“from hunters and gatherers to farmers” chapter 3 test ?· chapter 3 test review online...

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  • From Hunters and Gatherers to Farmers Chapter 3 Test Review Online Quizlet Assignment


    1) Google both Quizlet 52334668 AND Quizlet 56727692.

    2) Click on the links.

    3) Spend at least 20 minutes on any of the following activities and/or games:

    Flashcards Learn Test Scatter Gravity

    4) Have a parent sign below to verify that you have spent at least 20 minutes on

    the two Quizlet sites as a way to prepare for your Chapter 3 test.

    5) Bring the signed slip to school on _____________________________ . This will

    count as one homework grade.

    ----------------------------------------------------cut here-------------------------------------------------------

    Yes, my child _____________________________ spent at least 20 minutes on Quizlet (childs name)

    to prepare for the Chapter 3 Test which will be on Tuesday, September 13th.

    ____________________________________________ _______________________

    Parent Signature Date