from design to construction: how to maintain control of your lighting design

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From Design to Construction: How to Maintain Control of Your Lighting Design. Avraham M. Mor, LEED AP, IESNA, A. IALD Partner, Lightswitch Architectural. Learning Objectives. Lighting Stakeholders The Lighting Process Formula for Success The Steps. Project Team. Owner - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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1From Design to Construction: How to Maintain Control of Your Lighting DesignAvraham M. Mor, LEED AP, IESNA, A. IALDPartner, Lightswitch Architectural2Lighting Stakeholders

The Lighting Process

Formula for Success

The Steps

Learning Objectives3Project TeamOwnerDesired outcome: quality design, on budgetA/V InstallerCommissioningAgentManufacturerRepresentativeManufacturerElectricalDistributorElectricianElectricalContractorGeneralContractorConstruction ManagerLEEDConsultantA/VConsultantAcousticsConsultantInteriorDesignerMEP/FPArchitectLightingConsultantDesign TeamConstruction Team4Lets organize it Design team firstOwner/ ArchConsultantsLaborersECs suppliersThis is a simplified typical layout for a projectProject TeamOwnerManufacturerRepresentativeManufacturerElectricalDistributorCompletedProjectElectricalContractorCM/GCArchitectLightingConsultantManufacturerManufacturerInteriorDesigner5Skill Sets




Stakeholder ObjectivesMake Money?Design a interesting project?Keep employees busy?Keep union boss happy?Meet quota?Limited access to product?Knowledge Center?Green Resident?Contributor to the greater good?Etc


Lighting Designer Specifies, Draws and Sources

Electrical Engineer Stamps Drawings

Architect Packages Bids

Owner Desired Outcome

7ProcessStakeholder Responsibilities

Manufacturer Designs & Sells Product to EDLighting Representative Manufacturer Liaison Electrical Distributor Warehouses & Delivers to EC Electrical Contractor Jobsite InstallationGeneral Contractor Scheduling & Oversight

8ProcessOwnerManufacturers RepsManufacturersElectrical DistributorElectrical ContractorCM/GCArchitectLighting Consultant9Lighting Cost FormulaImpacting the OutcomeBiddingChanges / AlternatesCommunicationConsequences

$155.40$184.7318% increase10Pitfalls in AlternatesSave the owner moneyMistakesRepresentativesChangesCode and Installation IssuesAvailability

11CommunicationResponsibility & Accountability



12Ensuring Project SuccessExperienced Lighting Design Firm

Company Policy

Distributor Net Budget Pricing

Strong Specifications

Design / Supply Team

Bid time alternate requirementsContractor requirementsDistributor requirements

13Design / Supply Team ExampletheWit hotelDesign/Build Project27 Story Designer HotelKoo & AssociatesLightswitch ArchitecturalJMS ElectricEvergreen Oak Electric

EC/ED Priced Lighting FixturesOwner Supplied95% North American Made Fixtures

Photographs Wayne Cable Photography14Design / Supply Team Example theWit hotel

Photographs Wayne Cable Photography

LD Stakeholder ExampleMuseum ProjectStandard construction projectMulti-million dollar renovationTwo projects at onceSophisticated exhibit & entertainment systems

OutcomeBids within 1% of budgetLine item pricing on par

16Ensuring Desired OutcomeStrong stakeholder partnersCommunication, Communication, CommunicationSpecifications to include:Distributor RequirementsAlternates PolicyLine Item Pricing PolicyRepresentatives who respect specificationsConfirm budget pricing with ownerStick to specifications!And remember17The Lighting Specifier is THE Lighting Knowledge Center18

Avraham M. Mor, LEED AP, IESNA, A. IALDPartner , Lightswitch Architectural

amor@lightswitch.net312.288.8777 x101

architecture.lightswitch.netAbout Lightswitch

Lightswitch is an industry leader in designing dynamic and exciting lighting environments for live events and architectural environments. The Lightswitch team is a design consortium with offices in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Orlando and San Francisco. Lightswitch provides a full range of cutting edge architectural and event lighting designs to an ever-expanding group of clients.

Specifically focused on architectural projects, the Lightswitch Architectural division is known for innovative and cutting edge creations while maintaining a reputation for attention to detail, professionalism, and client service. We have a proven track record of delivering designs that are exciting, dynamic and visionary on time and on budget.19