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Friendship Homea Home with a Heart


Our Story

Friendship Home was founded in 1999 by Wilma Goodhue and Joan Mullare, both mothers of adults with developmental disabilities. From their own experience and listening to other families, they recognized that their children and many others like them lacked opportunities for friendship and community. They also found that families needed a safe, reliable and enriching place where their loved ones could stay while they took much-needed time to replenish their own energy. Wilma and Joan engaged a caring and committed board of directors, began planning for the construction of the Home and launched our first social recreational program, Friendship Club.

In 2012, their vision was realized with the opening of our 14,000-square-foot activity and respite center or Home with a Heart. Our Homes lower level provides a state-of-the art kitchen and activity room for our social programs, and training space for our Bridges to Work vocational program, as well as office space for our Individual Support Services and administration. Our upper level houses the Home Away from Home overnight respite center, which offers two 5-bedroom units for 10 guests. Additional spacein Quincy provides anothermeeting location for our Friendship Club social recreational program.

Friendship Home has grown to serve hundreds of families caring for people age 13 and older with developmental disabilities. We do so by responding to gaps in service that are identified by families, funding partners and the community. We customize our services and programs one person, one family at a time, harnessing the resources of our many community partners. Wilma and Joan humbly remind us that the success of Friendship Home is a credit to our entire community!

Largest Revenue: EventsTime Devoted to Events: 90%Greatest Potential for Growth: Major Donors


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Friendship Home

Largest Revenue: EventsTime Devoted to Events: 90%Greatest Potential for Growth: Major Donors




Friendship Home staff and volunteers operate at all times with the utmost respect for human rights, personal choice and empowerment of individuals served. We strive to continually improve services adhering to the highest standards for client centered care. The following philosophies drive our commitment to meeting the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families:

Each individual has the right to lead a full and productive life with the necessary supports provided by caring community members.Individuals with disabilities have the right to self-determination in all areas of their lives and it is the goal of Friendship Home and its supporters to remove the barriers in order that they might access a full array of opportunities.We are responsible to create communities that support families caring for loved ones with disabilities and should provide resources for these families so that they may have the information and energy to provide the best care possible.

Friendship Home fulfills its mission by engaging individuals, groups and businesses to join us in creating quality and innovative programs that meet the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.

All individuals are differently able and are an asset to their community, have a right to be treated with respect and dignity as equal members of the community, merit the opportunity to participate in all areas of family and community life, have the potential for growth and development, are entitled to opportunities to form personal relationships of their own choice, deserve to live, work and play in environments which promote personal well-being.Mission StatementFriendship Home enriches the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families by providing quality respite and support services in a safe and caring environment.

Largest Revenue: EventsTime Devoted to Events: 90%Greatest Potential for Growth: Major Donors