from ashes to easterfrom ashes to of aids must be based on a sex education that is itself grounded...

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  • Mass Schedule for February 26 through March 4, 2012

    Saturday, February 25. 5:00 p.m. . R.C.I.A. Adult Confirmation Candidates by the R.C.I.A. team

    Sunday, February 26 .. 7:30 a.m. . Jo Anne Acosta by Mary Montelongo Friesenhahn 9:30 a.m. ..... Xavier Panketh Sr. by the Xavier Panketh, Jr. family 11:30 a.m. Mary Lee by the Kim Family

    1:30 p.m. . For the People Monday ... .. 7:00 a.m. . Acurcis Carpala & Edilberto Amor, Sr. by Sheila Amor Jesusa

    Tuesday ..... 6:00 p.m. . Ragee Panketh by the Joe Panketh Family Wednesday .... 6:00 p.m. . Ninfa Gutierrez by the Joe Panketh Family Thursday ........ 7:00 a.m. . Fadeke Adeola by the Testa Family

    Friday ......... 7:00 a.m. . Celia Gomez by Belinda Yantis Saturday, March 3.. 8:00 a.m. . Barbara Schwieger by the Testa Family 5:00 p.m. . Special Intentions by the McCord family Sunday, March 4 ......... 7:30 a.m. . For the People

    9:30 a.m. . John Hyland by Joseph Hyland 11:30 a.m. .. Joseph Kollashany by the Panketh Family 1:30 p.m. . Sylvestra Guadalupe de parte de Sus Hijos y Nietos

    Many thanks to the 268 families who used their

    Stewardship Envelopes.


    Debt Reduction for February....................$455.00

    Electronic Giving:

    Collection ..........$1,250.00

    Building Fund .......................$105.00

    St. Vincent de Paul..............$50.00

    Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

    Please use your envelopes to insure proper





    February 26, 2012First Sunday of Lent


    Mon.Mon.Mon.Mon. Levi 19:1-2, 11-18; Mt 25:1129

    Tues.Tues.Tues.Tues. Isaiah 55:10-11; Mt 6:7-15

    Wed.Wed.Wed.Wed. Jonah 3:1-10; Lk 11:29-32

    ThursThursThursThurs Ester C:12, 14-16, 23-25; Mt 7:7-12

    Fri.Fri.Fri.Fri. Ezekiel 18:21-28; Mt 5:20-26

    Sat. Sat. Sat. Sat. Deut 26:16-19; Mt 5:43-48


    Each family is invited to pick up a

    special Lenten container, and keep it

    on or near the dining table in your

    home. Put in some coins each day

    during Lent and pray for the missions.

    Return your lent box to the parish on

    Easter. Money collected will help

    missionaries fro our diocese working in

    other countries.

    The Liturgical Season of Lent. The word Lent comes to us from a middle-English word meaning Spring and calls to mind the new life, hope and change that characterizes

    this important time of prayer, penance and conversion in to the grace life of the Church.

    Lent runs from Ash Wednesday, the 22nd of February, to the Mass of the Lords Supper on

    Holy Thursday, April 8th. During these forty days the Church vests herself in purple: a

    blending of red, the color of martyrdom, and blue, the color of hope. During this time we

    also forego the singing of Alleluia, flowers at the altar and shrines are set aside, musical

    instruments are used only in supporting the singing of hymns, and a certain austerity colors

    the setting of the Lenten liturgy. All of this is a foretaste of the glory to come at the most

    important Solemnity of the Christian experience: Easter Sunday.

    Abstaining & Fasting during Lent. The U.S. Bishops call Catholics, 14 years and older, to abstain from meat on Ash Wednesday and all Fridays during the Penitential Season

    of Lent. We are also called to Fast on these days. Fasting means that we refrain from eating

    not exceed the one main meal of the day.

    How should I give something up for Lent? Traditionally we Catholics give things up for Lent. This practice finds its origin in the Bible where Adam and Eve were given all

    that is to use and enjoy except that which came from the Tree of Knowledge in the garden.

    So in a sense, they were asked to give up what that tree offered. Thus it follows that

    giving something up is different than doing something extra, which is good in its own right.

    To make giving up something more transformative, take the money that you would

    normally use to purchase what you are giving up and return it to God through your Sunday

    offering, the St. Vincent de Paul Society or your Ashes to Easter boxes. This will make

    your giving up of something for Lent much more profound.

    Fridays during Lent

    Stations of the Cross, 6PM (English) & 7:30PM (Spanish)

    Lenten Penance Services

    Tuesday, March 20, Thursday, March 22nd & Thursday, March 29th at 7PM.


    As we begin the Lenten Season,

    let us pray for the grace of humil-

    ity, that during Lent this year we

    might allow ourselves to be

    touched and healed by the Spirit

    of God.

    All RCIA Adapted for Children stu-dents and 3rd thru 8th Grade Sacra-ment Preparation students are invited to attend Breaking Open the Word @ Breaking Open the Word @ Breaking Open the Word @ Breaking Open the Word @ 9:30 am Mass. 9:30 am Mass. 9:30 am Mass. 9:30 am Mass. Immediately after the Homily, Father will ask all Catechu-mens and Elect to come forward for dismissal. Students will be escorted to the Parish Hall or Chapel for review of the days liturgy by the RE Direc-tor or a Catechist. Parents will pick children up immediately following Mass in the breezeway. We will con-tinue Breaking Open the Word Breaking Open the Word Breaking Open the Word Breaking Open the Word each Sunday during Lent thru Sunday, March 25. Please keep these students in your

    prayers as they continue their journey

    to receive the sacraments at Easter:

    Briana Castro, Ernest Castro, Juan

    Castro, Gahel De La Sancha, Nathan

    Donovan, Fred Diego Espinosa,

    Paloma Florez, Renee Dawn Fulgham,

    Anthony Jay Gallardo, Michael Gar-

    cia, Michael Ray Jaimes, Jason Israel

    Jaramillo, Joselyn Jaramillo, Marilena

    Jaramillo, Andrew Tyler Bryan Lar-

    sen, Maeli Ly, Oscar Keano Martinez,

    Cindy Onweni, Nicholas Onweni,

    Louis Martin Oranday, Tyler Pearl

    Oranday, Kassidy Sikes, Jacob David

    Thompson, Rhiannon Vaughn, Joshua

    Allan Wilhelm

    Sign up to pray in the 40 Days for Life Campaign which begins on Ash Wednesday. Give your time and prayer on the sidewalk this Lent by praying and giving witness in front of the abortion c l i n i c ! G o to: and click on "stand & pray" and select the location that works best for you. IH 35 abortion clinic is the closest to Pflugerville.

    The Holy Rosary is being said every Sunday morning in the Chapel prior to the 11:30 a.m. Mass. Please join us at 10:45 a.m. as we pray to Our Lady to intercede for us and to help us in our mission to promote the culture of life!

    If you or someone you know has experienced an abortion, we can help. Please contact Project Rachel at (877) W E C A R E 2 o r Our next retreat is scheduled for March 16-18, 2012

    If you would like to find out more and or join our St. Elizabeth Pro-Life group, please cont act Paul Kroschewsky at or


    Serious threats loom over human life in Africa Malaria, as well as tuberculosis and AIDS, decimate the African peoples and gravely compromise their socio-economic life. The problem of AIDS, in particular, clearly calls for a medical and pharmaceutical response. This is not enough, however: the problem goes deeper. Above all, it is an ethical problem. The change of behavior that it requiresfor example, sexual abstinence , rejection of sexual promiscuity, fidelity within marriageultimately involves the question of integral development, which demands a global approach and a global response form the Church. For if it is to be effective, the prevention of AIDS must be based on a sex education that is itself grounded in an anthropology anchored in the natural law and enlightened by the word of God and the

    Churchs teaching.

    ~ Pope Benedict XVI, Apostolic Exhortation Africae Munus (72), November 19, 2011


    FOR MARCH 3/4

    Extraordinary Ministers 5:00 PMIda Saavedra*, Diane Van

    Opdorp, David Carrizales, Cindy

    Lucero, Cesar Lucero, Barbara Kolinek

    7:30 AM Denice Detzel*, Rob Reyes, Sandee Gowell, Karen Reyes, Rita

    George, Paul Detzel

    9:30 AM Joe Panketh*, Carmen Panketh, Ron Thompson, Barbara Njemanze, Donna Miller, Theresa Onuoha, Teresa Villarreal, Roque

    Villarreal, Javier Perez

    11:30 AM Cindy Gee*, Sara Butler, Karen Riley, Rose Briceno, Lindsey Butler, Beth Cartwright, Angelique

    Myers, Camille Cartwright, Holly Butler

    1:30 PM Anita Medina, Delfina Santos, Jovita Cuevas, Grace Baker

    *Lead Extraordinary Minister

    Lectors 5:00 PM Tom Raggio (A) Brenda Chumchal (B)

    7:30 AM Geri Kennedy (A) Gil Ortiz (B)

    9:30 AM Peggy Simmons (A) Ron Thompson (B)

    11:30 AM Paul Kroschewsky (A) Norine Shaivitz (B) 1:30 PM Carmen Cardova y Teresa Grissom

    Altar Servers 5:00 PMNot Available

    7:30 AM Brandon Gladwin, Lucy Paratore, Tyler Doughty

    9:30 AM John Mester, Alexis Lemieux 11:30 AM Not Available 1:30 PM Not Available

    Hospitality 5:00 PMJohn Herrera*, Katie/Emily

    Canales, Christine Bounds, Laura Kroschewsky

    7:30 AM Margaret Burns*, Leslie Mendoza, Karen Gladwin,

    Michael Gladwin 9:30 AM Nancy/Mark Kogler*,