processes are clearly defined

    Training to make sure the change is understood

    Keys to Success

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    In Summary

    Faster execution

    Increased efficiency / productivity

    Better people utilization

    Higher level of service and quality of output

    SEVATI is poised and ready for rapid growth!

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