From Hunters & Gatherers to Farmers

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From Hunters & Gatherers to Farmers. Lets review. How did the early humans provide food for themselves? What affect did the Ice Age have on the early humans? What happened to early humans as time progressed?. Answers:. Early humans were hunters and gatherers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>From Hunters &amp; Gatherers to Farmers</p> <p>From Hunters &amp; Gatherers to FarmersLets reviewHow did the early humans provide food for themselves?What affect did the Ice Age have on the early humans?What happened to early humans as time progressed?</p> <p>Answers:Early humans were hunters and gatherersThe Ice Age made people move around to survive, and it spread early humans all across the world. Some people did starve or freeze to death during the Ice Age.As time progressed early humans got smarter and smarterEarly Humans Learn to Domesticate Animals &amp; PlantsWhat is domestication? to tameDomestication led to new ideas such as farming-Herding Animals-Growing CropsFarmingBefore farming families had to hunt and gather to provide, so they were limited to the number of people in their familiesBeing able to grow food and have farm animals allowed for more people</p> <p>Food SurplusEven though there were a lot more people in the world than ever before, people were still able to surplus foodSurplus food = grow too much food and store it for later</p> <p>Surplus Food led to Job SpecializationSince people were able to store food and save it for later, not everyone was needed to prepare for their familyThis freed up other people to do other jobs, which is called Job SpecializationMany of these jobs were: Weavers, Stone Masons, Potters, Priests, Scribes, Traders, and Army officers</p> <p>Domestication of Plants and AnimalsFarmingSurplus FoodSpecializationPopulationIntensificationComplex Society,also known asCIVILIZATIONWhat is a civilization?A large group of people who live together and act in an organized mannerThere were getting to be a lot of people on the earth, so they needed to be organizedWhat is needed in order for a large number of people to live, get along, be successful, etc.?Government: Rules, Laws, etc.</p> <p>Writing and Record Keeping</p> <p>Public Works: Roads, Bridges, etc.</p> <p>Social Classes</p> <p>Organized Religion</p> <p>Development of cities</p>