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Cherry Hill

Advocates to ActivistsPatrick PC

About me and Everylibrary2

Libraryland Ecosystem

Building voter support for libraries

EveryLibrarys SuccessesBuilding voter support for libraries

Why Talk in Terms of Voters

Building voter support for libraries

98% of library funding comes from the local level and completely dependent on local ballot issues and local politics. Your local voters matter most. When votes are that important, why arent we talking about it?!?!5

Getting Our Numbers UpBuilding voter support for libraries


Civic Attitudes94% of Parents say libraries are important for their children. 79% say very important. 258% of Americans have a library card. 362% of card holders have visited the library in the last year at least once.42. Pew, May 20133 and 4. Harris Interactive | ALA, January 2011

Building voter support for libraries

Voter AttitudesNationwide, of all voters:

37% will Definitely vote yes for the library37% will Probably vote yes for the library

26% will Probably or Definitely vote no or may vote either way.

Building voter support for libraries

Party Affiliation Doesnt Matter

Building voter support for libraries

Library Card Stats Dont Matter

Building voter support for libraries

Library Use Doesnt Matter

Building voter support for libraries

What Does Matter

Building voter support for libraries

Today is the first day of your library campaign Do the personal assesment12

What influences politics?

Building voter support for libraries

What can we get?

Building voter support for libraries

Which can we expect to get? People how do we get more people on our side?This is why I talk about library marketing in terms of community organizing and not in terms of sales. This doesnt follow a sales cycle this is about continued engagement in libraries a belief system

Same reason nobody messes with the police enough people believe that policeman save lives



Traditional model

We cant do it with our current model of librarianshipSocial media, Providing services within the library that people take with them- We are providing things to peopleCommunity OutreachTalking to people


Community Organizing model

We need to get something back from everyone17

Ladder of Engagement

Building voter support for libraries

DATA!!Building voter support for libraries

What dataWhy is data so important?

What Data Doesnt Matter- Not circ stats, not library use, not cardholder rates, none of that matters. What are you going to do with that information anyway?

Emotions about the library Data that tells you what to do and how to do it. feeling about the library is what matters. People vote and respond to emotions. Measure their feelings about the library. Why do they think its important? Stop asking people to come to the library, convince them that the library is important for society

Who is using your library, where do they live, what kinds of people are they,

Also, ask WHY! Why do people come to the library or not


The P WordBuilding voter support for libraries

Surfacing Your CampaignBuilding voter support for libraries

Use your data for the Surfacing phase of a campaign What happens during the surfacing phase- The book analogy - Introducing yourself, gathering information about your supporters and opposition, data collection, setting yourself up as the expert (Rick Perry wearing the glasses/boots), developing your message and you image

Surfacing is what you are you doing from today until the day your campaign starts. Could be 5 months from now, could be 50 years from now.Use messaging to frame the library as a community need


Guiding Principle: The Haycock RuleBuilding voter support for libraries

Guiding Principle: Dred Pirate RobertsBuilding voter support for libraries

Librarys ThemeBuilding voter support for libraries

What is the librarys vision statement? Mission statement?24

Librarys Messages

Building voter support for libraries

A campaign is all about getting the most messages out to the most right people.25

What we say about ourselvesWhat they say about usWhat we say about themWhat they say about themselves

Building voter support for libraries

Message box exercise26

ProactiveWhats great about the library is that if offers so much more! we offer in-person classes, after school tutoring, and information from the deep and unsearchable web

OppositionYoure right, we have google. And the library has so much more, we offer in-person classes, after school tutoring, and information from the deep and unsearchable web

Create a 27-9-3 message for a specific person or organization27

Power Mapping

Staying on MessageBuilding voter support for libraries

Give the Bernie Sanders Staying on message example - talk about importance of being on message

Bernie Sanders on Meet the Press with Andrea Mitchell - December 27th 2015

Get back on message by saying things like - I agree and thats a very important issue AND what is important to me and my community is. (but never argue or fight or say no)

Its a numbers gameBuilding voter support for libraries

It matters how many times people see your message before they believe itHow much other noise is there out there? How do you get in with all that clutter?30

Handling Opposition

Yes and examples, never directly engage, always smile and remain positive31

Handling Opposition Online

Building voter support for libraries

Get to Know Your Local politicians

What was/is their platform? How does the library help them achieve that?Have politicians in for storytimes, create Talk about Rivkah getting local politicians involved in the library


Get to know your local influencers

The wealthy, the powerful, Local businesses etcTell the oakland/chlorox story Story Sailboat Story


Give them a place on the field

Police story timesMedia events that city council can be seen atGive them big credit at events and in the media


Rally them Around your Cause

Its time to start using that social Capital that youve been building - Start making asks for things What does your library need? Money? Letters to the editor? Volunteers?36

Create Events

Houseparties, rallies, etc37

Write Letters


Building voter support for libraries

Building voter support for libraries

Face-To-FaceBuilding voter support for libraries


What Do We Need?

Political LibrariansPatrick PC