From Bible to Rabbinic Literature in a Nutshell

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<ul><li><p>1 </p><p>Rabbinic Literature in a Nutshell</p><p>Presentation byJoab Eichenberg-Eilon, Ph.D.</p><p>The Hebrew Bible "</p><p> " = , ,</p><p> Tanakh = Torah, Nevi-im, Ketuvim Torah = teaching, law, theory Nevi-im = prophets (including history) Ketuvim = writings (wisdom literature) The order of books in the Hebrew Bible is </p><p>different from that of Christian Bibles</p><p>Torah - </p><p> Several meanings: Teaching (related to teacher = ) The Law (related to instruction = ) A theory (Theory of Relativity ) Sense of fullness ( " " )</p><p>Torah as Law</p><p> Torah = first 5 books of the Bible Genesis History* Exodus History* &amp; laws Leviticus mostly ritual laws Numbers History* &amp; laws Deuteronomy Laws and Ethics* History includes mythology and theology</p></li><li><p>2Commandments </p><p> Torah is considered as the ultimate source of Jewish Law from which all other laws are derived</p><p> A law that comes directly from the Torah () is superior to a law that was inferred from the Torah or enacted later</p><p> Tradition has it that the Torah included 613 commandments</p><p>Canonization of the Hebrew Bible</p><p> Completed in the late 2nd Temple period Until then communication with the divine</p><p> Was direct with the Patriarchs and Matriarchs Went through prophets and seers Was enacted in the sacrifice cult in Jerusalem</p><p> the End of Prophecy Reincarnation of Judaism as the People of the </p><p>Book (or Books), relying on bible interpretation</p><p>Traditional Faith about Torah</p><p> Torah was a gift given by God via Moses to the Israelites</p><p> Receiving the Torah implied accepting it as part of a covenant and following its laws</p><p> Torah is Gods communication = sacred Torah includes all the future interpretations </p><p>(implied: accepted by the religious authority)</p><p>Ergo: Torah = vademecum</p><p> Torah is the guide by which Jews must live</p><p> Everything a Jew needs to know is in the Torah</p><p> There are accepted methodologies of making inferences from the Torah to cases that are not mentioned in the Torah</p><p> Example: lighting fire on Shabbat = electricity</p></li><li><p>3Rashi Commentary " </p></li></ul>